Chapter 3

Universal Relativity

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In Superphysics, physical existence is made when the aether arbitrarily creates quanta of spacetime or qost *, which are 1-dimensional points, within itself. Each point is a discrete and unique identity filled with an arbitrary amount of qualities as potentiality.

*pronounced as ‘kost’. This is supposed to be the graviton which will never be found, because it can only be felt since it lies in the spatial layer which is above the visible eletromagnetic layer. Nor can it be detected directly by instruments that use electromagnetism. It can only be detected by spacetime itself (as gravitational waves or vibrations which lie in the same spatial layer) or by minds and feelings (which lie in the aethereal layer above it).


These identities push each other to preserve their identity while innumerable qosts are created. This preservation is caused by the Law of Conservation of Idea , a concept not present in Physics nor Science.

This pushing is based on the existential principle to preserve the discreteness of identity. This principle* then leads to:

  • the law of conservation of mass
  • the law of conservation of energy

*The main difference between our unification and the one done by Einstein is that Einstein uses light or Electromagnetism as the unifying medium, whereas we use the aether.

The pushing leads to the creation and expansion of physical space, first as 2-dimensional (Pythagorean duad) and then into 3-dimensions (triad). The sequence of expansion then leads to physical time as the fourth dimension (tetrad), leading to 4-dimensional “Minkowski” spacetime to an observer.

This “pushing” is similar to the theory of Descartes which was destroyed by Newton:

According to Descartes, through an eternal revolution from rest to motion and motion to rest, the amount of motion in the universe was always the same. But there was no void. No part of matter could be moved without thrusting some other out of its place. The matter which any body pushed before it, rolled immediately backwards, to supply the place of that matter which flowed in behind it. This is similar to the swimming of a fish. The water, which it pushes before it, immediately rolls backwards, to supply the place of what flows in.

It thus forms a vortex around the body of the fish. In the same way, the motion originally impressed by the Creator on matter produced in it an infinity of vortices, or circular streams. The History of Astronomy by Adam Smith Simplified

Creation goes on to make the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions*. However, only the four dimensions are visible to our ordinary senses, since the 5th to 7th are metaphysical in essence.

*The 7 dimensions match the 7 chakras in Hinduism and is essential in Ayurveda, which we classify under Bio Superphysics . The sequence of creation is actually in reverse. From the Creator’s perspective, it starts from the 7th then goes down to the 1st dimension. But from our perspective as ‘createes’, it’s from the 1st to the 7th.

Thus, spacetime is created by the mere existence or popping-in of the qosts from the aether. This gives the illusion of movement by one qost against the other when in fact, none of them are moving. The only real movement is their appearance into reality or actuality coming from nonreality or probability.

The universe is made up of static ideas which are glued together by perception, which gives the illusion of movement

The Aether: The Source of All Movement in the Physical Universe

[According to Descartes]..the Sun was the fiery center of a circular stream of ether, which flowed continually round her. The Simplified History of Astronomy by Adam Smith

The aether is a metaphysical thing that is central to Plato (Timaeus), Descartes, Hinduism, and Buddhism (as citta).

The problem is that people interpreted it to be physical or perceivable to our five senses.

Descartes is correct that motion is affected by the aether, but is incorrect in saying that the aether is physical in nature as to affect planets and galaxies directly.

In reality, the aether* is invisible and immaterial. It interacts instead with feelings and ideas since it is the material of feelings, ideas, and the abstract minds that contain those feelings and ideas.

We write aether with an “a” to differentiate it from the disproven ether of science and Descartes. This is similar to writing dialectics as “Socratic Dialectics” to set it apart from the corrupted dialetics of Marx. Einstein claims that the Michelson and Morley experiment disproved the ether. In reality, it merely proved that the aether does not reside in the spacetime layer, but in its own layer as the aethereal layer.

The metaphysical idea* for a galaxy then is translated into an actual physical galaxy by qosts (monads, gravitons, Schwarzschild radii) of the spatial layer.

*This leads to the Socratic Theory of Forms , which leads to Essences

Intelligent beings might have laws of their own making. But they also have some which they never made. Before there were intelligent beings, they were a possibility. Spirit of the Laws, Book 1

The cause of spacetime therefore is the cognition of this appearance of qosts which is caused by internal “aethereal”* factors. This is the opposite of Newton and Einstein who believed that movement is sourced from matter.

*For example, your physical hand moves to grab a book because your athereal mind had an athereal feeling to grab it. Someone might tell you to grab the book, as to give the illusion that the source of the hand-movement was external from that person. But you can still refuse to grab the book due to your free will, and so the source of the resulting non-movement is still internal athereal feelings.

Trafalgar Square
To get the position of the cloud over Trafalgar square, Einstein’s system uses vectors and tensors. In Superphysics, the same result is obtained by knowing the nature of both the cloud and that of Trafalgar square. In this way, the Pythagorean theorem is not applied to spacetime, but to the differences between the changing natures of the cloud relative to Trafalgar square.

Replacing Einstein’s “Time”

Einstein defined time as the time that it takes for light to travel between two events in spacetime. But this is circular reasoning since the speed of light also has a time component. Moreover, we defined spacetime as the effect of the qosts creating distance between each other, even before light existed. How can something non-existent define something that already exists?

We test simultaniety by putting an observer in the middle M between A and B. He as two mirrors inclined at 90° to let him see both A and B at the same time. If he sees the two flashes of lightning at the same time, then they are simultaneous.

You object by saying that they would only be true, that time would be simultaniety, if all light travels at a constant speed. But the speed of light would itself be measured by time, so this is reasoning in a circle -- simultaniety has absolutely nothing to do with light.

I answer that this simultaneity of time is only used for us to make empirical decisions. Relativity by Einstein Simplified, Section 8

Einstein’s definition turns the effect as the cause which leads to make-your-own-spacetime such as De Sitter, Taub-Nut, and Godel, etc. If we exist in one universe, how can it have different spacetimes?


E=mc^2 is true only if applied to visible objects. But no one seemed to notice it because everyone is likewise taking the perspective of the visible universe. The sophistry (half-truth, half-fallacy) of this equation is exposed by the fact that Einstein's field equations can't be solved and that wormholes have never been found.

To create a single model for spacetime, we lay a maxim that the cause of all movement is internal, having two sources:

  1. The existence and qualities of the object for that layer
  2. The cognition of the observer of the existence and qualities of that object

Superphysics movement

Superphysics sources spatial movement internally from the center of gravity of discrete identities. Physics sources its movement from external forces or concepts, like the sophistical fabric of spacetime.

Let’s Get Moving!

These two make objects appear to move, depending on the rules of their layer and their relation to each other and to the observer. We can call this illusory movement in physical reality as ‘relativistic physical movement’ which can be grouped into the five layers:

Name Physics Name Manifestation Practical Goal
Aethereal Relativity Pseudo-science Movement and transformation for qoas (ideas) between probabilities or multiverses inside minds Bio Superphysics: know whether a person is moving towards disease so his course can be changedSupersociology: know where the feeling of society is heading, so it doesn’t go into anarchyEconomics: know whether the economy is moving towards poverty and inequality
Gravitational Relativity General Relativity Movement of supermassive blackholes (qosts) as the expansion of the universe and galaxy rotation Allow fusion by levitating plasma, and allow teleportation to other galaxies
Radiant Relativity Special Relativity Movement and transformation for photons (quanta of light or qol) and electrons (quanta of electromagnetism or qoe) Make light-based computing more practical
Transformative Relativity Feynman Diagrams Movement and transformation for neutrons Allow alchemy
Material Relativity Newton’s Laws Movement and transformation sourced externally Enable teleportation and levitation technologies

When combined with each other, these are called universal relativity. External movement seems most obvious in the material layer. This manifests as a ball being moved by an external push, or a floating asteroid being moved by being hit by another asteroid. But on closer inspection, these are still sourced internally from their mass.

Time, then, like space, is subjective and not a constant. It is dictated by the aethereal layer, just as the speed of light is dictated by spacetime or the spatial layer.

Let’s put all human understanding together

From here, we can unify the ideas of the great physicists:

Physicist Mistake Cause of Mistake Correction Superphysics Score
Kepler The universe is confined to a fixed firmament Limited observations The universe is infinite (arbitrary) 8/10
Descartes Gravity is caused by the aether which creates spinning vortices Imposing the aethereal layer directly onto the physical layer The aether is in a separate layer that affects the physical layer indirectly. This leads to the spinning of galaxies and orbital movements 7/10
Newton Gravity comes from mass No observations of galactic movements Mass comes from gravity, gravity comes from the aether 5/10
Einstein Gravity comes from mass through the distortions of the spacetime fabric or field Using light as the measuring rod Use sound as the measuring rod, in line with Kepler and Pythagoras 3/10

As you can see, aethereal relativity is far more important than gravitational relativity and that’s why we are focusing on it more. As such, we will explain it next by explaining the aethereal layer.


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