Chapter 5

Desire and the Two Forces

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Chapter 2 explained that the Creator of the universe created the universe from Its Own metaphysical ideas and feelings. This is similar to a novelist who writes a novel from a stream of ideas and feelings coming from his metaphysical mind.

The purpose of ideas is to create experience. These experiences then create ideas. This leads to an unending loop of:

  • idea-experience
  • cause-effect
  • action-reaction
  • karma-samskara-karma

Experience can only exist if there is an experiencer. Thus, there are only 2 things in this looping ‘matrix’ of Existence:

  • the experiencer
  • the experience of ideas and feelings

The Positive and Negative Forces

Before existence began, the Absolute Creator had nothing to create those experiencers and experiences. And so It created those from Itself, using 2 forces*:

  • the positive (this is known as Shiva in Hinduism or Yang in Chinese)
  • the negative (this is known as Shakti in Hinduism or Yin in Chinese)
The Tao

Some Taoist schools say that it does not matter whether the Yin-Yang symbol is shown in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. We say that it does matter. The symbol should always be in a counterclockwise direction*, as shown in the ba-gua. Moreover, Yang should always be on top as implied by the Tao-te-Ching. This is because, from the Metaphyics of Things, ideas have a shape which implies a proper orientation (right-side up). An idea can be learned or a problem can be solved faster by approaching the idea or problem at the right angle that matches its orientation. This is similar to a spaceshuttle re-entering earth at a proper angle to avoid burning up**. Without the knowledge of this shape, the only alternative is to approach it from all possible angles, leading to a waste of time and effort. Some problems are so complex that the proper angle is hard to achieve with the hit-or-miss approach. This is why Superphysics will be able to solve problems, even the complex ones, faster*** than Science that has no concept of the geometry of ideas****

*This is proven by most of the planets in our solar system rotating in counterclockwise direction. Venus was once habitable when it rotated counterclockwise, but became hell when it flipped into a clockwise direction.

**This angle and shape is a consequence of the Negative force which surrounds each idea or identity as to separate it from other identities

***We actually use this technique to come up with solutions to economic crises and social crises faster than Economists or Sociologists. The problem is in implementing those solutions in the physical real world because of the static ‘aether-drag’ in human minds

****Plato alludes to this through the five Platonic shapes. Superphysics visualizes these through the Aethereal Cartesian plane which will be done by machine learning, since it’s too complicated for a human

According to Pythagoras, the world was divided into opposite powers:
  • the "one" was a better monad, light, right, equal, stable and straight
  • the "other" was an inferior duad, darkness, left, unequal, unstable and movable
The Life of Pythagoras by Propery

These 2 forces manifest in the material domain in the following forms:

Layer Positive Negative
Aethereal Unity Division
Spacetime Gravity Dark Energy
Electromagentic Attraction Repulsion
Transformative (Radioactive) Fusion (Stability) Fission (Chemical Reaction)
Material Solidity Splitting up

Duality from the Two Forces, as a Loop

The Negative force splits the Absolute into a dualistic Creator, as the Supreme, which makes imperfections of Itself, as Its dualistic ideas and feelings:

  • The creation of the idea of beauty also leads to the creation of ugliness.
  • The creation of order also leads to the creation of disorder.
  • The creation of tastiness also leads to the creation of blandness.
Since the One exists, then the Whole has the One and Existence as Its parts. Each of these parts have both the One and Existence as its parts and is at the least made up of two parts. The same principle goes on forever. Every part always has these two parts because existence always involves one, and one involves being, so that one is always disappearing, and becoming two. This makes the One infinite in multiplicity. The One has Existence and therefore exists, leading it to become many.Simplified Parmenides by Plato

These ideas and feelings are then experienced in the physical domain, as physicalized versions, by The Supreme as the Experiencer through the Positive Force.

This closes the loop between Experiencer and Experience and justifies Existence.

The loop from ideas to experience


  • The Negative Force separates and creates ignorance
  • The Positive Force unites and creates knowledge
The Great passes on in constant flow. Passing on, it becomes remote. Having become remote, it returns. Part 6, The Tao Te Ching Simplified

The physicalized versions of metaphysical ideas are the physical expression of those ideas. For example, a tasty dish is an expression or manifestation of the idea of tastiness.

  • The cook had a metaphysical idea for a tasty dish and so he created a tasty dish in reality.
  • This tastiness is proven after he tastes it and is experiened by his mind.
  • This closes the loop from his mind creating an idea of a tasty dish to his mind actually experiencing a tasty dish.
  • The match of idea and experience then forms his truth: “Yum! It really, truthfully was a tasty dish.”


In the same way, the universe exists because the Creator had an idea to create it. Our experiences of the universe is part of the loop-closings that verify or give truth to Creator’s ideas. This loop began with the creation of the universe and is closed with our experiences of it.

The Creator might have had an idea of a car. So It creates a Big Bang, then planets, then minerals, then humans, then inventors, then manufacturers to finally have a physical car to be validated by a conscious being such as a human to close the loop.

The timespan from the Big Bang to the actual riding of the car might take billions of years from our perspective. But since time is a product of the Creator, then It is not bound by that time. To It, the closing of the loop from the idea of the car to the experience of the car is instantaneous.

Desire and Alignment are the keys

In our novel analogy, the novel came to life when the reader’s mind started browsing the pages. The act of reading comes from the desire to read.

Desire is a kind of feeling which itself is a wave. Thus, desire is important in navigating reality and in making the story that you want.

In business and entrepreneurship, this desire is called grit. Successful businessman are known to have more grit than non-successful ones.

Back in our novel analogy, the reader might have a strong desire to read. But he can only read what the Novelist has written down.

Therefore, merely having strong desires in not enough to create a good reality. What’s more important is to align those desires to the desires of the Novelist. The Hindus call this alignment as Dharma. This dharma comes from The Law of Conservation of Idea explained in Chapter 3.

This alignment is done by the reader by choosing the right cat-novel to read. The proper alignment does not come instantly but happens through instances of trial and error. The more instances, the better. We call this as learning experiences.

The quality of learning experiences would be higher if the scope of learning were expanded. A reader can find a better cat-novel if he searched at a bigger library or bookstore. Superphysics expands the library of science by adding to it the library of metapyhsics.

Since desire is a feeling, we should know the nature of feelings just as we should know the nature of ideas. The nature of feelings is explained next.



How can we control our desires? 2022-04-01

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