Chapter 3 of Book 21

The wants of the People in the South are different from those of the North

September 29, 2021

In Europe, there is a kind of balance between the southern and northern nations.

Southern nations have every convenience of life, and few of its wants. Nature has given them much, and demands but little.


Northern nations have many wants, and few conveniencies. She has given but little, and demands a lot

The equilibrium is maintained by:

  • the laziness of the southern nations, and
  • the industry and activity of the north.

The north must undergo excessive labour. Without it, they would:

  • lack every thing, and
  • degenerate into barbarians.

This has naturalized slavery to the people of the south. They can easily dispense with riches, so they can more easily dispense with liberty.

But the northern nations need liberty because it can best let them them satisfy all those wants which they have received from nature.

The people of the north, then, are in a forced state. If they are not in a forced state, then they are either free or barbarians.

Almost all the people of the south are in a state of violence, if they are not slaves.


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