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66 I will be dealing with weather, because everything else is uncertain. An early spring in southern parts causes premature budding of trees, and those buds, still tender, will be damaged by the arrival of harsh March.

In our climate, trees do not sprout usually at that time, due to usual cold and northern wind. The spring is favourable for the fruits of Earth, but, as it was already stated, there is a danger on May 10, 11 and 12.

There is a threat for blooming grapevine in June, and subsequently, during July, damages will result in various places, either from excessive humidity or hailstorms. August, September and October seem to be favourable for grapes until their harvest, and likewise the grain. Nevertheless, there may be danger around September 20.

67 As for illnesses, there is a fact that disturbances in the air will influence adversely our bodies, which is undoubtedly generally known among physicians. Thus, when a changeable winter is foreseen, many illnesses will occur, especially at the beginning of March and May.

Unfortunately it seems that also the summer will be unstable, and the forecoming autumn will be very bad due to Saturn/Mars conjunction.

Many autumnal illnesses and epidemics will occur in places where the noxious wind will carry them, especially if we take into consideration also the eclipses described above. Generally spoken, the days which I mentioned to be adversely afflicted by numerous aspects will also provoke illnesses in susceptible people, and those who are already ill will get worse.

If, however, some person is already ill, or if his bodily fluids contain something bad, then obviously it is not possible to disregard the configurations of Moon with other planets, especially with the Sun, as I did by now.

As the lunar aspects influence bodily fluids, I don´t want to deny that it is useful to take them into consideration in practicing medicine.

If possible, a physician should be very careful in dealing with weakened patients when the Moon has powerful aspects. Any aspect, then, is naturally purifying per se. And thus, if there´s a need of intense purification, we should choose strong configurations.

Actually, the core of all crises depends on the course of Moon and its configurations with planets, and it is useless to search for causes elsewhere.

68 Should we deal with that what I called foundation with regard to the harmony of the soul with celestial configurations, the astrologer does indeed have a word in political matters and in war.

Because with strong aspects effective, any sort of thinking is naturally active and pleasant for their work, and most of all, when the actual strong aspect is congenial with something in the individual´s horoscope.

Such a sympathy in sense of bodily temperament, and likewise the celestial influence to the air, does not exert influence upon thetemperament of the body or spirit, but on the contrary, the spirit itself has a relationship with heaven, because it has a similar relationship with the light and harmony, and afterwards it transforms the body.

As the man is a sociable creature, people unite at the greatest degree for public work, when the rays of planets in heaven work geometrically together properly. However, the matters unfold much better when the natal charts of those who govern public fates are in harmony with heavens.

69 It is silly to look for details in daily aspects, and similarly, to search for it in the calendar.

That what I stated for meteorology should also be proclaimed here as truth: from astrology, one may demand nothing more than some extent of an impulse for the soul. This, in given case, depends on the simplest exercise of the will by the statemen, the will which creates in the image of God, not off the sources of nature and other causes.

Therefore, should there be peace or war in some region shall be decided by those who are skilled in state matters and who possess the faculty of prediction in an extent no less than an astrologer. Although the politicians have their rules and their own speak, they are influenced by heavens, too.

Should there will be war in some region, then the soul (thoughts, mind) of the soldiers and commanders will be wery well prepared to stratagems, fight, battles and other war actions in following days: January 12; February 5, 14, 24; March 5, 14; April 5, 25; May 4, 12, 31; June 9, 21; July 8, 13, 19; August 1, 9, 15, 25, 30; September 20, 27; October 3; November 5, 18, 30; December 25. This has been proven by experience.

70 Nevertheless, it seems that the vast, perceptible new earthquakes are not indicated by omens from heavens, because Saturn and Jupiter do not configure this year, as the configurations of these two planets are one of main causes and omens of great quakes. Moreover, there are some specifically terrestrial factors, the foresight of which rightfully does not concern astrologers.

Let´s have a look on the earthquake which during last September, 1601, strongly shook the region along the Rhine and surroundings.

Some people say that it was felt even in Insumbria (Insumbria – region around Milano, Italy). I consider it not from the point of view of astrology, for the earthquake is not solely the matter of stars, but from the point of view of the experience of the world, which show that activities and thoughts of armed men usually come along with the earthquake.

71 In 1602, we can mention the main four aspects which have an extraordinary significance:

an eclipse of the Sun on 3°Capricorn, sextile Saturn/stationary Mars during January and February, and then again in June, conjunction Jupiter/Mars in the end of July and conjunction Saturn/Mars in September. At first, it is proven by experience that under those two conjunctions, human souls are usually stunned, scared or excited in expectation of revolts – this happens when great crowds of men gather in one place. This has great significance either for big achievements, or for destruction, as war experience shows. The disaster of Erlau, when Turks conquered Eger, took place in 1596, under opposition Jupiter/Mars. The St. Bartholomew massacre happened under conjunction Saturn/Mars, moreover in Scorpio, in 1572.

I could actually consider useful for monarchs and sovereigns to occupy themselves with astrology from this point of view. For to rule over the crowds, a skill is needful, as well as knowledge of matters which usually agitate the minds.

Thus, should they prefer to keep peace and quiet in some place, or if an insurrection may be feared somewhere, no gatherings should take place in August and in September; and should any gathering will be held, it should be dispersed, and of course the causes which agitate minds should be very quickly removed, or else, the thoughts of people should be attracted to something new.

However, if there is a need of some bold action, the undertaking of which raises fear, it should be done in August; but if the soul is fearless and ready, let it be in September.

Yet if the enemy dares to try something during these months, it will be important to prevent the fear of people by appropriate means. And if we also do have such means, and if those means will be used, the events are not absolutely predestined, as it has been clearly shown during last year.

72 In the second place, the reliability and esteem of a commander have great importance for an army, because every victory depends on the driving force of leading spirit. Thus, when a commander is held in contempt due to some affliction caused by his natal chart, it will contribute to a sense of danger in his army and as well as it influences the chances of war. Accordingly, under conjunction Venus/Mars at sunrise in Poland, and when the eclipse of the Sun was strongest in Moscow and in Poland which was in war already, I think that those indications portend defeat of Poland in this war. Yet if some commander should transmute such an impulse with his own activity, he will win. But if he strenghtens peace in the meantime, there is absolutely no danger from heavens.Thesis 73

Thirdly, our fatherland will be affected not only by constellations mentioned above, but of course also by purely terrestrial causes in some places, for instance – although the Sun is shining to the world and warms it, the harvest cannot be expected if there were no seeding.

Due to the eclipse of the Sun which will be visible in Gaul and Spain, we expect earthquake or something extraordinary in Swabia, Switzerland, northern Italy and neighboring Gaul (France).


I added aforementioned sextile to the Jupiter/Mars conjunction, because those aspects have reference to natal charts of certain politicians.

They will be dilligent this year, but should they be happy or unhappy, it will depend on their innate will (and also on God).

However, the hot planet Mars, if not too strong, may affect the character, because it moves towards the sign of Virgo; and when it will oppose the Sun in March, it will affect their natal charts.


I know that out of conjunction Jupiter/Mars, which will occur at 17°Libra, the astrologers use to predict death of some important war leader, especially if some planet in natal chart stays in particular degree of the sign of Libra.

In fear that it will prove to be correct – as if heavens would have the power to exterminate people – it could be explained in various different ways. In fact, the significance is that this aspect is intense per se and it belongs to planets where experience proved to be usually found in important families.

The most of agitations of body or mind or transition to new position will occur when heavens correspond with natal chart of a person. Then it happens that some well-known persons act in correspondence with those aspect, and other ones do not. Between such a great number of people, certainly someone will be born under such aspects.

But the aforementioned impulse, although it can bring about undoing of the subject prone to illness, also elevates the strenghth necessary for big achievements and gallantry. It depends on age of the person.

Those circumstances may manifest in different persons this year, but it is not absolutely necessary.


I took into account these theses, which I stated and maintained upon physical basis with regard to principles of astrology and the forthcoming year 1602. Should the professors of physics acknowledge these theses to be worthy of attention, and should they let me know about their objections for the sake of finding out the truth, I will respond to them, should it be God´s will, in prognosis for next year. I invite to this polemic all who use to philosophise in earnest.

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