Chapter 2

Subtilification (Pratisaiṋcara)


The essence of all physical and metaphysical diversities is the Supreme One – the noumenal cause of this phenomenal world.

There are 5 fundamental layers of this phenomenal world:

  1. kśiti (solid)
  2. ap (liquid)
  3. tejas (luminous)
  4. marut (aerial)
  5. vyoma (ethereal)

These are physical for the microcosm, but mental for the Macrocosm.

Crudification (saiṋcara or saḿkrama) is:

  • the transformation or metamorphosis of the One into these layers.
  • a process of analysis.

In this analytical movement, the infinite Macrocosmic Entity gets transformed into innumerable finite entities.

The supreme witnessing counterpart of all these finite entities remains the same as that of the Macrocosm.

The Supreme Subject is the prime cause of all these objects. As the witnessing entity, It is the multiple of all the multiplicities.

Subtilification (Pratisaiṋcara)

Subtilification is:

  • the movement from these multiplicities towards the supreme multiple
  • a synthetic movement
  • centre-seeking or introversial
  • the movement from the crude towards the subtle.

It has its culminating point in the Macrocosmic Nucleus.

This is not just the reversal of crudification. If it were, then subtilification would:

  • conflict with crudification and
  • disturb the equilibrium of the creative spirit.

The static principle creates external pressure.

  • This results in the creation of the unifying and divisive forces .

These 2 belligerent forces create a resultant unification or division internally or externally of the physical structure.

Whenever and wherever the resultant unifier predominates:

  • the structural solidarity of the physical body is properly maintained
  • the coordinated unifying forces are known as vital energy.

This vital energy is a blind force and has no intellect.

  • Its prime cause is the static force.


Aside from creating vital energy, the external static pressure, from the constant fight between the unifying and divisive forces, also creates mind.

As a result of the clash, portions of the physical body get powdered down, transformed into something subtler than the 5 fundamental layers, as “unit mind” or “microcosm”.

This mind arises as a chemical reaction of physical clash within the unit structure.

  • This is because its physical body itself is a creation of the Cosmic Mindstuff.
  • This Cosmic Mindstuff keeps the subtler Identity-layer and the Ego-layer as its dormant aspects.

The first stages of the creation of mind is thus from natural (external-static-pressure) physical chemical reactions where vital energy is present.

  • These first minds are made up of mere mindstuff, without ego (Ego-layer)
  • Without ego, the blind vital energy cannot cause the physical structure to act.

Most of the minds of undeveloped creatures and plants are made of mindstuff.

After the expression of ego in a later stage of psychic evolution, active-identity and pure identity are created.

  • The active-identity leads to the intellect
  • The pure identity leads to supra-physicality

The unit mind has the same properties as the Cosmic Mind.

  • Both have intellectual and supra-physical value.
  • This intellectual unit mind controls the blind vital energy of the unit structure to do physical activities.

Thus, vital energy and the mind working together maintain the structural solidarity in this divine march of subtilification.

Life = Vital energy + Unit Mind

This is how mind is a creation of matter.

This view is also supported by the materialistic schools of thought. But materialist philosophers fail to explain further, as they fail to explain the rudimental cause of the matter.

Our philosophy penetrates deeper into the ultimate cause of all the manifested effects. Matter is the metamorphosed form of The Macrocosmic Nucleus.

Thus, as a result of clash within the material structure, a subtle base is created.

  • This in turn leads to the formation of crude mind or unit mindstuff, which has neither ego nor self-identity.

Within the unit living structure, the vital energy transmits its own wavelength just as the unit mind transmits its own.

The parallelism of these waves leads to the cooperative functioning which the living being uses as it goes through subtilification.

In the initial stage of mind-creation, living structures have an underdeveloped ego.

  • This prevents them from functioning independently.
  • They work according to the ego or will of the Macrocosmic Identity.

Macrocosm’s applied will gives momentum to the crude mind.

  • It supplies requisite force to move along subtilification.

On the path of subtilification, the attraction to the Nucleus (Vidyámáyá) increases.

  • The unit mindstuff then marches towards the Macrocosmic Nucleus.

Biologically, this means that life evolved from organic matter.

  • It is gradually transformed into higher and higher species, such as animals, vertebrates, mammals, etc.

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