Chapter 1

The Collective Wave of Human Desire

by Juan

Buying and selling are rooted in waves of desires, which manifest objectively as prices-particles, just as a subjective beauty contest is decided by objective beauty-points from judges.

beauty contest

The ideas of GDP, Inflation, and Wealth then all extend from prices. Superphysics is the branch of Social Superphysics that deals with the changing waves of demand in order to match supply to it as quickly as possible by using social contracts and pool clearing.

Ideas are Particles, Feelings are Waves

Price-particles are ideas, whereas desires are feeling-waves. Since particles are static, then it follows that ideas are static. When you get an idea, it is really your mind moving towards that static idea through the action of thinking. The thinking action then comes from a desire to think.

This means that feeling-waves are dynamic and that the entire universe gets its motion from the feelings of Its Creator.

Wave particle collision

Our prediction for the coming economic crisis in 2019 as a global stagflation* is based on the metaphysical supposition that economic activity is ultimately based on demand, which is then based on desire as feeling-waves. Since an economy has the desires of many people, then we call the gross economic demand as the collective wave of human desire.

*Update Jan 2022: This happened 1 year later than predicted as the Covid stagflation

This wave then has highs and lows. The coming ‘deep-low’ is our prediction of an economic crisis which we arrived at by observing how prices fluctuated from the 13th century up to recent times.

Everything is a wave and a particle is merely a slice of a wave from a different viewpoint

On the everyday level, particles and waves are easily discernable.

  • The nature of a table ‘object’ is different from the nature of a sound ‘wave’
  • The nature of water in a glass is different from the nature of the ocean moving as waves.

But in the quantum level, when nature of the particle is thoroughly analyzed, the distinction between particles and waves become blurred as explained by wave-particle duality:

Hume explains that this defect is due to the limitations of the human mind:

The capacity of the mind is limited and can never attain a full and adequate conception of infinity.. In rejecting the mind’s infinite capacity, we suppose it may arrive at an end in the division of its ideas.. Therefore, the imagination may reach a minimum idea which it cannot further subdivide or reduce without annihilating it.. The same is true for the impressions of the senses and the imagination.. The minute parts of distant bodies do not convey any sensible impression.. because.. their impressions were reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to technology, we can now perceive the smallest units of matter, only to see that they are made up of strings which have the nature of indivisible waves, just as ’love’ can be both an idea or a feeling. These waves or impressions are ultimately by perceived by human feeling, which has a different nature from human intellect.

The impressions which enter by our five senses do not resemble the actual objects. Consequently, the idea of identity, which is supposed to be real, can never be derived from any of these senses. Therefore, the feeling is the only sense remaining that can convey the impression.

With regard to the passions, the human mind.. resembles a stringed instrument. After each stroke, the vibrations still retain some sound which gradually and insensibly decays.

Hume, Treatise of Human Nature

Ideas can be lost easily, but feelings take time to disappear. This is because an idea is an external particle (comes from outside) which can ’escape’ the mind, while feelings are continuous as an internal wave (comes from inside) which are struck and vibrated in the mind. Also, the mind can convert a feeling into an idea just as reality can convert light waves into light particles.

Even if a feeling is converted into an idea, its true nature still is that of a feeling (i.e. feelings cannot be traded, for example, but it can be spread like sound via sympathy). You can never ‘dispose’ of your love by giving it to another person. Instead, you can only make that person feel some of it through actions, and even then, it will not be exactly in the same degree as yours.

Wave particle slice
A particle is merely a ‘slice’ of a wave observed by the individual mind. The imperfect human mind sees the wave as a particle, but the perfect omniscient Mind sees it as a wave, its true form.

What we see as a gold coin gives our senses a small impression, which we then convert as an idea-‘particle’ of a gold coin. If we were omniscient, then we would not only perceive the gold coin as a coin, but also as bullion being minted, as gold ore being turned into bullion, as star dust being turned into gold ore, and as start dust being formed from the Big Bang – all at the same time. In short, we would know everything about that gold coin as a wave from its absolute past to its absolute future*.

*According to Eastern Philosophy, there is no absolute past nor future, we just put it here for explanation

Waves of Desire and Macroeconomic Cycles

Our above explanation, if applied in physics, can help explain the strange and spooky things in quantum mechanics. In fact, by extending Hume’s maxims, the universe’s true principles can be discovered, which can then allow instant travel through space* (i.e. teleportation) and time (i.e. time travel) without needed huge amounts of stored energy.

*We call this the theory of gravitational signatures

However, our interest here is socio-economics, specifically, how waves of desires cause recessions, price fluctuations etc., so that we can build more stable socio-economic systems. By looking at the movement of commodity prices we can say that peaks in prices are represent a time of high desire for that commodity and troughs as a time of low desire*.

*This is fully explained in the Metaphysics of Prices

Sometimes you want a thing, sometimes you don’t. But normally, your number of desires increase through time, unless you are going towards the end of your life, when the energy to achieve desires seem to wane.

However, since the 2008 financial crisis, the global economy has not risen as fast as before, which means that the collective desire of humans has not risen, which then contradicts its natural behavior. You’d expect that the global economy would be booming since oil prices are low. Therefore, there must be something artificial that is hindering the natural desires of humans.

GDP stagnation
‘GDP’ should be rising but it isn’t

The Ideas of Capitalism and Profit Maximization are Blocking The natural Wave

The Marginal Revolution overturned Classical Economics (which we are advancing) and introduced ideas that led to the following corrupted concepts:

These ideas then created policies that were imposed on all, resulting to problems for all:

Policy or Solution Bad Effect or New Problem
Deficit spending Public Debt as increased taxation and reduced governments
Interest rate setting Money markets (Financial Crises) and Quantitative easing
Corporate law Mergers and Too-big-to-fail
Stock trading and stock markets Stock crashes
Institutions such as Bretton Woods Debt Crises

So how do we get rid of the bad ideas from Economics?

Since waves are continuous, they cannot be removed, but only ’toned down’. Ideas on the other hand can be dislodged. Since particles are dislodged by other particles, then the bad ideas of profit maximization and outside equity can be dislodged by more sustainable ideas that are in Superphysics such as:

These then convert an economy from being a static system for creating treasure-particles, into a dynamic one where there is a constant creation and flow of value-waves. Since laws have sanctified profits, equity, and nominal value, and has entrenched them fully in human minds, only a very urgent and serious need, such as that arising from a new economic crisis, will be able to start the process of dislodging those ideas. Hopefully, that future crisis would be so severe as to be able to even dislodge Economics, as a compound idea-particle, too.

  • March 2020: That economic crisis has arrived!
  • July 2021: Added links to the other concepts"

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