Chapter 4

Karma and the Loop of Cause and Effect

April 12, 2020 by Juan Icon

The interaction between ideas and the dharma of those ideas create a reaction which arises when ideas are brought near, made to interact, or are added or introduced to each other.

This reaction manifests as:

  • ‘movement’ from the perspective of space
  • ‘change’ or ’evolution’ from the perspective of time

This dynamics of this movement or change is explained by our Elastic Theory, explained in Chapter 3.

  • In Material Superphysics, this is applied on physical movement
  • In Medical and Social Superphysics, this is applied to the evolution of a person from health to disease, happiness to sadness, or of a society from peace to war or from prosperity to poverty

This evolution is divided into the perceptions of cause and effect, just as movement is divided into starting location and ending location.

Cause and Effect

Chater 3 explained how the action of bringing ideas near, introducing, or adding to others leads to reaction.

  • The former is called “cause”.
  • The latter is called “effect”.

The Sanskrit word karma implies a complete loop from cause and effect.

Science only has action and reaction. Superphysics has action, reaction, and samskara or the pending reaction which is withheld by the time factor

Existence is thus made up of unending loops of cause and effect, as idea and experience:

  • An idea leads to action
  • An action leads to an experience
  • An experience leads to an idea

The difference between Physics and Superphysics is that the latter has the Sanskrit concept of samskara which has has its own properties and dynamics.

Science is aware of physical action and physical reaction. However, there are often many cases wherein such action and reaction are made up of a long chain of intervening-actions and intervening-reactions that might escape the observation of the mind.

For example, the floodings from global warming is made up of a long chain of cause and effect:

  1. The burning of fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide in the air – This is the action
  2. The carbon dioxide traps the heat from the sun - This is an intermediate reaction which also becomes an action
  3. The trapped heat causes warmer temperatures
  4. The warmer temperatures cause more evaporation of ocean water
  5. The increased evaporation causes more water in the air
  6. The increased water in the air falls down as severe floods – This is the final reaction

This chain has 6 points, connected by 5 ‘jumps’ or chain-links of logic.

We call the burning of fossil fuels as karma or action, that leads to severe floods as karma or reaction. We call the formation of carbon dioxide and water in the air as samskara or pending reaction to the final effect of flooding.

Treating humans as individuals, we can say that:

  • samskara exists in the metaphysical domain since the intervening actions-reactions are outside of the scope of our perception
  • karma exists in the physical domain since our actions and resulting experiences are physical

The knowledge of the principles of samskara will then allow a prediction of when such reactions are likely to occur so that they can be avoided or prevented.

  • This is how scientists predict sea-level rise and the increase of natural disasters from the increase use of fossil fuels
  • This is how we were able to predict the global stagflation of 2022 from the quantitative easing done from 2009.

This is also why Superphysics is against liberalism, libertarianism, or any belief that advocates the freedom to do anything or say anything that you want, even if it is within the law. This is because:

  • humans have a natural limited cognition of samskara
  • the law itself is made by humans who have limited cognition of samskara

These limitations prevent the ‘actioner’ from knowing the results of his action.

For example, the United States allows people to say whatever they want even if it is hurtful to others.

  • This leads to a samskara of negative feelings within the population
  • The negative feelings accumulate in the hearts and minds of the people
  • This explodes into the karma of hate and violence that manifests as mass shootings, race riots, local terrorism, etc.

And so the best policy to end mass shootings is to restrain people from saying whatever they want. East Asians have such control and so mass shootings are rare in Japan, Korea, and China.

The next post will explain how we notate the chain of cause and effect, as Qualimath.


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