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January 31, 2022


If one suffers from a discharge without any reason or provocation, it is called “leuccorrheoa.”


If the discharge is yellowish, reddish, blackish or foamy; or if it resembles the water in which meat has just been washed, it is called “bloody leucorrhoea.” And if the discharge is whitish, it is called “white leucorrhoea.” White leucorrhoea is very common.


  1. Abortion or miscarriage;
  2. Constipation;
  3. Too many medicines or injections;
  4. Excessive sexual intercourse; and
  5. Anaemia.

If a woman suffers from anaemia for whatever reason, the organs of the body become incapable of supplying an adequate amount of blood to the uterus. In such a case, the inadequate supply of blood get mixed with other fluids of the body, turns whitish, and is flushed out of the uterus – and the woman suffers from white leucorrhoea.

Abortions and miscarriages also make women anaemic and cause leucorrhoea.

Similarly, too much administration of medicines and injections weakens the blood, and leucorrheoa is the result.

Excessive sexual intercourse invites constipation, which pollutes the blood and brings on acidity, and this causes leucorrhoea. Virgins with the unnatural habit of masturbation invite a similar reaction, and leucorrhoea may occur.

When both the liver and pancreas become weak, the blood will show an increase in acidity, and generally blood leucorrhoea occurs. In bloody leucorrhoea, unlike white leucorrhoea the patient may not be suffering from anaemia, but her blood will be more polluted.

If due to ignorance adolescent girls and unmarried women leave the vagina unclean, they suffer from a certain type of discharge. This discharge is not actually leucorrhoea; it should be considered an ordinary discharge. However, if care is not taken in good time, it may turn into incurable leucorrhoea later on.

In all types of menstrual trouble – dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea or any other female disease – a woman should not practise ásanas or mudrás during her menstrual period. Instead, she should perform práńáyáma only.


Same as for abnormal menstruation.

Dos and don’ts

Of the many causes of this disease, the main cause is unrestricted sexual activity. So for those who want to be cured, control over sexual activity – by both husband and wife – is necessary. Anaemia is the root cause of white leucorrhoea, so the patient should make a special point of taking easily-digestible and nutritious food. If the patient cannot tolerate milk, she should take curd-water or coconut milk, instead.

For adolescent girls suffering from abnormal discharges, attention should be given to the maintenance of their personal hygiene, together with the practice of ásanas and mudrás. Leucorrhoea occurs if contaminated matter gets a chance to accumulate inside the genital organ. So both males and females should use water after urinating. Adolescent girls suffering from this disease should wash internally either with soap and water or with water which has been boiled with neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) leaves. The fingernails should be cut short, otherwise women may injure themselves internally. Unmarried women should strictly avoid the habit of masturbation.


  1. Grind 4 red China-roses (Tamarix aphylla Karst.) in the water in which rice has been cooked. If taken in 1/2 tola quantity every day during the menstrual period, this will cure all kinds of menstrual troubles.
  2. Ashokakśiira [see Remedy 1 for dysmenorrhoea (cramps) above] gives good results with all menstrual troubles.
  3. Take the root of white ákanda and grind it in the raw milk of a black cow on a Sunday. The patient should drink 1/4 tola of the preparation every day during menstruation. This will give good results.