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January 1, 2020


The bones and flesh are made in the following phases.

  1. The generation of the marrow

The bonds of life which unite the soul with the body are made fast in the marrow. They are the root and foundation of the human race.

The marrow itself is created out of other materials.

God took such of the primary triangles that were:

  • straight and smooth
  • adapted by their perfection to produce fire and water, and air and earth.

He mingled them with one another. Marrow was made out of them to be a universal seed of mankind.

In this seed, he then planted and enclosed the souls. In the original distribution, he gave to the marrow as many and various forms as there are different kinds of souls.

Like a field, the marrow which was to receive the divine seed, he made round as the brain.

The marrow that was to contain the remaining and mortal part of the soul, he distributed into round and elongated shapes, called ‘marrow’. These are anchors which fasten the whole soul. The body was designed around the marrow.

First of all is a complete covering of bone.

He sifted pure and smooth earth [material layer] and kneaded it and wetted it with marrow. Then he put it into fire [radiant layer] and then into water [radioactive layer] and then back into fire and again into water. This made the matter insoluble by either.

Out of this he fashioned, as in a lathe, a globe made of bone, which he placed around the brain. In this, he left a narrow opening. Around the marrow of the neck and back he formed vertebrae which he placed under one another like pivots. This begins at the head, extending through the whole of the trunk.

To preserve the entire seed, he:

  • enclosed it in a stone-like casing
  • inserted joints to allow movement

The bone would be too brittle and inflexible. When heated and cooled, it would soon mortify and destroy the seed within.

And so he contrived the sinews and the flesh to bind the parts together by the sinews.

The flesh would protect against:

  • the summer heat and against the winter cold
  • impact

God mixed earth with fire and water and blended them. He fermented acid and salt and mingled it with them to create flesh.

As for the sinews, he made them of a mixture of bone and unfermented flesh, attempered so as to be in a mean, and gave them a yellow colour; wherefore the sinews have a firmer and more glutinous nature than flesh, but a softer and moister nature than the bones.

With these God covered the bones and marrow, binding them together by sinews, and then enshrouded them all in an upper covering of flesh.

The more living and sensitive of the bones he enclosed in the thinnest film of flesh, and those which had the least life within them in the thickest and most solid flesh.

On the joints of the bones, where reason indicated that no more was required, he placed only a thin covering of flesh, that it might not interfere with the flexion of our bodies and make them unwieldy because difficult to move; and also that it might not, by being crowded and pressed and matted together, destroy sensation by reason of its hardness, and impair the memory and dull the edge of intelligence.

Wherefore also the thighs and the shanks and the hips, and the bones of the arms and the forearms, and other parts which have no joints, and the inner bones, which on account of the rarity of the soul in the marrow are destitute of reason—all these are abundantly provided with flesh; but such as have mind in them are in general less fleshy, except where the creator has made some part solely of flesh in order to give sensation,—as, for example, the tongue. But commonly this is not the case. For the nature which comes into being and grows up in us by a law of necessity, does not admit of the combination of solid bone and much flesh with acute perceptions.

More than any other part the framework of the head would have had them, if they could have co-existed, and the human race, having a strong and fleshy and sinewy head, would have had a life twice or many times as long as it now has, and also more healthy and free from pain.

But our creators, considering whether they should make a longer-lived race which was worse, or a shorter-lived race which was better, came to the conclusion that every one ought to prefer a shorter span of life, which was better, to a longer one, which was worse; and therefore they covered the head with thin bone, but not with flesh and sinews, since it had no joints; and thus the head was added, having more wisdom and sensation than the rest of the body, but also being in every man far weaker.

For these reasons and after this manner God placed the sinews at the extremity of the head, in a circle round the neck, and glued them together by the principle of likeness and fastened the extremities of the jawbones to them below the face, and the other sinews he dispersed throughout the body, fastening limb to limb. The framers of us framed the mouth, as now arranged, having teeth and tongue and lips, with a view to the necessary and the good contriving the way in for necessary purposes, the way out for the best purposes; for that is necessary which enters in and gives food to the body; but the river of speech, which flows out of a man and ministers to the intelligence, is the fairest and noblest of all streams.

Still, the head could neither be left a bare frame of bones, on account of the extremes of heat and cold in the different seasons, nor yet be allowed to be wholly covered, and so become dull and senseless by reason of an overgrowth of flesh. The fleshy nature was not therefore wholly dried up, but a large sort of peel was parted off and remained over, which is now called the skin.

This met and grew by the help of the cerebral moisture and became the circular envelopment of the head.

The moisture, rising up under the sutures, watered and closed in the skin upon the crown, forming a sort of knot. The diversity of the sutures was caused by the power of the courses of the soul and of the food, and the more these struggled against one another the more numerous they became, and fewer if the struggle were less violent.

This skin the divine power pierced all round with fire, and out of the punctures which were thus made the moisture issued forth, and the liquid and heat which was pure came away, and a mixed part which was composed of the same material as the skin, and had a fineness equal to the punctures, was borne up by its own impulse and extended far outside the head, but being too slow to escape, was thrust back by the external air, and rolled up underneath the skin, where it took root.

Thus, the hair sprang up in the skin, being akin to it because it is like threads of leather, but rendered harder and closer through the pressure of the cold, by which each hair, while in process of separation from the skin, is compressed and cooled.

God made the head hairy to give shade in summer and shelter in winter, without impeding our quickness of perception.

From the combination of muscle, skin, and bone, in the structure of the finger, there arises a triple compound, which, when dried up, takes the form of one hard skin partaking of all three natures, and was fabricated by these second causes, but designed by mind which is the principal cause with an eye to the future.

Our creators knew that:

  • women and other animals would someday be framed out of men, and they further
  • many animals would require the use of nails for many purposes

So they fashioned in men at their first creation the rudiments of nails. For this purpose and for these reasons they caused skin, hair, and nails to grow at the extremities of the limbs.


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