Basic Beliefs of the Essassani

The Essassani are a 5th dimensional civilization which is based on unconditional love, ecstasy, fun, following your excitement, being totally non-judgmental, and giving validity and equality to the uniqueness of each individual in their society*.

*Superphysics note: Superhysics is based on David Hume’s maxim that mentality creates reality. This is how the Essassani maxims, such as ‘believing is seeing’ caught our attention. However, no one seems to be keen enough to notice that their principles are designed for 5th dimensional beings and not 4th dimensional ones like humans.Unlike the Essassani, we humans are still very much bound by the Negative force as Maya, just like cats and dogs are even more bound than us.We can think of the Essassani as high end quad-core gaming laptops capable of exciting games like multiplayer Call of Duty and DOTA2, while humans being low end Pentium I capable of only Space Invaders.Humans who totally follow Essassani principles will likely find themselves disappointed when their excitement fails to procure them the reality that they desire, just as a Pentium I will not be able to play Call of Duty.Instead, it would be better if humans generally observed their principles in order to maximize practical human excitement, as opposed to ideal excitement. It would be like upgrading a Pentium I to play a superior version of Space Invaders, or a Pentium I version of Call of Duty (like Wolfenstein 3D or Doom).The key ingredient that makes the Essassani principles fail in the human frame is the ego that is in all humans. Their solution to this is ‘so what?’ and ’let it go’ and ‘relax your definitions’. Humans can upgrade themselves to Essassani by evolving genetically with each generation by following such general principles

Basic Beliefs

Every individual is a self-aware, self-reflective, free-will entity, a holographic representation of the Infinite Creation.

Every individual is always as powerful as they need to be to create whatever reality they desire, without having to hurt anyone else or them self, in order to get it.

All “things” are the same one thing vibrating at different rates

Just as water and steam and ice are all the same thing vibrating at different frequencies, likewise, matter and energy are the same substance vibrating at different frequencies.

Frequency Type Analogy
Highest Consciousness Steam
Medium Spirit Water
Lowest Matter Ice


All things are Spirit vibrating at different frequencies. Matter is solidified energy. Matter is Spirit energy vibrating at a slower frequency. Your body is solidified Spirit, crystallized Spirit.

Your Spirit is not in your body. Your body is in your Spirit. As you raise your vibrations, you become more Spirit-like, moving closer towards fluid-like Spirit, thereby making your reality creation more malleable and easily changeable.

All “things” are the same one thing vibrating at different rates

3 Phases for receiving the “version” of reality you prefer You ALREADY have everything you desire! 2 quick Techniques for Manifesting your preferred Reality

The 5 Laws of Existence

The 5 Basic Laws of Creation which are true Everywhere/Everywhen in the universe - including ALL dimensions.

  1. You exist
  2. Everything is Here/Now [Time and Space are illusions]
  3. The All is one, and the One is all. [everything is connected]
  4. What you put out is what you get back*
  5. The only constant in the universe is change - except for the first 4 postulates, which never change.

*Superphysics Note: In Hinduism, this is karma. Physical reality is actually a 3D mirror from the spin or particles

The Essassani Formula

  1. Act on your Excitement, your Passion - whatever is most exciting to you - in the moment. Do this every moment that you can.

  2. Do this to the best of your ability. Take it as far as you can go - until you can not take it any further.(Make sure your beliefs are not causing you to dampen your excitement ahead of time.)

  3. Act on your Excitement/Passion with absolutely no insistence or assumption or expectation of what the outcome should be. Very often the ideal outcome will not be what you expect or intend. Your Higher Self knows the ideal outcome, but your physical mind can not really know that in advance.

  4. Choose to remain in a positive state - regardless of what happens.

If something undesireable happens, by remaining in a positive state even then, you are able to gain some positive benefit from that situation.

If you remain in a positive state, you can discover HOW it can serve you in a beneficial manner.

Any circumstance is actually neutral, with no built-in meaning. You deteremine whether it has a positive or negative effect, based on the MEANING that you PROJECT into that fundamentally-neutral situation.

  1. Constantly investigate your belief systems , and release & replace the unpreferred beliefs:
  • The fear-based beliefs you might have.
  • The beliefs that are not in alignement with who you prefer to be.

This activates synchronicity which is the organizing principle of the entire universe. Synchronicity is the “networking” and coordination of all parts of the universe with each other - through the one Universal Mind.

By activating this synchronicity, things in your life flow more naturally, pleasantly, and desirably for you automatically, in perfect timing.

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