Chapter 8

Malaysia (Under Sumatra)

January 26, 2022

9. Kedah, Langkasuka (Lingyassikia)

Activity Method
Trade Bullion

Kedah can be reached from Chaiya by sailing six days. There is also an overland road between the two countries.

Its ruler wears a sarong and goes barefooted. The people cut their hair and also wear sarongs.

Their native products are:

  • elephants’ tusks
  • rhinoceros horns
  • varieties of gharu-wood
  • camphor

Foreign traders barter these for:

  • samshu
  • rice
  • Ho-ch’i silks
  • porcelain

They calculate the value of their articles according to their equivalents in gold or silver, and then barter these articles at fixed rates.

For example:

  • 1 tong of samshu is equal to 1 tael of silver or 2 mace of gold
  • 2 tong of rice are equal to 1 tael of silver
  • 10 tong of rice is equal to 1 tael of gold

It sends yearly tribute to Sumatra.

10. Patalung (Foloan) Malaysia

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Patalung can be reached from the kingdom Kedah in four days by land.

Two Buddhas came flying here, one with 6 arms, the other had four arms. Their magic is believed to drive back ships through the wind. they would be driven back by the wind.

Its Buddhist temple is covered with bronze tiles and is ornamented with gold. The 6th lunar month on the 15th is kept as the Buddha’s birthday with crowded processions accompanied with music and the beating of cymbals.

The foreign traders take part in them.

Its native products are

  • varieties of gharu-wood
  • laka-wood
  • sandal-wood and
  • elephants’ tusks

Foreigners barter for them with:

  • wheat
  • porcelain
  • iron
  • lacquer-ware
  • samshu
  • rice
  • sugar
  • gold, silver

It sends yearly tribute to Sumatra. Its neighbors are the following and are similar to it:

  • Pahang (Pongfong)
  • Trengganu (Tongyanung)
  • Kelantan