Chapter 6 of Lectures on Jurisprudence Part 3

The Division Of Labour Must Be Proportional To The Extent Of Commerce Icon

September 25, 2015

The division of labour must always be proportioned to the extent of commerce.

If 10 people only want a certain commodity, its manufacture will never be as divided as one that had 1,000 wanting it.

The division of labour always becomes more perfect by the easy method of transportation in a country. The progress of commerce must be stopped if the road=

  • is infested with robbers, and
  • is deep and transportation is not easy.

Since the mending of roads in England 40 or 50 years ago, its opulence has extremely increased.

Water transportation is another convenience. Through it, 300 tons can be transported at the expense of=

  • the tear and wear of the vessel, and
  • the wages of five or six men.

It can be done in a shorter time than by 100 wagons which will take six horses and a man each.

Thus, the division of labour is the great cause of the increase of public opulence. The public opulence is always proportioned to the people’s industry and not to the amount of gold and silver, as is foolishly imagined. The people’s industry is always proportioned to the division of labour.

Next we will consider=

  • how do the price of commodities come about
  • money in two different views, as the measure of value and as the tool of trade
  • the causes of the slow progress of opulence in ancient and modern times which affect either agriculture or arts and manufactures
  • the effects of a commercial spirit, on the government, temper, and manners of a people, whether good or bad, and the proper remedies


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