Chapter 62-63

Achieving the Tao Icon

September 17, 2021

Chapter 62: The Reward of the Tao or True Nature

1 The Tao or True Nature has, of all things, the most honoured place.

2 Its admirable words can purchase honour. Its admirable deeds can raise their performer above others. Even men who are not good are not abandoned by It.

2 The offering of symbols of rank to the sovereign, who occupies his place as the Son of Heaven, might be so big as to fill both hands. But it would not be equal to a lesson of this Tao which one might present on his knees.

4 Why did the ancients prize this Tao or True Nature so much?

This is because:

  • it could be got by seeking for it
  • the guilty could escape from the stain of their guilt by it

This is the reason why all under heaven consider it the most valuable thing.

Chapter 63: Being In-sync with the Tao

1 It is the way of the Tao or True Nature:

  • to act without thinking of acting
  • to conduct affairs without feeling the trouble of them
  • to taste without discerning any flavour
  • to consider what is small as great, and a few as many; and
  • to recompense injury with kindness.

2 The master of one’s True Nature:

  • anticipates things that are difficult while they are easy
  • does things that would become great while they are small.

All difficult things in the world started out as easy things. All great things started out small.

Therefore, the sage never does what is great. But he is able on that account to accomplish the greatest things.

3 He who makes promises lightly is sure to keep but little faith.

He who is continually thinking that things are easy is sure to find them difficult.

Therefore the sage sees difficulty even in what seems easy, and so never has any difficulties.