The Causes of Drought

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Why do droughts occur?

There are 3 main causes of droughts:

  1. The wanton destruction of plants or indiscriminate deforestation
  2. The low pressure systems over oceans and big seas
  3. The sudden changes in the angular movement of the sun and other celestial bodies like comets, nebulae and galaxies.

Deforestation prevents the plants from nourishing the earth.

The fibrous roots of plants absorb and hold a lot of water which is slowly released into the soil.

In the paddy fields of Bengal during the dry season, for example, water will trickle down the channels beside the fields.

  • The water come from the roots of the standing crops.
  • But when the paddy and the associate crops are harvested, the supply of water dries up.

Deforestation is caused by human beings. It is within their power to solve this problem through their own efforts.

The second and third causes are presently beyond human control.

In the future, with the development of the meteorological and marine sciences, human beings will be able to partially influence and overcome the second cause, but not fully.

The third cause can only be controlled by Supreme Consciousness.

However, if human beings follow the path of positive microvita and have the grace of Supreme Consciousness, they can also control the third cause.

How do the sudden changes in the angular movement of celestial bodies cause drought?

The paths of some comets are predetermined.

  • But there are other comets that appear suddenly without warning.

When there is the sudden appearance of powerful celestial bodies or a sudden change in their angle of rotation, their gravitational pull may disturb the seasons and the natural order of creation.

  • For example, as a result of the strong gravitational pull of a powerful comet or meteor, clouds may not be formed.
  • This phenomenon is called bakudashá in Sanskrit.

Certain deviations of celestial bodies like meteors, comets and satellites take place due to the concentration of a huge number of positive and negative microvita.

  • Movement in universal space is subject to the movement of positive and negative microvita. *
  • This also affects life on earth.

*Superphysics Note: This is the pure aether in living form, having more of Shiva

The angularity of the movement of celestial bodies also affects the minds of human beings.

Suppose you are outside enjoying a cool breeze on a calm full moon night.

  • A soothing, painless feeling will arise in your mind.

But if the feeling continues, the nerve cells in your body may become dull.

  • If the experience of dullness goes beyond a certain limit, your thinking power may be impaired, even causing some psychic ailment.
  • This occurs because the ecological balance within the human structure is lost.

There is nothing identical in this universe, only similarities.

Say a certain incident happened in your life at 8 years old.

  • If similar circumstances reoccurs after a gap of say 8 years, a similar incident could take place when you are 16.

You have to ensure that people are not put into an environment which is similar to one that caused them pain and suffering in the past, as this may adversely affect their progress in the spiritual sphere.

This also applies to the physical and psychic spheres.

Human movement is movement towards ecological equipoise – towards the supreme synthesis.

In the inner world, balance must be maintained as this leads to spiritual progress.

Ecological order is not only for the earth but for the entire universe.

  • It must be maintained both internally and externally.

The angular displacement of any celestial body may affect the human mind as well as the physical universe.

  • This is why balance must be maintained between the internal and external spheres.

In all aspects of human life, this subtle balance must be maintained. This is ecological balance.


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