Chapter 10

What is Superphysics?

November 20, 2020 by Juan Icon

The Enlightenment

From the time of Plato and Aristotle up to Kant, philosophy dominated the study of human knowledge in the West. It included metaphysics and was only countered, or offset, by religion:

  • Socrates was countered by Hesiod
  • Copernicus was countered by the Church

A similar pattern existed in Asia:

  • Buddhism was countered by Hinduism and Vedanta
  • Taoism was countered by Confucianism

Science was then called Natural Philosophy which dealt with natural physical phenomena which were put under metaphysical principles. For example:

  • Kepler attributed the source of planetary orbits into five invisible Platonic shapes
  • Descartes sourced universal motion from an invisible aether
  • Newton ascribed gravity to mass which came from an invisible, dominating entity he called “Lord God”
  • Chinese Medicine cited the invisible chi as the source of health
  • Indian Ayurveda cited the three invisible doshas

The Dark Ages Begin

But by the 19th century, the Europeans separated Natural Philosophy from Philosophy. It mutated into materialist science which accepted only visible and tangible perceptions, effectively removing metaphysics.

The problem with this is that the visible part of the universe is very tiny compared to the invisible and causal ones. In addition, metaphysics is totally based on invisible waves of feelings.

By denying metaphysics, the feelings are ejected. This then leaves only the ego* (the feeling of the self) as the judging factor for the perceptions from sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell.

*This is why the Objectivism of Ayn Rand and Utilitarianism of John Stuart Mill (both Westerners) are egotistic compared to the Asian philosophies

Science versus Superphysics
Superphysics interprets the five elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth as the five forces of the standard model as the higgs, gravitation, electromagnetism, weak and strong, which we call aethereal, spatial, radiant, radioactive, and material layer, respectively. Science is limited to the five senses and so ‘scientists’ and equipment can only detect up to the radiant (electromagnetic) layer. For example, Einstein’s General Relativity uses light to judge all movements. This makes it useful for predicting movement near stars and pulsars, but is totally useless with invisible things like dark matter and black holes

Intellect Trapped in an Echo Chamber

In addition, science caused natural philosophy to be compartmentalized. Intellectuals were confined to specific domains such as Physics, Biology, Economics, etc. People could no longer have multiple domain knowledge.

For example, before science was formalized:

  • Isaac Newton had expertise not only in Math and Physics, but also in Finance and Theology
  • Adam Smith was a historian, moral philosopher, economist, and linguist
  • Francois Quesnay of the Physiocrats was a medical doctor and an economist and mathematician

This allowed such pre-science people to find patterns and principles common to various domains and establish them as universal maxims.

In contrast, modern researchers and academics are confined to their own bubbles.

  • Can we imagine Paul Samuelson being a mathematician-economist and a medical doctor at the same time?
  • Can we think of John Maynard Keynes as a financial economist, entrepreneur, and a priest rolled into one?
  • Could Einstein have been a theoretical physicist and mathematician while being a politician or statesman?

Science thus, not only became degraded from being 6-sense Natural Philosophy into 5-sense Materialist or egotistic Science, but also into an intellectual feudalism with each Science-lord having its own intellectual fiefs.

In other words, Science has only “my ego” and “my limited five senses” as the judge for theories and experiments. This necessarily leads to “my own intellectual bubble”. Anything outside this bubble is fake and pseudoscience.

In this way, science resembles a religion that treats other beliefs as false religions*. This prevents scientific minds from tapping the infinite solutions lying in wait in the invisible part of the universe.

*This corruption is a natural effect of the Negative Force (Maya, Yin) against the Positive Force (Shiva, Yang). We expect that the Negative Force will also try to corrupt Superphysics in the distant future. This is why our focus is to build ISAIAH which is the AI to maintain the positivity or ‘Truthiness’ of Superphysics

In contrast, the Asian sciences, such as Ayurveda and Yoga, are based on all 6-senses and are not as compartmentalized. These accept the non-obvious inferences from the feelings of the soul and apply them onto different domains.

This allows them to find solutions that Western science cannot:

  • Taoism naturally leads to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which leads to Covid medicines that have helped China and Taiwan breeze through Covid. This is different from the West which has many Covid cases and hospitalizations despite having high vaccination rates.
  • Yoga has practices that support mental health without medication. This is different from the US that has so many mental health issues that lead to racism, local terrorism, gang violence, mass shootings, etc.

However, the weakness of the Asian philosophies is that they are much less developed for practical uses unlike Western science which is much more useful materially.

Religion versus Superphysics
Religion and metaphysics refuse to be tested and are so useless compared to science

Break Through the Dogma in Science and Religion through Superphysics

To create better solutions to the new problems created by global warming, overpopulation, viruses, etc., we bring back metaphysics and natural philosophy as the 6-sense study of dialectics that is not confined into specific domains.

This brings alternative solutions to the table.

Problem Scientific Solution Socratic-Dialectical Solution
Political Instability New elections or Sanctions Social cycles
Space travel Reusable rockets Anti-gravity propulsion
Nuclear Fusion Confine the plasma magentically Confine the plasma gravitationally
Terrorism Airstrikes Know the needs of the pre-terrorists before they become terrorists (prevention is better than cure)
Covid Vaccines End the war against the Amazon rainforest
Superphysics bridges science
Superphysics bridges science and metaphysics to unify all human knowledge and make it useful

The weakness of science in not knowing how the flow of feelings work is evident in:

  • the proposals of scientists to limit global warming not being adopted by countries that only feel for their own national interests
  • the proposals of scientists to stop oil exploration not being adopted by businessmen who only want profit for themselves
  • people not obeying scientific mask-mandates due to their own ego

Since science has been around since the 19th century, it would be naive to think that it will upgrade itself to include human feelings immediately. That’s why we suggest a transitional science called Superphysics to represent 6-sense Dialectics of Socrates or David Hume’s Science of Man, until science lowers its ego and add feelings back onto itself.

Because it relies on all six senses, Socrates calls Dialectics more laborious than the sciences. This explains why it was rarely developed.

An alternative cancer cure that works for Mr. X might not work for Mr. Y, making it unacceptable to ‘scientific’ modern medicine which throws away such useful cures. Superphysics solves this by finding out the pattern of differences between Mr. X and Y so that that the cure can work for all Mr. X-types. It then finds the cures that fit Y-types, Z-types, etc. This method is unthinkable in science because the ego wants to think of itself as unique and does not want itself to be classified or branded

A common example is how the Japanese believe that human behavior can be categorized according to four blood types, which was pseudo-science until Covid came .

Data Science as the Main Tool of Superphysics

Data Science* is really good at classification and in finding patterns and so it will be the primary tool of the Superphysicist, Superphysician, and Supersociologist who are upgraded from ordinary physicists, physicians, and sociologists/economists. The discovery of patterns in scientific data makes Superphysics the bridge or missing link between physics and metaphysics, or science and philosophy.

Are we perfecting natural philosophy alone according to our method? Or the other sciences also, such as logic, ethics, politics?
We certainly intend to comprehend them all.

Francis Bacon, Nova Organum Simplified, Book 1, Chapter 5

All the sciences have a relation to human nature. No matter how far any science runs away from human nature, it still returns by one way or another. In pretending to explain the principles of human nature, we in effect propose a complete system of the sciences. This system is built on an almost entirely new foundation. This foundation is the only one on which the sciences can be secured. The science of man is the only solid foundation for the other sciences.

Hume, Simple Treatise, Advertisement

*Data Science is more of an art than a science. It cooks up useful predictions and interpretations of raw data using statistical techniques and activation functions, just as a chef cooks up dishes from raw ingredients using steaming, frying, marinating, etc. This is because data are really products of human perception, while math is the system of processes that human minds are capable of. Animals can also perceive data but their math is very limited. For example, penguins can add rocks to each other but not divide them. Humans that require mathematical proof are therefore really asking to have the mental processes of a learned person transplanted into their own minds. The problem is that the higher (aethereal) principles are very complex and ever-changing and so it would useless to put them in a fixed equation or mathematical proof. Instead, our solution is to code them into the AI directly and let the AI show the calculated proofs dynamically.

Superphysics relationships
The divisions of Superphysics

Superphysics is then split up into three, based on a perception’s relation to the self:

  1. Material Superphysics — This is based on the soul of the physical universe. It aims to solve problems that physics cannot, such as faster-than-light travel, time travel, alternative energy sources. This is patterned from Book 1 of A Treatise of Human Nature but is based on Descartes

  2. Bio Superphysics — This is based on the individual living soul, as humans (maybe animals and plants can be added in the future). It aims to solve problems that medical science cannot, such as cancer, heart disease, mental issues, etc. This is derived from Book 2 but is based on Asian sciences such as yoga (Patanjali), chi, and the doshas.

  3. Social Superphysics — This is based on the soul of society as a collection of individual souls. It aims to solve problems that economics and political science cannot, such as recessions, inequality, revolutions, etc. This is derived from Book 3

  • Supersociology is the subset that deals with socio-political principles and is based on Socrates and Ibn Khaldun
  • Supereconomics deals with economic principles and is based on Adam Smith

Definition of Superphysics

With these, we can define Superphysics as a paradigm that merges the known and proven perceptions of the physical and metaphysical dimension in order to find patterns and principles for the sake of solving problems.

Those principles are then gathered as The Metaphysics of Things

The process for coming up with those principles is called Socratic Dialectics

Those principles are then implemented in the real world through technology and practical techniques


May 2020: For Covid, the Superphysics solution is to end the war against the Amazon as the virus will merely outmutate the vaccines

May 2021: This has been proven by the Delta variant

December 2021: This has been proven by the Omicron variant