Chapter 11

A Story of Jewish Politics

July 21, 2021 by Juan Icon

The Jews at the time of Moses were torn between two sides:

  • those who wanted to stay comfortably in Egypt as slaves and employees
    • These are the left-wing or liberals
  • those who wanted to be independent and leave Egypt
    • These are the right-wing or nationalists

Right-wing Moses

A right-wing leader named Moses emerged and brought them out of Egypt and formed the God Party with its Ten Commandments as its Constitution which was forced onto all 12 Tribes even on the Levites. Commandment 1 is to have no other party or God other than the God Party. This is seen nowadays in single-party Communism.

Leadership of this party led to the dynasty of David. The problem is that there were many superpowers Assyrians, Babylonians, and Romans with rival Idolatry parties which the weak Jews had to ally with, abandoning the God Party.

The prophets such as Isaiah were right-wing propagandists for the God Party which dictated public policy. He implored the people to vote for the God Party and abandon the Liberal idols. The God Party needed a savior to save them from the larger Roman party, Assyrian party, etc.

John the Baptist was such a right-wing propagandist. Jesus comes to him and signs up to the God Party via baptism with the goal of making the God Party the ruling party against the dominant oligarchic-Pharisees-party (money-changers-at-temples) which was a vassal for the Roman party. John gives Jesus the pseudonym Son of God.

Left-wing Jesus

After John dies, the resources of the God Party transfer to Jesus who chooses popular left-wing policies to gain followers. He miraculously feeds 5,000 people (dole-outs), changes water to wine, and heals the sick (free healthcare)

The leadership transfers to Jesus via ’transfiguration'.

With his resources and leadership secured, he enters Jerusalem and publicly debates and shames the ruling Pharisees-party and employs fear-tactics as the Second Coming of the God Party as its Restoration.

After securing public opinion, Jesus plans a coup by asking Judas to ‘arrest’ him so that he could have a meeting with Herod (leader of the Pro-Rome party) and Pilate (a jurist for Rome) to overthrow Caiaphas (the leader of the Pharisees-party) on the spot. After spending time in the Pharisees headquarters, Judas realizes that Jesus’ plan is doomed from the beginning and kills himself.

Jesus talks to Pilate and Herod. He gets both of them to agree with him as planned, but the Pharisees use their trump card – their connection with the Emperor who is the boss of Herod and Pilate. This totally turns the tables against Jesus and the God Party:

If you set him free then you are not the Emperor's friend! The only king is the Emperor! John 19:12

From that point, the Jesus-plan goes downhill. Jesus quits, and his branch of the God Party becomes reduced into a mere propaganda movement under Paul who lobbies the Roman provinces (Letters to the Romans) for better policies towards the Jews. The leadership of the God Party transfers to the Jewish Revolution.

Right-wing Islam

In the end, it was another right-wing party called Islam** and its leader Prophet Mohammad that freed the Jews from the Roman Party (Byzantines). He bashes the Jewish leaders for not getting the God-politics right. He:

  • rebrands ‘God’ as ‘Allah’
  • creates a whole system of laws called Shariah

If the Torah is Judaism 1.0 and Christianity is Judaism 2.0, then Islam is Judaism 3.0 which is actually successful even to this day.

The main difference is that Jesus used left-wing tools such as mass gatherings and social amelioration (healing, free food and wine) to get his popular base, while the Prophet Mohammad used military conquest, taxation (jizya zakat), and jurisprudence, which are traditional right-wing tools.

Jesus was correct to employ the popular strategy to defeat the Pharisee-oligarchs because populists naturally defeat oligarchs. But the Pharisees tapped the Emperor, as the biggest militant (tyrant) in the world, which naturally defeated Jesus (since militant-tyrants naturally defeat populist-democrats).

A Possible Solution

Jesus could have counterattacked by saying what happens in Jerusalem stays in Jerusalem: The removal of the Pharisees would improve tax collection and even benefit the emperor in the long run.


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