Chapter 4

The Heart Chakra and Práńáyáma


The Heart Chakra

The heart cakra (anáhata) is not in the mechanical heart. It is not listed as a sense-organ because:

  • its controlling point is not in the brain
  • it is a layer and not a sense-organ
    • The job of the 10 sense-organs (indriyas) is only to send and receive quantum-perceptions
    • The Heart Chakra is the collective name of the 10 vital energies

The sense-organs are the activators and perceivers of the 5 layers.

The heart chakra is a correlated activity of the 10 analysed sub-factors of vital energy-layer.

The Heart Chakra is the most vital part of the physical and psycho-physical body.

  • Every activity of the Heart Chakra is pulsative – contracting and expanding.
  • The auxiliary waves of the Heart Chakra flow in a pulsative way – there is an arrangement of alternative motions and pauses in their flows.

It is during the state of pause and potentiality that the mindstuff:

  • is able to receive the quantum-perceptions
  • takes the form of shapes represented by those quantum-perceptions.

Unless the mindstuff takes the form of incoming the quantum-perceptions, no perception is possible.

  • This is because the ego can work only when the mindstuff adopts a form.

This is revealed by analysing a very common experience.

The mind cannot have any perception if the mindstuff does not receive those quantum-perceptions, even if the afferent nerves are working.

If one eats something while walking or running, one is not able to enjoy the taste fully.

  • This is because the mindstuff is unable to receive the quantum-perceptions

One is unable to receive and understand an idea simultaneously with some other physical and mental activity.

The secret is the heart chakra . It is able to let all the nerves flow in the pattern in which it itself is flowing.

This means that if heart chakra is expanding then every nerve, along with the mindstuff itself, is also expanding and flowing in the same wavelength.

  • The result is that incoming quantum-perceptions face hindrance and cannot activate the mindstuff.
  • Thus, either there is difficulty in perception or there is no perception.

Therefore, even if all the other factors responsible for perception are working quite satisfactorily, the heart chakra in its expansive stage will cause the mindstuff and nerves to vibrate sympathetically and thereby hamper the movement of the incoming quantum-perceptions.

  • But if the heart chakra is in the controlling position or at a pause, it creates such a calmness throughout the psycho-physical structure that the correct perception is possible.

So actually, the heart chakra plays a vital part in helping the organs indirectly to:

  • receive the quantum-perceptions,
  • assist the mindstuff to perceive them correctly, and thus
  • to let the ego get a deeper understanding of them


This is the psycho-philosophy behind the practice of Práńáyáma.

  • Práńáyáma is where the spiritual aspirant tries to let this heart chakra remain paused.
  • This lets the paused unit mind merge into the ocean of consciousness just to have the experience of the supramental stratum.

In our daily life, the experiences of soft and hard, melodious and harsh, hot and cold are being experienced by the sixth organ – our heart chakra.

  • These are subtler experiences, not coming within the jurisdiction of crude fundamentality
  • These experiences do not come within the scope of the 5 fundamental perceptions of hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell

The heart chakra’s special function is to recognize the objectivities from different sense-perceptions and innate mental projections.

  • It also works as an auxiliary force in some of the internal mental activities.

With the help of this heart-chakra one feels that:

  • a particular person is very kind and affectionate, or
  • a particular person is unkind and antipathetic.

Such an experience is based more on a subjective feeling than on any outer objective correlation.

In certain philosophies, “bodhendriya” is also used for the heart chakra.

  • A better word is “bodha vivikti”.
  • The other sense-organs may be called “bodhendriyas”.


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