Neutrality, Positivity, and Negativity

The Meaning of Life and The Purpose of Existence

Existence is Eternal - without beginning.

  • Therefore Existence existed BEFORE the concept of “purpose” or “meaning” came into being.
  • Therefore, Existence does not need to have any particular “purpose” or “meaning” to justify its existence. It simply is.

The Infinite Creator set it all up as a blank slate, so that YOU can superimpose absolutely ANY “meaning” or “purpose” that you wish.

  • So the universe is “meaningless”.
  • But this is a good thing, a true blessing!

The Infinite Creator has given YOU free will, so you can now use it to:

  • superimpose absolutely ANY “meaning” to life, or
  • “purpose” of existence that you wish!

Events are Neutral Props

A theater that shows many plays hsa some props that are reused for several different plays.

  • That prop has a special meaning for each play.
  • But outside that play, the prop has no innate intrinsic built-in meaning.
  • All the props are basically without meaning.

This innate absence of meaning lets us assign any meaning we want to them.

Likewise, all the events that you experiencing as “happening” in your life are “neutral props”.

  • Each event you experience has no innate intrinsic built-in meaning.
  • These events are blank, neutral, no innate significance.
  • From this “blank slate”, we get to assign any significance or meaning we wish for each event we experience.

Normally, we assign and “project” a meaning onto a neutral situation so quickly and so automatically, that we are not even aware that we are doing it.

  • We “think” the interpretation or “meaning” is “built into” that situation.
  • In fact, we are the ones assigning a very specific meaning to a “neutral” meaningless event.
Beliefs --> Perception --> Interpretation --> Emotional reaction --> Thoughts --> Action
Positive  Interpretation --> Positive  Desirable Experience
Negative Interpretation --> Negative Undesirable Experience
  • If you assign a positive meaning to an event, this will produce/attract a positive desirable experience for you.
  • If you assign a negative meaning to an event, this will produce/attract a negative undesirable experience for you.

Imagine a storyline with a fork in the story.

  • The story could go either of two ways - one with a wonderful outcome and the other one totally unpleasant.
  • You are at this “fork” in the story-line
  • The interpretation that you assign to this neutral situation totally determines which fork in this story line you will take (which version of reality you are choosing to experience).

Let’s say that an event occurs that you normally would react negatively to.

  • Instead of reacting negatively, turn it around and believe “This is really positive! This is really going to be good! I can’t wait to find out what is positive about it!”

Just by assigning a positive meaning to this event and choosing to believe there is something really “good” about this for you, this will produce an experience that you will consider quite positive!

You may even be startled by how effectively this works.


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