Chapter 5-6

Myanmar (under Cambodia) -- Chau Ju Kua's Works Simplified

January 29, 2022

5. Tongliumei

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Trade Barter

Tongliumei is west of Cambodia. Its ruler wears flowers in his hair, which is done up in a knot.

on his shoulders (he wears) a red (garment) covered over with white On audience days he ascends an open platform, for they have altogether no palace buildings of any kind. Palm-leaves are used as dishes in eating and drinking; neither spoons 25 nor chopsticks are used in eating; fingers serve the purpose. There a mountain called Wu-nung

Sakya-muni Buddha after his) nie-2>an (^ being commemorated by a “iti)’) place) 30 is *^® event

(where) Shi-kia nirvana) manifested himself bronze elephant (at this

Its products are:

  • varieties of gharu-wood
  • yellow wax
  • cardamoms
  • red kino gum

6. Bagan, Burma (Pukan)

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The Burmese tie their hair into a knot on the forehead, binding it with a piece of coloured silk. Their king wears a high golden cap.

Burma has many horses. The people ride them without saddles.

They are very devout Buddhists. All the priests wear yellow robes.

The lord of the country holds his court in the early morning, when the each carry a flower which they present to him, while the priests Indian repeat words praying for his long life. The flowers are fixed officials on the king’s head; those which are offered to the Buddha. There is In the first a mission (to left over are taken to the temples and so It has a temple dedicated to the

In 1004, they sent to China a tribute, together with Palembang Sumatra and the Arabs, when they had an opportunity of witnessing the Feast of Lanterns.

In 1106, they again sent tribute.