Borrowing And Other Miscellaneous Powers

January 27, 2022


The Bank shall have the power to=

  1. Borrow funds in member countries or elsewhere, and in this connection to furnish such collateral or other security therefore as the Bank shall determine, provided always that=
  • a) before making a sale of its obligations in the territory of a country, the Bank shall have obtained its approval
  • b) where the obligations of the Bank are to be denominated in the currency of a member, the bank shall have obtained its approval
  • c) the Bank shall obtain the approval of the countries referred to in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) of this paragraph that the proceeds may be exchanged for the currency of any member without restriction; and
  • d) before determining to sell its obligations in a particular country, the Bank shall consider the amount of previous borrowing, if any, in that country, the amount of previous borrowing in other countries, and the possible availability of funds in such other countries; and shall give due regard to the general principle that its borrowings should to the greatest extent possible be diversified as to country of borrowing.
  1. buy and sell securities the Bank has issued or guaranteed or in which it has invested, provided always that it shall have obtained the approval of any country in whose territory the securities are to be bought or sold;

  2. guarantee securities in which it has invested in order to facilitate their sale;

  3. underwrite, or participate in the underwriting of, securities issued by any entity or enterprise for purposes consistent with the purpose of the Bank;

  4. invest funds, not needed in its operations, in the territories of members in such obligations of members or nationals thereof as it may determine, and invest funds held by the Bank for pensions or similar purposes in the territories of members in marketable securities issued by members or nationals thereof

  5. provide technical advice and assistance which serve its purpose and come within its functions, and where expenditures incurred in furnishing such services are not reimbursable, charge the net income of the Bank therewith; in the first five (5) years of its operations, the Bank may use up to 2% of its paid-in capital for furnishing such services on a non-reimbursable basis, and (vii) exercise such other powers and establish such rules and regulations as may be necessary or appropriate in furtherance of its purpose and functions, consistent with the provisions of this Agreement.

Article 22


Every security issued or guaranteed by the Bank shall bear on its face a conspicuous statement to the effect that it is not an obligation of any Government, unless it is in fact the obligation of a particular Government, in which case it shall so state.