Chapter 5

The Kepler Tensor and Removing the Metric Tensor

January 3, 2022 by Juan Icon

The Two Domains

In the previous post , we explained the Cartesian view which saw the universe in two planes:

  1. Physical
  2. Aethereal

These two planes have two attributes as timespan and layer, and lead to two kinds of sources of motion:

  1. Physical Force
  2. Aetheral Effort

The motion is then represented by the Kepler tensor made up of:

  • G or the Gravitational Signature of the Identity
  • s or the layer where that identity is moving, set by the Cartesian View

Kepler Tensor

The Five Layers of Superphysics

Superphysics has five layers derived from the ancients. In the physical plane, these lead to five kinds of gravities and five kinds of relativities:

Physical Layer Gravity Relativity or Bands Pythagorean Tone Independence of Time
Aethereal Aethereal Gravity (Higgs Field) Aethereal La Insignificant
Spatial Gravity Gravitational Sol
Radiant Magnetism Radiant (Special Relativity) Mi Dependent on Viewpoint
Transformative Radioactivity (Weak force) Feynman Diagrams Re
Material Atomic bond (Strong force) Material Do Totally Absolute or Independent of Viewpoint

In the metaphysical plane, this leads to five groups of motions for layers which roughly follow Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Metaphysical Layer Need Examples
Aethereal Spiritual Enlightenment and Realization
Spatial Psycho-spritual, Intellectual Philosophy (Movement of Ideas), Theories
Radiant Expression, Mental Religion (Movement of Beliefs), Mental Diseases
Transformative Social Marriage, Elections, Complex Diseases
Material Bodily Price Movements, Procedures, Ordinary Diseases

In this way, the Kepler tensor can trace and predict all movements in the universe.

Has Relativity Baked In

According to both Kepler and Descartes, all movement is relative to something.

  • To Kepler, the movement of planets are relative to the sun and to each other
  • To Descartes, all movement of an object is relative to itself at the former time

More to come!

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