Chapter 4

The Kuńd́alinii or Coiled Serpentine Icon

January 31, 2022

The kulakuńd́alinii, the “coiled serpentine”, is the theoretical negative force of the unit body.

This is why it is different for each individual.

Its fundamental negativity tends towards the final merger into Consciousness for liberation.

The sádhaná is for a psycho-physical liberation in the initial stage. Its starting-point must be in the crudest manifestation.

It must reside in that portion of the physical body from which the crudest matter (kśititattva) of the body is controlled.

The starting-point of the kulakuńd́alinii, therefore, is in the múládhára chakra.

It is fundamentally negative in character. Its starting-point is the negative-seed-of-desire-for-action-of-the-living-being.

This seed of action in the living thing is like the positive-seed-of-the-desire-of-the-Cosmic-Being.

The arena in which the kulakuńd́alinii resides is known as káma-piitha.

  • The starting-point of the fundamental positivity, that is, the kámabiija of the Cosmic Being, is on the back of Shambhúliuṋga
  • The starting-point of the fundamental negativity is on the back of Svayambhúliuṋga.

A yoga sádhaka practises the scientific method of spiritual approach with the help of this kulakuńd́alinii.

Within the self of the yoga sádhaka, the force of fundamental negativity fights out and aggressively rises up against the force of Avidyámáyá and thereby gets domination over the flow of fundamental positivity.

This path of non-compromising aggressive spirituality is the only way to ultimate oneness with Infinite Consciousness.

3 June 1959, Jamalpur


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