Chapter 11b

Neoclassical Economics vs Classical Economics

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Superphysics is our revival of Classical Economics, backed up by actual data which is visualized through data science and analytics. This data spans 2,500 years, from Xenophon’s The Economist up to the latest GDP data.

In contrast, Modern Economics only began from the Marginal Revolution of the 1870’s. This makes it a toy idea that crashed quickly after 50 years as the Great Crash and Depression. Nowadays, this toy idea manifests as gaming via game theory, the stock market, and cryptocurrencies, all coming from the mercantile game of buying low and selling high.

Wrong Supply and Demand Chart
Idea Economics Superphysics
Material Goal Private Wealth separate from government and morality
To me, these two very distinct inquiries have been..separated, the term political economy being now confined to the science..of wealth,
and that of politics, ..the relations.. between a government and its people"Jean Baptiste Say
Wealth of Society integrated with government & morality
Political œconomy..proposes to enrich both the peopleand the sovereign."The Wealth Of Nations
Moral Basis Uncertain morality
progress has..(questioned) whether it is.. impossible that all should start in the world with a fair chance.. The question cannot be fully answered by economic science. For the answer depends.. on the moral and political capabilities of human nature (which) the economist has no.. special.. information"Alfred Marshall
Fellow-feeling (Theory of Moral Sentiments)
In every civilized society..there were always of morality.." The Wealth Of Nations Book 5
Psychological Goal Pleasure
to maximise pleasure,is the problem of Economics"William Stanley Jevons
Peace of Mind
In what constitutes the real happiness of human life..
In ease of body and peace of mind, all the different ranks of life are nearly upon a level" Theory Of Moral Sentiments
How To Achieve Goals Through Competition and Profit Maximization Through Working Together or the Division of Labour and Stock
Main Interest Business Interests (Society Works for Businessmen) Societal Interests (Business Works for Society)
Motive And Measure Supply or Production Motive measured by GDP
it is the Aim of Good Government to Stimulate Production, of Bad Government to Encourage Consumption."Jean Baptiste Say
while the GDP and the..national income accounts may seem to be arcane concepts, they are truly among the great inventions of the 20th century."Paul Samuelson
Demand or Consumption Motive measured By Purchasing Power
consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; the interest of the producer ought to be attended to only.. for promoting that of the consumer."Book 4, The Wealth Of Nations.
the gross revenue of (society) comprehends (their) whole annual produce.. (their) net revenue (is) what..they can place in their stock reserved for immediate consumption.. their real wealth.. is in proportion,not to their gross, but to their net revenue."Book 2, The Wealth Of Nations
Pricing System Nominal (money) Prices Only Nominal (money Or Metals) And Real (grain) Prices
Main Theory Equilibrium Theory And Marginal Utility Natural Price Theory And Effort Theory Of Value
Historical Examples United States, Modern Countries Roman Republic, Ancient China And India
Main ‘scripture’ Principles Of Economics (Marshall), Economics (Samuelson) The Wealth Of Nations (Smith), The Republic, The Economist (Socrates)
Main Techniques Calculus, Equations Metaphysics, Dialectics, Ratios
Task For Economists Economic Growth Economic Balance

The Huge Knowledge Gap in Economics

Economics creates crises because of the huge gaps in knowledge about the nature of society and the self, since it only had 150 years of data on human behavior. An easy proof of the limitation of Economics is the Law of Supply is Demand is taught, but not the Four Laws of Value that lead to that Law of Supply and Demand

Supereconomics Knowledge

In contrast, Superphysics has over 2,500 years of knowledge from principles and data collected by philosophers before they were converted into scientists or researchers

Supereconomics Knowledge vs Economics
The areas in black indicate the known concepts in both Economics and Superphysics

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