Chapter 2

The Quantum of Aether or Qoa

January 31, 2020 by Juan Icon

We all know that physical reality exists inside space and time, and that space and time are the properties of the universe. But how were space and time and the universe created?

According to Physics, it was created through a “Big Bang” of a material Singularity. This led to matter and energy, just as we see sharpnel and light, and feel the energy from exploding fireworks. What is the nature of this Material Singularity? How did it begin?

Superphysics answers that the whole Big Bang paradigm is flawed in the first place because material creation did not originate from a material cause. A material explosion would need an external trigger or cause to start that explosion just as a firecracker needs an external flame to light its fuse. That would imply that our Big Bang happened within another universe. This would then lead to more unanswered questions that can go on to infinity, since that universe could be within another universe, and so on.

A Big Bootup or Wakeup, Instead of a Material Big Bang

Instead of a material cause, Superphysics asserts a metaphysical cause. For example:

  • a physical novel is made up of the ideas of its author
    • a novel cannot be written by another novel
  • a physical website is made up of the code-ideas of the programmer
    • a website cannot be made by another website
The universe is a compilation of static ideas stitched together by sequential perception

Likewise, all universes came from the ideas of the Creator. The material universe cannot be made by itself nor by another material universe. The question then is how are these ideas created? How do they become as complex as a universe?

The conversion of idea to reality and physical matter follows a five-step process which we call our five-layer model, derived from the Greeks and Asians:

Phase Layer Physics Name Sequence
0 Metaphysical Pseudo-science The pre-existing ideas as potentialities are deployed onto reality
1 Aethereal Higgs The aether compiles the compound ideas as potential universes in the multiverse
2 Spatial Gravitation The compiled ideas are sent through qosts as galaxies and then as stars. These create space and time, as well as gravity
3 Radiant Electromagnetism The gravity in the stars create electrons and photons which are emitted throughout the space
4 Transformative Weak force The weak force in stars further creates neutrons which create fusion, allowing particles to combine
5 Material Strong force Finally, the strong force binds the particles as protons to form the elements

Phase 1: From potentiality to actuality

The infinite ideas of the Creator move down as real ideas or qoa in the aethereal layer. From pre-existence, each quantum of idea goes down onto the aether creating a single identity or 1. The combination of ideas then lead to an infinite combination of compound ideas such as 100101 or 110010. This stream of compound, binary ideas then form a very complex wave, which stream with other waves of infinite number and variety.

In this way, we can think of the multiverse of ideas as:

Sequence Analogy
1 Note
2 Chord
3 Tune
4 Song
5 Genre

All these universes exist simultaneously in the aethereal layer, as a multiverse. Because of human limitations, we can see only one universe, our current one. The universes in the aethereal layer occupy no space since they are above the spatial layer.

Time travel and intra-universe travel is done at the Athereal layer

A mastery of the aethereal layer, as done by Buddhist monks, allows them to view the other universes, either as alternate realities or the past or future of the current one. They do this by transporting their mind to those other universes and timelines, and then coming back to this one.

In theory, the same mastery can be applied to vehicles which are run by sentient artificial intelligence for those vehicles to travel between universes and in different timelines of those universes.

All the ideas in the universe exist in the aethereal layer, even our feelings, minds, and beliefs.

The next post will explain the Quantum of Spacetime or Qost which is Phase 2 of creation, and the second layer of our model.

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