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Asker Can there be parity between human longings and human abilities?

Human longings are countless, and heterogeneous. But human abilities are limited in many respects.

So limited human abilities and countless human longings are apparently not at par in this relative world.

But if human beings in the process of constant psycho-spiritual pursuits develop their latent qualities, they can attain parity with their longings and abilities as well as enormous spiritual power.

Even a most outstanding personality, as a genius, hardly uses 5-10% of his or her psycho-spiritual potentialities.

So if cent per cent of one’s psycho-spiritual potentialities are utilized, so much more benefit can be harnessed for humanity.

Asker How will you adjust between collective spirit and individual right?

There can be harmonious adjustment between individual right and collective spirit if we follow:

  1. The spirit of Sama-Samaja Tattva (the Principle of Social Equality) in our individual and collective lives rationally
  2. The teachings of Neohumanism, in our personal and social lives
  3. The principle of limited freedom in the physical level, because it is finite; and the policy of full freedom in the spiritual and psychic worlds, because they are infinite in scope
  4. The synthetic path of a psycho-spiritual approach to life.
Asker Is there dogma in nationalism and communalism?


  • The dogma in nationalism is based on geo-sentiment.
  • The dogma in communalism is based on faith and religions of an illogical and unscientific nature.
Asker Which is more psychological, capitalism or communism?

Capitalism is more psychological, although both are defective and cannot be supported.

  • In capitalism, no such checks exist in theory, but in practice there are checks.

In communism, there is hardly any scope for the free and unbarred expression of mind.

  • Due to extreme regimentation, the flow of the mind is checked by numerous social, economic and political constraints.
Asker Why is everything in the communist countries done under the dark veil of the iron curtain?
Sarkar Because they are conscious of the inherent defects and loopholes in their system and they do not want the world to know what they are doing.

Is the commune system in accordance with:

  • the accelerating emanations of human beings
  • the multi-lateral development of human beings
  • the integrated development of the cosmos?

No. The commune is a socio-economic system is set up:

  • primarily for economic purposes
  • secondarily for educational and cultural development.

It cannot be an ideal system for the multi-lateral development of human beings, as human beings need to move along the proper path of progress in human life, to ensure their multi-lateral development in:

  • the 3 strata
    • physical
    • mental
    • spiritual
  • the 5 sub-strata
    • economic [material]
    • social [radioactive]
    • political [radiant]
    • cultural [spatial]
    • psycho-spiritual [aethereal]

Integrated development and accelerated movement towards the Supreme Desideratum can only be achieved when the socioeconomic system is based on Neohumanism.

Asker What are the psychological defects of the commune system?

In the commune system, society is reduced to a production-distribution centre under a regimented system of control based upon production teams.

Such a suffocative and mechanized living system fosters a materialistic outlook and produces atheistic leadership.

The workers cannot feel oneness with the job, nor do they have the freedom to express their individual potentialities.

If farmers feel they own the farm they will get a better outturn.

If people are allowed unbarred psychic and spiritual freedom, human society will achieve greater psychic and spiritual progress.

Asker What will be the benefits and advantages to be enjoyed by people if a global government is formed?
Sarkar There are several benefits and advantages.
Asker What will be the benefits and advantages to be enjoyed by people if a global government is formed?

The huge expense of maintaining a militia in each country will be saved and this saving can be used by people for their benefit.

Human beings will be saved from psychic tension.

There will be less bloodshed.

There will be free movement of people from one corner of the globe to the other.

Asker What do we want, increasing per capita income or increasing purchasing capacity?

Increases in per capita income are not a reliable and scientific index to determine the standard and progress of a socio-economic unit.

  • It is misleading and deceitful, because it refers to a simple mathematical calculation of total national income divided by total population.

This does not give the correct picture of the standard of living, as the wealth disparity in society is concealed.

Per capita income shows the mean and not the variation of income distribution.

The reliability of per capita income is further reduced if inflation is also considered

On the other hand, purchasing capacity is the real index of how a person’s economic needs can be met by their income.

All PROUT’s plans and programmes in the socio-economic sphere should be aimed at increasing the purchasing capacity of the people.

  • PROUT stresses increasing purchasing capacity and not per capita income.

Per capita income is not a proper indication of the increase in the standard of living because while people may have very high incomes, they may not be able to purchase the necessities of life.

On the other hand if the per capita income is low but people have great purchasing capacity they are much better off.

So purchasing capacity and not per capita income is the true measure of economic prosperity.

Everyone’s requirements should be within their purchasing capacity.

Asker What is the difference between agrico-industry and agro-industry?


  • represent a set of pre-harvesting industries.
  • directly or indirectly promote the rapid qualitative and quantitative growth of agricultural products.

Agro-industries comprise those post-harvesting industries which depend on agricultural production.


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