Chapter 8

Chaiya Thailand (Under Sumatra)

January 27, 2022


Activity Method
Trade Barter

Chaiya (Tanmaling) is under a ruler called Siangkung.

Its city is surrounded by a palisade six or seven feet thick and over 20 feet high, strong enough to be mounted for fighting purposes.

They ride buffaloes, wear their hair done in a knot and go barefooted.

Officials live in wooden houses, the common people in bamboo cottages, the walls being filled in with leaves and the poles fastened with rattan.

The native products are:

  • yellow wax
  • laka-wood
  • the su (variety of gharu-wood) incense, ebony, camphor, elephants’ tusks, and rhinoceros horns.

The foreign traders barter them for:

  • silk parasols,
  • kittysols,
  • silks
  • samshu
  • rice
  • salt
  • sugar
  • porcelain basins,
  • heavy articles
  • bowls made of gold and silver.

Similar to Chaiya are:

  • Jiloting
  • Tsienmai
  • Pata
  • Kialohi

Chaiya gathers gold and silver vessels, while Jiloting and the others gather other things to offer as tribute to Sumatra.


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