Part 1

The Secret Sayings of Jesus


This is the secret message of judgment Jesus spoke with Judas Iscariot over 8 days, 3 days before he celebrated Passover.

When he appeared on earth, he did signs and great wonders for the salvation of humanity. Some [walked] in the way of righteousness, but others walked in their transgression, so the twelve disciples were called. He started to tell them about the mysteries beyond the world and what would happen at the end. Often he didn’t reveal himself to his disciples, but you’d find him in their midst as a child.

Jesus Criticizes the Disciples

One day, he was with his disciples in Judea. He found them sitting together practicing their piety. When he came up to his disciples sitting together praying over the bread, he laughed.

Disciples Master, why are you laughing at [our] prayer? What have we done? [This] is what’s right."
Jesus I’m not laughing at you. You’re not doing this because you want to, but because through this your God will be praised.
Disciples Master, you […] are the Son of our God!
Jesus How do you know me? No generation of the people among you will know me.

When his disciples heard this, they started to get angry and furious and started to curse him in their hearts.

But when Jesus noticed their ignorance, he said to them


Why are you letting your anger trouble you? Has your God within you and his stars become angry with your souls?

If any of you is strong enough among humans to bring out the perfect Humanity, stand up and face me.

All of them said:

Disciples We’re strong enough.

But their spirits weren’t brave enough to stand before him – except Judas Iscariot. He was able to stand before him, but he couldn’t look him in the eye, so he looked away.

Judas I know who you are and where you’ve come from. You’ve come from the immortal realm of Barbelo, and I’m not worthy to utter the name of the one who has sent you.

Then Jesus, knowing that he was thinking about what’s exalted, said to him:

Jesus Come away from the others and I’ll tell you the mysteries of the kingdom. Not so that you’ll go there, but you’ll grieve much because someone else will replace you to complete the 12 elements before their God.
Judas When will you tell me these things? When will the great day of light dawn for the generation […]?

But when he said these things, Jesus left him.

Another Generation

The next morning, he appeared to his disciples.

Disciples Master, where did you go and what did you do when you left us?
Jesus I went to another great and holy generation.
Disciples Lord, what great generation is better and holier than us, that’s not in these realms?

Jesus laughed.

Jesus Why are you wondering in your hearts about the strong and holy generation? No one born of this realm will see that generation. No army of angels from the stars will rule over it. No person of mortal birth will be able to join it, because that generation doesn’t come from […] that has become […] the generation of the people among [them] is from the generation of the great people […] the powerful authorities who […] nor the powers […] those by which you rule.

When his disciples heard these things, they were each troubled in their spirit. They couldn’t say a thing.

The Disciples’ Vision

Another day Jesus came up to them.

Disciples Master, we’ve seen you in a dream, because we had great dreams last night.
Jesus Why […] hidden yourselves?

We saw a great house, with a great altar in it, and 12 people. They were priests – and a name.

A crowd of people was waiting at the altar until the priests finished receiving the offerings. We kept waiting too.

Some fast for 2 weeks. Others sacrifice their own children. Others their wives, praising and humbling themselves among each other.

Others sleep with men. Others murder. Yet others commit many sins and do criminal things. The people standing before the altar invoke your name! In all their sacrificing, they fill the altar with their offerings.

When they said this, [they] fell silent because they were troubled.


Why are you troubled? All the priests standing before that altar invoke my name. My name has been written on this house of the generations of the stars by the human generations. They have shamefully planted fruitless trees in my name.

You’re the ones receiving the offerings on the altar you’ve seen. That’s the God you serve, and you’re the 12 people you’ve seen.

The animals you saw brought in to be sacrificed are the crowd you lead astray before that altar.

Your minister will stand up and use my name like that, and [the] generations of the pious will be loyal to him. After him, another person will present [those who sleep around], and another those who murder children, and another those who sleep with men, and those who fast, and the rest of impurity, crime, and error.

Those who say, ‘We’re equal to the angels’ – they’re the stars that finish everything.

It’s been said to the human generations, ‘Look, God has accepted your sacrifice from the hands of priests,’ that is, the minister of error. But the Lord who commands is the Lord over everything. On the last day, they’ll be found guilty.

Jesus Stop sacrificing animals. You’ve offered them over the altar, over your stars with your angels where they’ve already been completed. So let them become […] with you and let them [become] clear.
Disciples Cleanse us from our sins that we’ve committed through the deceit of the angels.
Jesus It’s not possible […], nor [can] a fountain quench the fire of the entire inhabited world. Nor can a city’s well satisfy all the generations, except the great, stable one. A single lamp won’t illuminate all the realms, except the second generation, nor can a baker feed all creation 42 under [heaven].
Disciples Master, help us and save us!

Stop struggling against me. Each one of you has his own star, [and …] of the stars will […] what belongs to it […]

I wasn’t sent to the corruptible generation, but to the strong and incorruptible generation, because no enemy has ruled [over] that generation, nor any of the stars.

The pillar of fire will fall quickly and that generation won’t be moved by the stars.

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