Chapter 2

Gravitational Signatures

January 3, 2022 by Juan Icon

In the previous post, we fixed relativity* by adhering to the rules** which Socrates*** mentioned earlier:

  • Photons must not be used to build the solution
  • There must be no constant
  • The solution and cause of movement must be inherent to the object, as opposed to being external
  • The solution must be universal, that is, applicable to all five layers of the Greek or Asian model of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether

*We fix Newton in this post

**This adherence of logic to timeless metaphysical truths is the key aspect of the dialectical method that makes it different from the scientific method which is based on evidence supplied by the limited physical senses.

***Actually, our solution-framework comes from Asia as levitating Buddhist monks. The problem is that humans see it as mysticism. So we had to find a known Western framework that matches it, and found it in Pythagoras. But Pythagoras is still pseudoscience to many, and so we use Socrates as a compromise. Anyone who says that Socrates is pseudoscience will have to say that governments and laws are pseudoscience.

We start by fitting Relativity to the 5-layer model of the Greeks.

Five layers of Superphysics
Descartes’ Earth is now Stokes’ aether, while Descartes’ Fire is now Lorentz-Fresnel aether

We see that General Relativity cannot really extend to the Spatial layer because its domain is fundamentally in Electromagnetism as a consequence of being totally light-based*.

*All motions of Newtonian inertia, traction, compression, torsion, friction, compression, as well as all Einsteinian motions of Special and General Relativity are based on the Electromagnetic layer. Gravitational motions such as matter-teleportation, and matter-levitation without magnetism have not been discovered yet. This is one of the goals of Material Superphysics.

Likewise, Classical Mechanics is applicable only to the Material layer since it only deals with material bodies such as apples and planets. For example, galaxies do not act like balls that explode or push each other away when they collide. Instead, they pass through each other and eventually merge*.

*This is an example of gravitational motion

To Socrates, the metaphysical dimension is superior to the physical dimension, just as to Descartes, the aether is superior to matter. The aether is the material of the mind, idea, and feelings. This is why “mind over matter” is possible with Descartes, and is used by monks to levitate. We will tap into this as we develop Automated Intelligence that will allow new technologies mentioned later.

The Equations

We replace material mass m with metaphysical G which represents the inherent gravity in every discrete identity, whether that identity be a thing, mind, idea, or feeling.

This G is the “gravitational signature” and is really supposed to be D as dharma or T as tao or True Nature of Socrates. But that would turn away Westerners who have a distaste for non-Western ideas (which is a no-no if we are to unify the human species and put everyone, East and West, ‘on the same page’).

So we can stick with G as invented by the British Newton.

  • Like Newton, Socrates would think that this G is inherent to the body as what “objects carry in them”
  • But unlike Newton who believed that G came from a material mass, the Socratic G comes from a metaphysical “true nature” which the Hindus call Dharma.

In this way, the Socratic G still ends up as D if the thinking person chases it down. You could even say that G is the metaphysical DNA of everything in existence that dictates what movements it can do, and actually manifests as the DNA in physical living cells.

Messier 87

The invisible gravitational signature of Messier 87 reveals its "DNA" as jets or flares of energy extending 5,000 light years. In non-quasar galaxies, this DNA is in the gravitational signature of every star, just as the DNA of our bodies is in each cell.

This G then has five versions*, one for each of five layers represented by l.

*You can think of nature having 5 types of gravities. Newtonian gravity is type 5, Einsteinian gravity is type 3 and is called magnetism.

In this way, the resulting equation E = Gl called the Eagle serves as a template that holds all the equations of potential motion:

  • w = mg is E :: Gl in the Material layer*
  • Radioactivity or non-radioactivity is E :: Gl in the Transformative layer
  • E = mc^2 is E :: Gl in the Radiant layer
  • E = G1 : G2 is E :: Gl in the Spatial layer
  • E = GA is E :: Gl in the Aetheric layer
  • E = G is E :: Gl in the Metaphysical layer

*Superphysics uses qualimath which converts = into ::

A gravitational signature produces attractive or repulsive motion by its affinity or difference with the signatures of other existing objects, entities, and minds within the same layer*. Lower layers are affected by higher layers, but higher layers are unaffected by the lower. Light is affected by gravity, but gravity is not affected by light.

  • In the strong layer, the attraction of the gluons lead to matter. Their repulsion leads to nuclear explosions and the destruction of that matter
  • In the weak layer, the interaction leads to the decay of one particle. The noninteraction leads to its nondecay
  • In the electromagnetic layer, this manifests as the attraction of opposite charges, and the repulsion of like charges
  • In the gravitational layer, this manifests as the attraction to massive objects, and repulsion to immaterial objects
  • In the aethereal layer, this manifests as the attraction of related ideas and minds, and the replusion of opposing ones through the Law of Conservation of Idea

*Quantum physics uses fields because it arose from electromagnetism which has magnetic fields. This is not useful in Superphysics because the aether is the most superior layer and we never think that feelings or minds have fields. Instead feelings and minds have layers – there are deep and shallow minds, feelings, and ideas.

Korean BTS quantum physics
Gravitational signatures explain why some people are attracted and gravitate towards KPop while others are repulsed by them. In theory, this means that peace and harmony can be achieved granularly by knowing the Gravitational signatures of everyone in order to reduce the repulsion of minds, and generally by imposing higher-layer ideas like virtue (this virtue-based socio-political system is then the job of Social Superphysics)

Getting Rid of c

Next, we replace c or the constant speed of light with s as the spatial speed limit* of the universe so that E :: ms 2 . In this way, gravitational waves travel within this spatial speed limit, instead of traveling at the speed of light. This is to switch gravitation from being subordinate to photons, to being superior to it, in accordance with our 5-layer model.

For the active version, we:

  • convert the stress-energy tensor into the Kepler Tensor G1 following Kepler’s laws (as well as those of Socrates, Hume, Adam Smith, Ibn-Khaldun, Spinoza)
  • convert the Einstein tensor as a ratio or relativity : of the identity in question to another identity
  • convert the constants into the limiter s as the limits of physical space
  • remove light c which makes the cosmological constant Λ unnecessary
  • put everthing inside a Cartesian view which imposes obervation and timespans, consequently the timeline
Kepler Tensor
Material Superphysics converts Physics equations into ratios, since everything is relative and nothing, except the Absolute Entity, is absolute

We call this “Universal Relativity”

Since we see the universe as a Matrix or huge computer program (or the Mind of Brahma), then the parts of universal relatvity can be seen in the model-view-controller paradigm:

  • Model is the gravitational signatures being relative to other signatures – this is the Positive Force or Yang or Shiva
  • View is the Cartesian View – this is existence
  • Controller is s or the limiter – this is the Negative Force or Yin or Shakti

Everything is in motion. Everything is relative.

Everything is in motion because every signature interacts* obviously or non-obviously with each other. This thing that causes stars and dust to gather or disperse is the same thing that causes people to form societies or leave society, and ideas to coalesce into complex ideas or be analyzed into their basic idea.

*We say that all forces are contact forces facilitated by the aether. Action-at-a-distance is illusory because spacetime is illusory (Maya)

This inquiry on the gravitational signature of everything is super laborious and is similar to Thomas Edison looking for the perfect filament for the light bulb. His search led to the saying that goes something like success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. This is why, as Socrates advised, we should just keep this idea as a theory until the proper resource allocation system is developed to make the search practical. This is why we started with fixing Economics* first .

*Economic Superphysics works on minds which is the main ‘particle’ in the aethereal layer, aside from ideas and feelings. By mastering the highest layer, then the lower gravitational and electromagnetic layers will be easier to control

Their pursuit will be valuable for our objects if all these studies reach the point of inter-communion and connection with one another and become considered in their mutual affinities. Until then, there is no profit in pursuing them.

The Simple Republic

To avoid the need to laboriously find the cause of G in the universe, Newton took the easy path and defined G (gravity) as a constant.

The quantities of these centripetal forces can be called accelerative, motive, absolute.. I do not bother to know where such an absolute force come from. I just want to give them a mathematical form.

Simplified Principia Mathematica by Newton, Definitions

Likewise, to avoid having to laboriously find the gravitational field or the dharma of the reference frame that affects everything that is moving, Einstein took the easy path and set c (speed of light) as a constant.

But we only demand that ‘simultaniety’ supply us with an empirical decision.

Einstein, Relativity, Section 8

The result is that their theories are not universal and will fall apart once new perceptions about the universe are obtained. It would be like setting minimum wage permanently at $10/hour hoping that it would magically keep up with inflation.

Why General Relativity Holds

Einstein’s general relativity only holds because the simultaniety of time is rooted in the perception action. This action is based on the generation of the idea (or feeling) to start perceiving.

The speed of the generation or perception of ideas (or feelings) holds a ratio to the speed of the generation or perception of gravitational signatures or the speed of creating discrete things within the universe (since everything is an idea . The speed limit of the universe, whether it be on photons or gravitational waves, is totally dependent on the speed of this generation or perception. This perception is dictated by the aether, which is the material of the mind and the medium of spacetime.

From here we can assert, in line with Socrates, that the speed of light is not constant. Rather it is slowly increasing, proportional to the accelerated expansion of spacetime, the more the universe interacts with itself and creates discrete new entities as a result of the interactions.

An analogy is a mind that has just woken up. In the beginning, the mind is slow to think as it still has inertia. But after a few minutes, it starts thinking faster until it reaches its normal speed. Upon reaching normal speed, the entities in that mind then graduate to another mind that would have also just woken up.

Instead of the material Big Bang of Physics, the Metaphysics of Things in Superphysics leads to either*:

  • a Big Wakeup of the mind of Brahma that ’thinks’ of the universe
    • This is our explanation to people who are open-minded and not allergic to Asian or spiritual ideas
  • a Big Bootup of a giant Matrix program that ‘generates’ the universe
    • This is our explanation to minds who are allergic to non-scientific or Asian or spiritual ideas

*This is consistent with the desire to unify humans of opposite beliefs. This is why our explanation varies depending on who’s asking

Physical time then is the gap between two perceptions done by the Mind of the Universe within Itself, and is represented by the Cartesian view.

From this, we can make another important assertion that General Relativity (GR) only holds for things that are measured by light:

  • GR only works on gravitational lensing because light is measured
  • Gravitational waves travel at the speed of light because lasers are used to measure it. This means a lot of things move faster than light, but are never visible nor measureable by anything electronic

We replace Einstein’s Special Relativity with the original Relativity of Lorentz-Poincare, using Poincare’s definition of time as an illusion, instead of Einstein’s time as simultaniety based on c. General Relativity is replaced by qosts with gravitational signatures.

So What’s the Use of Gravitational Signatures?

Its immediate use is to declare dark matter as non-existent so that physicists can stop spending real money building dark matter detectors.

By this vein, we can say that the large hadron collider is also somewhat a waste of money because the ancient Greeks were able to classify all forces into five layers at far less cost. Or rather, it was a $4.7 billion test to see whether ancient knowledge was correct.

Instead, the money should be spent on gravity-detectors like LIGO which act like ears that listen to the “G” of stars and galaxies and then work backwards to find the G of matter (rocks, metals, objects). It can also be used to find the G of Covid so it can be repelled in more ways.

This is why we can make a conjecture that Einstein actually stifled science by leading physicists on a wild-goose-chase for dark matter and wormholes. Satellite Engineers would discover discrepancies in the timings of their satellites anyway, which would then create relativity theories naturally without the limiting c.

Physics mysteries fallacies
Physicists are preoccupied at the lowest layers of the visual kind because sight is the easiest perception for humans. They also smash particles for no practical purpose, since those smashed particles are unnatural to begin with and quickly fizzle out

Instead of using expensive detectors, we use Socrates to solve the problems with General Relativity:

  • The expansion of space is caused by gravitational signatures of galaxies repelling each other, not by dark energy
  • Gravitational lensing is caused by the gravitational signature of the intervening galaxy
  • Galaxies are held together by the gravitational signature in their center as supermassive galactic qosts , not by dark matter. This implies that there is more than one kind of gravity*, each with two subtypes, a superior and a junior.

*Material Superphysics asserts that there are five kinds of gravity, four of which have been discovered by Physics as the four fundamental forces

Practically, the knowledge of how these signatures work can allow humans to harness any motion by converting them to force or movement equations. Currently, only the movements in the Material and Electromagnetic layer is artificially harnessed by humans, more commonly as combustion and electric motors.

The power of gravity and spacetime is not utilized because Newton assigned the cause of gravity to the material layer – opposite of how Nature arranged it! This obsession with matter is then why physicists smash atoms to find what is inside them, wasting real effort and money in the process.

Asia to the Rescue

So far, only Buddhist and Hindu monks seem to have started properly from the Metaphysical layer and therefore have learned how to use gravitation (for example, to levitate themselves). However, the downside is that they don’t go down to the lowest Material layer to actually invent practical mechanical things. Why would an enlightened mind, who has broken off the snares of materiality, let himself get ensnared again?

Buddhist metaphysics gravity
Levitation has been practiced by floating monks in Tibet, floating UFOs in the US and Iran, and by the ancient Egyptians who levitated huge blocks to form the pyramids, using the same natural principle that expands the universe

Superphysics aims to solve this by uniting understandings of the materialist scientist and the metaphysician monk, just as we combined the understandings of Einstein with that of Socrates. Like Socrates (and David Hume), it does not go on to inquire into the cause or Creator of every G, but limits itself to knowing what is G.

Materially, this G can be used for:

  • Levitation technology as cargo ships that can float on air and never get stuck at the Suez Canal
  • Teleportation technology as spaceships that can travel to Mars and other planets far quicker, cheaper, and safer than the explosive rockets of SpaceX. Update April 2022: This can be applied as a countermeasure against hypersonic missles
  • Spacetime power-generation can produce energy 24/7 from the expansion of spacetime without creating carbon emissions
  • Anti-gravitation can allow fusion, by levitating and confining hydrogen with artificial gravity instead of energy-hungry magnetic confinement
  • Modern alchemy by enhancing weak interactions to create new compounds

But wait, there’s more!

Gravitational signatures don’t just work for movements in the five physical layers but also for movements in the metaphysical layer. This theory can help:

  • move public opinon or feelings towards a policy proposal or political candidate by knowing the current G of society. Is your society headed for a golden age, or is it on a decline? This is the job of Social Superphysics
  • attract or retain the right employees or minds for your company and maximize their productivity by finding out their motivational G that might be different from the material particle called money. This is the job of Economic Superphysics (Pantrynomics)
  • know how temporally far a person is from a disease by comparing his G with that of the disease, so that he can move away from or prevent the disease. This is the job of Bio Superphysics
  • and so on..


June 29, 2021: changed movement energy to inherent energy and F = ma to w = mg to make it consistent with E = Gl as the rest or potential state

January 15, 2022: added the active version of universal relativityApril 4, 2022: added Messier 87

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