Chapter 3

Mental Transmutation Simplified

by Three Initiates
"Mind, metals, and elements may be transmuted from state to state, degree to degree, condition to condition, pole to pole, vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art."—The Kybalion.

The Hermetists were the original alchemists, astrologers, and psychologists, with Hermes as the founder of these schools.

  • from astrology has grown modern astronomy
  • from alchemy has grown modern chemistry
  • from the mystic psychology has grown the modern psychology

The ancients were not ignorant of what is known by the modern schools.

The records engraved on the stones of Ancient Egypt show that the ancients had a full knowledge of astronomy. The Pyramids’ designs are connected to astronomy.

The ancient writings show that they were acquainted with the chemical properties of things.

The ancient theories regarding physics are being slowly verified by the latest discoveries of modern science, notably those relating to the constitution of matter.

Nor must it be supposed that they were ignorant of the so-called modern discoveries in psychology—on the contrary, the Egyptians were especially skilled in the science of Psychology, particularly in the branches that the modern schools ignore, but which, nevertheless, are being uncovered under the name of “psychic science” which is perplexing the psychologists of to-day, and making them reluctantly admit that “there may be something in it after all.”

The truth is, that beneath the material chemistry, astronomy and psychology (that is, the psychology in its phase of “brain-action”) the ancients knew:

  • transcendental astronomy, as astrology
  • transcendental chemistry, as alchemy
  • transcendental psychology, as mystic psychology.

They had both the Inner and Outer Knowledge. Modern scientists only know Outer Knowledge.

Mental Transmutation is one of the many secret branches of knowledge possessed by the Hermetists.

“Transmutation” usually refers to the ancient art of the transmutation of metals—particularly of the base metals into gold.

To Webster, “Transmute” means “to change from one nature, form, or substance, into another; to transform”.

Accordingly, “Mental Transmutation” means the art of changing and transforming mental states, forms, and conditions, into others. So you may see that Mental Transmutation is the “Art of Mental Chemistry,” if you like the term—a form of practical Mystic Psychology.

But this means far more than appears on the surface.

Transmutation, Alchemy, or Chemistry on the Mental Plane is important enough in its effects, to be sure, and if the art stopped there it would still be one of the most important branches of study known to man.

The first of the Seven Hermetic Principles is the Principle of Mentalism, the axiom of which is “THE ALL is Mind; the Universe is Mental,” which means that the Underlying Reality of the Universe is Mind; and the Universe itself is Mental—that is, “existing in the Mind of THE ALL.” We shall consider this Principle in succeeding lessons, but let us see the effect of the principle if it be assumed to be true.

If the Universe is Mental in its nature, then Mental Transmutation must be the art of CHANGING THE CONDITIONS OF THE UNIVERSE, along the lines of Matter, Force and mind.

Therefore, that Mental Transmutation is really the “Magic” mentioned by the ancient writers in their mystical works, and about which they gave so few practical instructions.

If All is Mental, then the art which enables one to transmute mental conditions must render the Master the controller of material conditions as well as those ordinarily called “mental”.

Only the advanced Mental Alchemists have been able to attain the degree of power necessary to control the grosser physical conditions, such as:

  • the control of the elements of Nature
  • the production or cessation of tempests
  • the production and cessation of earthquakes and other great physical phenomena.

All the advanced occultists of all schools earnestly believe that such men have existed, and do exist today.

The best teachers assure their students that the Masters exist and have these powers.

These Masters do not make public exhibitions of their powers, but seek seclusion in order to better work their may along the Path of Attainment.

We mention their existence merely to point to the fact that their power:

  • is entirely Mental, and
  • operates along the lines of the higher Mental Transmutation, under the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism.
"The Universe is Mental"—The Kybalion

But students and Hermetists of lesser degree than Masters—the Initiates and Teachers—are able to freely work along the Mental Plane, in Mental Transmutation.

The following operate along the same general lines:

  • “psychic phenomena'
  • “mental influence”
  • “mental science”
  • “new-thought phenomena”
  • etc

There is but one principle involved, no matter by what name the phenomena be called.

The student and practitioner of Mental Transmutation works among the Mental Plane, transmuting mental conditions, states, etc., into others, according to various formulas, more or less efficacious.

The various “treatments,” “affirmations,” “denials” etc., of the schools of mental science are but formulas, often quite imperfect and unscientific, of The Hermetic Art.

The majority of modern practitioners are quite ignorant compared to the ancient masters, for they lack the fundamental knowledge upon which the work is based.

The mental states, etc., of one’s self, and the states of others, can be changed or transmuted by Hermetic Methods.

This is done usually unconsciously, but often consciously by some understanding the laws and principles, in cases where the people affected are not informed of the principles of self-protection.

Many students and practitioners of modern mental science know that every material condition depending upon the minds of other people may be changed or transmuted in accordance with the earnest desire, will, and “treatments” of person desiring changed conditions of life.

Our purpose here is merely to show the Hermetic Principle and Art underlying all of these various forms of practice, good and evil, for the force can be used in opposite directions according to the Hermetic Principles of Polarity.

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