Chapter 28

Oman -- Chau Ju Kua's Works Simplified

January 15, 2022

Oman (Yung-man) resembles Wupa in terms of its people and soil.

Their chief wears a turban silk

5 the products of the himself in light (or The soil.

wrap& but wears no garments and goes barefooted.

His servants wear no headdress and go barefooted, but they wrap themselves in sarongs (|§) so that the body is covered. They live on meal cakes, mutton, sheep’s milk, fish and vegetables. The soil produces dates in large quantities. Along 10 the coast pearls are found, and in the mountains horse raising on a large scale. The other is carried on countries which trade here purchase horses, pearls and dates which they get in exchange for cloves, cardamom seeds and camphor.

29. Kish

Activity Method
Trade Barter

Kishi is on a small island near the Arab coast, half a day away.

There are very few towns. When the king shows himself in he rides a horse and has a black umbrella over him; he public, accompanied by over 100 retainers.

The people of the country are white and clean and eight feet tall. They wear their hair loose under a turban eight feet long, one half of which hangs down their back. Their clothing consists of a foreign-shaped jacket outer wrap of light silken or woollen stuff, 5 and an and red leather shoes. They make use of gold and silver coins. Their food consists of wheaten cakes, mutton, fish and dates. They do not eat rice.

They export pearls and fine horses.

Every year, the Arabs send camels on ships for barter loaded with:

  • rose-water
  • gardenia flowers
  • quicksilver
  • spelter
  • silver bullion
  • cinnabar
  • red dye plants
  • fine cotton stuffs


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