Chapter 14

The One is All and All are One Icon

December 17, 2021 Once more, let us go back to the beginning, and ask if the one is not, and the others of the one are, what will follow.

In the first place, the others will not be one?

Nor will they be many; for if they were many one would be contained in them. But if no one of them is one, all of them are nought, and therefore they will not be many.

If there be no one in the others, the others are neither many nor one.

Nor do they appear either as one or many. Because the others have no sort or manner or way of communion with any sort of not-being, nor can anything which is not, be connected with any of the others; for that which is not has no parts.

Nor is there an opinion or any appearance of not-being in connexion with the others, nor is not-being ever in any way attributed to the others.

Then if one is not, there is no conception of any of the others either as one or many; for you cannot conceive the many without the one.

Then if one is not, the others neither are, nor can be conceived to be either one or many? Nor as like or unlike?

Nor as the same or different, nor in contact or separation, nor in any of those states which we enumerated as appearing to be;—the others neither are nor appear to be any of these, if one is not?

Then may we not sum up the argument in a word and say truly= If one is not, then nothing is?

Let us affirm what seems to be the truth, that, whether one is or is not, one and the others in relation to themselves and one another, all of them, in every way, are and are not, and appear to be and appear not to be.