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The Mood of the Earth

by Johannes Kepler Icon

45 The situation mentioned above can help us to understand another fact, the cause of which was not known before, and the ignorance of this cause may hinder astrological predictions.

There are periods of such a humid disposition in a man that cause bad mood without evident reason, when nothing pleasant can help him to escape from sad thoughts.

On the contrary, there are periods when a man is happy even without music.

Similarly, I see that in accordance with aspects do exist other dispositions, stronger and of longer duration, which cause for instance a big humidity and cold during some period of lack of aspects, may it be the whole year.

In such a year, we can observe that when even the slightest aspects occur, they provoke abundance of rains and cold, as it happened this year, 1601.

On the contrary, during another year such a drought may happen, that in days when aspects occur, only a small clouds or fume appear instead of vapour, as it was in 1599.

46 I refrain from reflections upon the issue, what kind of manifestations of diversities come from eclipses of Sun and Moon.

It could be, that the same vital capability or the soul of Earth, which I already mentioned many times, is strongly disturbed by the sudden loss of light, and that it is exposed to the influence of long duration, which Theophrast, who never made things up, probably have felt. If you decide to reject all physical causes and toassign this regular natural occurence to extraordinary God´s providence, you will not be able to explain, why eclipses are so foreboding.

Paracelsus (born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, 1493-1541)

47 The Earth reacts in the same way as living creatures do, regardless of their mortality.

The Earth has, due to some inner disposition, its period of humidity or something similar to a disease.

If so, the rules and intervals of such a period could be examined through comparison of many years´ observation, an observation which has not been done yet.

Caesius attributes the influence to nineteen years long cycle of the Moon, which we cannot generally deny. The sailors also witness that the highest tides occur repeatedly every nineteen years and in the same days of the year, and that the Moon is predestined to rule over the humidity.

The Moon is capable of such an influence.

Jansenius Caesius (Willem Janzsoon Blaeu) 1571-1638, a disciple of Tycho Brahe Nineteen years long period of the changes of declination of the Moon The picture shows ten ninety-years long periods of changes of declination of the Moon in 190-years interval.

48 The third cause also recommends itself for its great probability.

Many disturbances in developments on the Earth, which I earlier declared to occur during an absence of aspects, may be caused by the fact that the velocities of planets get into the harmonious ratio.

In fact, should the adequate angle of rays have influence, why not also the adequate velocity of motion of two stars, provided that velocities of their motion are in certain ratio, thus one of them penetrates the same space faster and the other one slower in ratio of harmonious relationship. These relationships are in fact very variable and do not occur too frequently, for the same planet is sometimes faster, sometimes slower. But this third cause was neither confirmed by experience yet, nor any method has been established for examination of harmonies of this kind.

49 There are many astrologers who seek the most impossible reasons for assigning the main dispositions of the year by the ingres of the Sun to the sign of Aries, for the four seasons of the year by the ingres of the Sun to the cardinal signs and of the Moon to the lunar stations, as if the time wouldn´t rather be a natural part of the motion of heaven but some invariable subject, similar to a man whose natal chart we could examine with reason. As ifthe Earth would be born again in the moment of the new spring. The Earth does change by means of the aspects of the spring signs, should those occur, but not only for just one day, but also for previous and following days because of another aspects which occur in that day.

There is nothing less inappropriate in this foolish effort of some astrologers than the fact, that with a kind of childish credulity, in spite of all opinions ad philosophical reasons, they distribute seven planets into 12 houses, assigning to them the dominances and temporary changes of rulership as in human relationships. This causes all magical and astrological superstitions. Let´s admit that it may be appropriate to take into consideration such a distribution of rulerships, as in case of Saturn, to which the winter signs are attributed, but this is ascribed to other reasons.

Regarding other planets, for instance Jupiter, this brings about false results.

This superficial part of astrology has been disproved upon physical basis some time ago by the astrologer Stöffler (regardless the proof given by Pico della Mirandola, the enemy of astrology), and experience disproves it day by day for centuries, because the exact day of the equinox was not known, as proved by Tycho Brahe. Johannes Stöffler (Stöfler, Stoffler, Stoeffler) (12/10/1452 – 02/16/1531), German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, priest, producer of astronomical instruments and professor of the university of Tőbingen. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (02/24/1463-11/17/1494), Italian humanist and philosopher. Yet some astrologers still mention the ingreses of the Sun into the cardinal signs in past years, and compare their effects. I will show further on that they were wrong, and that they examined the horoscopes with similarly false methods. I will prove that it is in contradiction with observed qualities in following years.

In coming year (1602) the Sun will enter at sunset to the ascending sign of Aries on March 20th, while Jupiter will be in Libra; yet astrologers suppose, in accordance with Prussian tables, that the ascending sign will be Gemini.

Here Kepler points to the precession motion of the vernal point and to subsequent discrepancy of the old tables of starting points of the signs with real positions according to new, more accurate measurements. In that period, the main mission of astronomy was seen in drawing more and more accurate tables of motions of planets. In 1252, the so-called Alfonsian tables has been drawn, which originated in Ptolemaios´ Almagest. These bear the name of the spanish king, Alfonso X. of Castile, who sponsored the project.

Reinhold Erasmus, 10/22/1511-02/19/1553, German astronomer, professor of higher mathematics on university of Wittenberg, has drawn astronomical tables based upon the heliocentric system of Copernicus.

Prussian duke, Albert of Brandenburg, supported Reinhold and in 1551, he sponsored the print of his tables, in honour of the duke called Prutenicae Tabulae, or Prussian tables of celestial motions. These tables were more accurate than the tables derived from Almagest, but the fact that the system of Copernicus is based on circular motion of planets loaded the Prussian tables with quite a sizeable error. An appropriate accuracy occurs later, in Rudolphian tables, named in honour of the emperor Rudolf II, published by Kepler in 1627. Sun entered the sign of Aries on March 20, 1602, at 21:20 Ingreses of Jupiter to signs: 08/14/1600 08:25:17 Jupiter enters Virgo 09/13/1601 16:36:12 Jupiter enters Libra 10/14/1602 07:05:41 Jupiter enters Scorpio 11/11/1603 03:32:56 Jupiter enters Saggitarius 12/02/1604 23:46:30 Jupiter enters Capricorn For above mentioned reasons, no general meanings can be deducted from the ingres of the Sun to Aries. Jupiter will show his power on April 8, when opposite to the Sun, 04/06/1602 – 04/08/1602 Sun in Aries in opposition to Jupiter in Libra but on May 10-11, the influence of Saturn prevails over Jupiter´s, because on that day Saturn opposes the Sun. 05/08/1602 – 05/10/1602 Sun in Taurus in opposition to Saturn in Scorpio

50 Nevertheless, I cannot refuse well-known observations neither of ancient authors – Hésiodos, Strates, Virgilius, Plautos – nor those of modern peasants, who, having observed those phenomena, were able to predict the temperature of the air according to every year´s ascension of the stars and according to the phases of the Moon.

They didn´t consider those observations to be magical omens of heaven, nor the cause of future developments (diverse years have diverse omens), but just a mark of general earthly disposition, which is already present and which will last for some time. With regard to the laws ruling those time periods, I have to declare my unfamiliarity.

51 Moreover, it was recorded that this sequence of universal qualities is characterised by short periods. Thus the peasants, who know this best, when they experienced hot summer, they expected very cold winter then. Andwhen an unnatural warmth continued during certain part of winter, they expected that the last part of winter will be extraordinarily cold. Thus, at time when severe winter sets in very early, there will be, in turn, an early spring in harmony with most of aspects which occur during this season.

52 By now, I have reviewed basic principles of astrological prediction, and what is left, I will describe in predictions themselves. At first, in December, January and February a long term sextile between Mars and Saturn will occur. From 12/26/1601 06/06/1602 12/21/1602 To 02/05/1602 06/09/1602 12/24/1602 Mars Mars Mars Virgo Virgo Capricorn +sextile +sextile +sextile Saturn Saturn Saturn Scorpio Scorpio Scorpio Graphic ephemeris for year 1602

Should Mars will be stationary during that period, and Saturn obviously slow, strong disturbances and major excesses will occur in atmosphere. However, it is not easy to state how the excess will manifest itself. To understand this, it would be necessary to undertake a thorough and convincing investigation of the state of dispositions of Earth, but I could not understand the results of such an investigations by means of theories actually valid. Those dispositions are stronger than the change of activity caused by planets themselves and their special forces.

Should there were just and only this aspect (Mars sextile Saturn), I would predict extreme cold caused by lots of snow, but due to the aggregation of other aspects, and mainly due to the position of Mars which becomes stationary, I think such disturbances will occur that the air will be warmed up by hot evaporations coming from inside of Earth, so the snow will be melting and the roads will render impassable to a great extent. On January 4, conjunction of Sun and Mercury points to the snow and wind, depending on to which extent the general disposition will permit. On January 10 and 11, six very strong aspects will occur, the warmth and rain will mix up with snow.

Towards the end of the month, the old aspects will weaken, whereas the new aspect, a quintile between Jupiter and Venus on January 21, will cause windy and warm weather, as much as the winter will allow. On January 24, a quintile between Saturn and Sun will cause cold weather with snow or rain. On January 28, a sesquiquartile of Mars and Sun will occur; it indicates sharp winter with blasts of strong wind and snow according to common condition. Therefore, those who intend to investigate new aspects should pay attention to those days.Further on, we show exact constellations for particular months, which can differ from those of Kepler.

date 01/01/1602 01/04/1602 01/10/1602 01/11/1602 01/11/1602 01/11/1602 01/11/1602 01/21/1602 01/23/1602 01/26/1602 01/30/1602 CET 23:39:33 19:27:02 08:59:02 07:31:08 11:40:57 12:05:28 15:11:48 19:43:06 00:48:56 17:08:14 17:45:26 planet Mars Sun Sun Sun Venus Sun Venus Venus Sun Sun Mars VIR CAP CAP CAP SAG CAP SAG CAP AQU AQU VIR sign 19 19 14 21 20 01 20 58 21 00 21 10 21 11 03 48 02 54 06 38 21 19 49 28 31 53 15 32 07 50 23 41 53 aspect +sextile conjunction -sextile -trine -square -square -sextile -quintile -quintile -trioctile +sextile planet Saturn Mercury Saturn Mars Mars Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Saturn Mars Saturn sign 19 19 14 21 20 01 20 58 21 00 21 10 21 11 21 48 20 54 21 38 21 19 SCO CAP SCO VIR VIR LIB LIB LIB SCO VIR SCO 49 28 31 53 15 32 07 50 23 41 53

53 Many old and new aspects will occur in February.

Conjunction Venus/Mercury, in principle, brings about atmospherical disturbances. As stated above, the nature of these planets is in contrast with the nature of Saturn and Mars. The contrast may be enhanced by the fact that the distance of Venus and Mercury, who have almost the same course, grows very slowly, and therefore their influence is of big effect. Surely the storms can also occur. From February 11 to 23, there will be no calm days. Thus, it will either snow a great deal, when winter will come back on February 11 together with square between Saturn and Sun, or it will rain a lot, if, as I rather believe, the warm weather continues.

date 02/03/1602 02/03/1602 02/04/1602 02/04/1602 02/04/1602 02/05/1602 02/05/1602 02/05/1602 02/10/1602 02/11/1602 02/13/1602 02/13/1602 02/14/1602 02/15/1602 02/18/1602 02/20/1602 02/25/1602 02/25/1602 02/25/1602 CET 00:08:47 18:24:09 01:40:24 10:13:00 16:49:53 03:06:38 04:14:49 14:31:56 15:56:55 00:11:46 13:04:37 16:16:07 14:57:31 01:18:03 12:46:50 09:19:34 01:25:56 08:21:50 08:45:25 planet Venus Sun Mercury Venus Mercury Venus Mercury Venus Sun Sun Mercury Mercury Venus Venus Mercury Venus Mercury Mercury Sun CAP AQU CAP CAP CAP CAP CAP CAP AQU AQU AQU AQU AQU AQU AQU AQU AQU AQU PIS sign 19 26 14 48 20 45 20 42 21 33 21 34 22 09 22 09 21 46 22 07 03 40 03 51 03 21 03 54 11 09 10 31 21 35 22 03 06 34 17 24 32 03 26 30 55 57 36 24 18 56 57 04 15 40 13 56 07 aspect conjunction -biquintile -trine -trine -sextile -sextile -square -square -square -trine -trioctile -quintile -trioctile -quintile -biquintile -biquintile -trine -square -trioctile planet Mercury Mars Mars Mars Saturn Saturn Jupiter Jupiter Saturn Jupiter Mars Saturn Mars Saturn Mars Mars Jupiter Saturn Jupiter CAP VIR VIR VIR SCO SCO LIB LIB SCO LIB VIR SCO VIR SCO VIR VIR LIB SCO LIB sign 18 56 20 48 20 45 20 42 21 33 21 34 22 09 22 09 21 46 22 07 18 40 21 51 18 21 21 54 17 09 16 31 21 35 22 03 21 34 17 24 32 03 26 30 55 57 36 24 18 56 57 04 15 40 13 56 07

54 In February, there are twenty-one aspects between six planets, and there´s no reason to include the Moon aspects, as they change very quickly. In March, there are twenty aspects, which means that the weather will be much more tempestuous, restless and turbulent than heretofore, although it is quite unusual. During the first part of the month, thunderstorms will occur due to opposition Sun/Mars, and although due to the latitude of Mars the power would decrease, on the other side will be enhanced by the frequence of aspects.

Therefore, I predict the change from hitherto unnatural warmth to the cold of winter on March 13; cold wind and snow with rain will follow. According to our calculations, February has 19 and March 22 aspects; the total sum fits perfectly. date 03/01/1602 03/01/1602 03/03/1602 03/05/1602 03/05/1602 03/07/1602 03/09/1602 03/10/1602 03/12/1602 03/12/1602 CET 02:00:00 16:36:36 05:34:39 09:22:36 18:13:22 21:47:51 09:40:21 00:44:38 09:32:45 19:10:04 planet Venus Venus Sun Mercury Sun Mercury Mars Mercury Venus Sun sign AQU AQU PIS PIS PIS PIS VIR PIS PIS PIS 21 22 12 05 14 10 10 14 05 21 19 04 26 59 57 36 01 35 21 58 30 50 32 45 56 23 44 20 43 30 aspect -trine -square opposition -trioctile -biquintile opposition +quintile -biquintile -trioctile -trine planet Jupiter Saturn Mars Jupiter Jupiter Mars Saturn Jupiter Jupiter Saturn LIB SCO VIR LIB LIB VIR SCO LIB LIB SCO sign 21 19 22 04 12 26 20 59 20 57 10 36 22 01 20 35 20 21 21 58 30 50 32 45 56 23 44 20 43 3003/13/1602 03/14/1602 03/14/1602 03/19/1602 03/21/1602 03/23/1602 03/25/1602 03/25/1602 03/27/1602 03/27/1602 03/27/1602 03/30/1602 20:15:36 14:33:09 22:10:55 02:08:49 05:02:09 10:54:55 12:09:53 14:33:43 04:43:47 11:57:55 12:17:55 16:34:29 Mercury Venus Sun Venus Mercury Mercury Venus Mercury Mercury Sun Mercury Sun PIS PIS PIS PIS ARI ARI PIS ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI 21 08 24 13 06 11 21 15 18 06 19 09 57 06 05 39 45 18 36 36 42 31 18 40 16 03 11 31 40 33 34 21 24 49 42 28 -trine opposition conjunction -biquintile -trioctile +biquintile -trine -biquintile opposition -trioctile +trioctile +biquintile Saturn Mars Merkur Jupiter Saturn Mars Saturn Saturn Jupiter Saturn Mars Mars SCO VIR PIS LIB SCO VIR SCO SCO LIB SCO VIR VIR 21 57 16 08 06 03 24 05 11 19 21 05 21 21 18 21 04 03 39 45 18 36 36 42 31 18 40 31 40 33 34 21 24 49 42 28

55 I expect standard April, with the warm on the beginning caused by biquintile Mars/Sun, with rain approximately two days before and two days after Full Moon (04/06/1602), as at that time all planets are in aspects. The rain will continue also from April 13 to16. There will be warm then after, and on April 24, after the trine Sun/Mars, will get extraordinarily much warmer, and it will cause thunderstorms. At the end of the month, precipitations will occur again.

date 04/04/1602 04/05/1602 04/06/1602 04/07/1602 04/07/1602 04/08/1602 04/13/1602 04/14/1602 04/15/1602 04/23/1602 04/28/1602 04/30/1602 CET 13:51:18 05:36:58 04:37:18 10:42:54 19:30:08 06:03:45 03:39:26 12:58:38 09:45:46 13:52:15 14:32:03 03:02:17 planet Mercury Sun Venus Sun Sun Venus Venus Venus Venus Sun Venus Sun TAU ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI TAU TAU TAU sign 02 57 15 07 06 04 17 17 17 38 08 36 14 40 16 22 17 27 03 01 03 44 09 22 06 08 05 12 42 50 02 54 04 09 05 07 aspect +trine -biquintile -trioctile opposition +trioctile +biquintile -biquintile opposition +trioctile +trine +trine conjunction planet Mars Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Mars Saturn Jupiter Mars Mars Mars Mercury VIR SCO SCO LIB VIR VIR SCO LIB VIR VIR VIR TAU sign 02 57 21 07 21 04 17 17 02 38 02 36 20 40 16 22 02 27 03 01 03 44 09 22 06 08 05 12 42 50 02 54 04 09 05 07

In May, weather will be unpleasant, and the storms will occur during the first days of May due to the conjunction Venus/Mercury, provided that the power of this aspect will not be weakened by different latitude, which is not certain yet, inasmuch as not even the days are certain, because the calculation of Mercury´s position is not still quite accurate.

On May 10, 11 and 12, there will be cold rain, maybe snow in mountains, and unhealthy air. Should the sky will be clear, white frost also can occur. Then, a beautiful, calm and wet weather will follow, because besides the old aspects, there is one new quintile Saturn/Mars. By the end of the month, storms and precipitations will occur.

date 05/02/1602 05/07/1602 05/09/1602 05/10/1602 05/10/1602 05/11/1602 05/11/1602 05/14/1602 05/18/1602 05/19/1602 05/28/1602 05/30/1602 05/30/1602 CET 03:39:31 00:36:59 21:19:19 15:46:46 18:43:09 09:16:57 13:16:42 05:35:18 06:58:41 08:33:27 09:26:14 00:55:18 18:13:34 planet Mercury Mercury Sun Sun Venus Venus Mars Sun Venus Sun Mercury Venus Venus TAU TAU TAU TAU TAU TAU VIR TAU TAU TAU TAU GEM GEM sign 08 06 05 28 18 47 19 31 18 43 19 28 06 40 22 58 27 57 27 53 12 21 12 24 13 17 17 48 33 59 33 21 05 27 57 55 22 26 34 aspect conjunction +trine opposition +biquintile opposition +biquintile +quintile conjunction +trioctile +trioctile +trine +trine +square planet Venus Mars Saturn Jupiter Saturn Jupiter Saturn Venus Jupiter Jupiter Mars Jupiter Mars TAU VIR SCO LIB SCO LIB SCO TAU LIB LIB VIR LIB VIR sign 08 06 05 28 18 47 13 31 18 43 13 28 18 40 22 58 12 57 12 53 12 21 12 24 13 17 17 48 33 59 33 21 05 27 57 55 22 26 34

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