Chapter 1e

Vital Energy (Pranah)


In Sanskrit, this vital energy is always plural because it is a collection of 10 important forces (váyus) with 5 working internally, and 5 working externally of the physical structure.

Internal Vayu Jurisdiction Function
Práńa navel point to the vocal cord inhalation and exhalation
Apána anus to the navel point controls the movement of urine and stool
Samána navel maintains adjustment between práńa and apána
Udána throat controls the vocal cord and the voice
Vyána regulates blood circulation and the afferent and efferent nerves


A physical deficiency or defect in any portion of the body results in the weakening of práńa and apána.

  • Samána may become unable to maintain adjustment between práńa and apána
  • This causes a vehement fight in:
    • in the navel area and
    • in the vocal cord.

In physiology, this is called “navel breathing” (nábhishvása).

When samána loses its vitality, all the 3 váyus – práńa, apána and samána – are transformed into one and strike udána.

  • When udána loses its separate identity, vyána also comes in contact with their collective force
  • All the internal váyus becomes one
  • These move throughout the physical body with great force and strike at every delicate point for an outlet.
  • The combined váyus pass out of the physical structure
  • They take with them all the external váyus, except dhanaiṋjaya.
External Vayu Jurisdiction Function
Nága (serpent) allows jumping, extending the body, throwing an object
Kúrma (tortoise) allows contraction
Krkara yawning
Devadatta responsible for thirst and hunger
Dhanaiṋjaya causes sleep and drowsiness (tandrá)

Dhanaiṋjaya causes sleep.

  • And so to cause the deep sleep of death, dhanaiṋjaya remains in the body even after all the váyus have left.

When the dead body is burnt or gets totally decayed, dhanaiṋjaya leaves the body and remains in the Cosmos to act again according to the will of the Principle of Activity.

The loss in the parallelism of physical and mental waves causes death.

  • The physical cause of death is the passing away of the 9 vayus (10 minus dhanaiṋjaya) into eternal space.
  • The psychic waves, finding no proper adjustment with the physical waves, also dissociate and pass into eternal space.

The universal law of of Activity mandates that every force must have its expression.

  • The detached mental body possesses the unexpressed momentum of its previous lives.
  • It is the duty of the Cosmic mutative force to provide it a proper physical parallelism for due expression by making the dissociated mind penetrate into a subtle physical structure.
  • This dissociated mind’s unit consciousness or atman is still witnesses this state of inaction

Structural Dissociation [Big Bang] from the Lack of Vital Energy

Structural Dissociation (jadasphota) happens when celestial bodies lose vital energy. This can be:

  • instantaneous, or
  • gradual

Instantaneous structural dissociation happens when static Activity continues exerting static pressure on a lifeless unit structure.

  • This compresses the solid body until it creates a tremendous reaction within the physical body affecting both the unifying and divisive forces.
  • In Physics, this is called a supernova.

In a living celestial body, the existing congenial environment will convert energy into vital energy.

  • This eliminates the chance of dissociation.

Gradual structural dissociation happens when a living celestial body has divisive energy permeating some of its spaces.

Both instantaneous and gradual dissociation converts the celestial body back into the component 5 fundamental layers.

Reverse-Crudification (Negative Saincara)

Reverse-Crudification is the retracing back in Crudification.

In this process, the component layers cannot dissociate subtler than the ethereal, as that would mean the Ego-Layer withdrawing its active thought-projection.

  • This withdrawal would mean suspension of the Cosmic Mind or the cessation of Macrocosmic activity or the end of creation.

Dissociation is not an end of thought.

  • It is a stirring up of the thought-waves due to excessive pressure of static Activity.

The dissociation creates new identities as the 5 fundamental factors.

In this way, the journey of evolution continues eternally according to the divine urge of the Macrocosm. There is no chance of the thermal death of the universe.

27 May 1959, Jamalpur


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