Chapter 1

The Life Map

by William Benham
"The soul contains in itself the event that shall presently befall it. The event is only the actualizing of its thought." Emerson

Lines show details of the life.

Events that strongly impress themselves on the brain causes the lines to appear, disappear, break, or change in certain parts of the hand as those events have produced good or bad results for the subject.

By observing thousands of results, we can know:

  • where in the hand these various emotions or influences appear
  • what kind of lines indicate their good or bad effect

Lines are seen in the hands of newborn babes as well as of adults.

  • They often make their appearance where the skin has formerly been smooth.
  • In many cases, strong lines fade and disappear, leaving a smooth surface of skin that shows no sign that any line has ever been there.

Lines increase in depth and grow in length, often clearly cutting their way across the hand.

  • They also vanish entirely, beginning at the end and gradually diminishing until the whole line has disappeared.

These changes follow profound impressions made on the mind of a subject.

Many believe that:

  • every detail in the human anatomy has a specific purpose
  • nothing was created without a reason.

Thus, we are either forced to declare that:

  • the lines in the hand are an exception to all the rest
    • the Creator did a useless thing when these lines were put in the hand, or
  • the lines are there for a purpose.

There is a natural course through life that every subject would follow if nothing took place to change it, and no effort was made to improve. In other words, we believe that there is a general outline of the course and limitations of the life of each subject, which exists at the beginning of that life.

This general course is what the subject would naturally do through life, be-cause of the combination of type qualities which he possesses. This natural life plan comprises those things which the possession of these type qualities would naturally lead him to do, the kind of health his type qualities would cause him to have, and the result is stamped upon him by the lines in his hand, which thus form a map of his natural life’s course.

If no change takes place in his mental or physical attitude, and no accidents occur, this course will be followed. Thus the lines in the hand are the writing placed there by Him who created the subject, and when the key to their meaning is used, it enables us to interpret the life map and to judge what the natural course of that life will be.

Many earnest thinkers, having followed the study of the hand through Chirognomy, have halted when the lines were reached, and, while admitting that lines do enable us to read the events in a life, and being forced to acknowledge from what has been seen of actual cases that the future is often outlined, they pause for the explanation as to how this is accomplished. There are now two well established facts, which when brought into combination explain these functions of lines in the hand.

First, it has been positively proven that lines change in unison with changes in the mental attitude of a subject, when these changes are great enough to alter his temperament and characteristics. It is also proven that the lines respond to changes in health and constitution, that they indicate mental strength, and reveal details in the life, when certain events have produced a powerful impression on the mind of a subject.

Therefore we may say that:

  • the lines in a hand are the direct reflex of the subject’s mind
  • his mind produces, controls, or alters them.

This explains the accuracy of lines in outlining past events.

  • It is the accuracy of lines in outlining future events which has been difficult to explain.

Recent experiments by scientists have demonstrated that the human being is possessed of a double consciousness or mind.

  1. One part operates in our material existence
  • This is the worldly mind, which has limitations
  • It makes us conscious only of those things which we can see or handle
  • It is conscious only of things which have happened, or are happening before our very eyes.
  • This side of our consciousness cannot pierce the veil of the future, or rise above our material existence.
  • It only knows the things of to-day, which soon become the things of yesterday.
  1. The other part operates on the plane of our spiritual existence
  • It gives us spiritual consciousness of things which we cannot see, touch, nor fully explain.
  • This second mind rarely manifests itself in an objective way. This is why it was not sooner discovered.
  • Our inner consciousness, or spiritual mind, has no such limitations as has the objective worldly mind.
  • It knows not only what has happened, but what will happen.
  • It is not confined within the prison of our earthly body
  • It can rise above earth, and peer into the future.

The mind produces, controls, or alters the lines in the hand.

  • These lines are subject to the influence both of the worldly or objective mind, but also of the subjective or spiritual mind.

The worldly or objective mind has dominion of the past and present. The spiritual or subjective mind has dominion of the future. Therefore, our past, present, and future are in the possession of the Two minds

Through their influence, this past, present, and future is stamped on us through the lines in the hand which reflect the mind.

The accuracy of this hypothesis rests on 2 statements:

  1. Mind produces, controls, or changes the lines in the hand

  2. There are two minds, the worldly or objective and the spiritual or subjective, with the functions ascribed to them.

This explains how can the lines in the hand presage the future.

Palmists have watched the new lines form or change, and old ones disappear, in perfect accord with the established rules of line reading.

During the past 5 years, I have made a special study of this subject. I have many recorded cases where these changes have occurred.

It would be impossible, owing to their length, to present individual cases in this work, but the fact that lines are thus formed and changed is so well known to thousands of students of the hand, that I do not believe this point will be gainsaid by anyone.

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