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June 28, 2021

We’ve started the long process of building a textbook, which actually is supposed to be a user’s manual for the developers and operators of our proposed economic system called the Pantry Points .

After we discovered the four laws of value, it became irresistable how we could organize all of Pantrynomics elegantly under them. Every concept in economics, from econometrics, open market operations, supply and demand, taxation, etc, can be put under four huge headings! Those four headings can then be put under our universal equation E = Gl

Here is the suggested outline:

Part 1 The Metaphysics Of Value and Society
The Four Laws of Value This part links to Material Superphysics as the Four laws of Thermodynamics
The Soul of Society This part links to Social Superphysics as the wave of society
The Four Social Cycles
_ Division of Labor
_ Liberal vs Austere
Part 2 Value and Society
First Law of Value
_ Useful Value and Nominal Exchangeable Value
_ The Demand model (Effective, Absolute)
_ Consumption Motive
_ Demand inflation, Demand deflation
Second Law of Value
_ Real Price
_ The Invisible Hand of the Tao
_ Core competency and Natural advantage
_ The Effort Theory of Value vs Labor Theory of Value vs Maringal Pricing
_ Primary arbitrage and wholesale
_ The Supply Model
_ Cost curves: Variable cost, Total cost, etc
_ Stores of Value: Money, Goods, Grains
_ Business organizations
_ Capitals: Consumables vs Capitals, Fixed, Circulating
_ The Force of Capital
Third Law of Value
_ Market Price
_ Secondary arbitrage and retail
_ Tools of Trade (Nominal Value Instruments, Crypto)
_ Four revenues: rent, wages, profits, donations
_ The Money-System
_ Central banking wholesaler (Money Supply, Monetary Policy, World bank IMF ADB)
_ The Financial System retailer (Bonds, Clearing Fund, Banking and Insurance, Financial Markets, Investment banks)
_ International Trade (Forex, Incoterms, GATT, Letter of Credit, International Finance, International Law)
_ Systems (WTO, Pool clearing, IMF-World Bank-ADB as international money retailers)
Fourth Law of Value
_ Natural Price
_ Economic balance metrics: GDP, Purchasing power, DCTI Tool
Part 3: The Governance of the Value in Society Topics
Duties Branches as Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Resource
Expenses Defense, police, fire, rescue
_ Infrastructure
_ Healthcare Policy (National vs Private healthcare and insurance)
_ Education Policy
_ Fiscal Policy
Revenue Taxation, Tax returns, Points-based taxation
Regional ASEAN, EU, APEC, etc.
Part 4: Economic thought Topics (How human creatures have thought of the four laws of value)
History (timeline) Feudalism for landlords
_ Mercantilism for merchants
_ Capitalism for manufacturers
_ Communism for workers
Divisions of Precrisis Economics Micro, macro, behavioral, welfare, development, etc
Future Artificial intelligence and Extraplanetary pantrynomics – how to autoamte value-creation and spread it throughout the universe


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