Affection Lines

November 20, 2021

The lines of Affection or Marriage:

  • are on the Mount of Mercury
  • run from the percussion toward the inside of the palm.

In some hands, there are none of these lines. In others, many are seen.

From time immemorial, older palmists used them to show marriage.

Their value in practice is considerable if:

  • used up to their limit, and
  • in combination.

But used by themselves, as a hard-and-fast indication of marriage, they will lead to constant error.

Marriage does not affect every subject in the same way.

Some people see marriage as performing any ordinary routine of daily life.

  • Such persons will have no Marriage lines.

Others sink their whole life and soul into a union.

  • These will have deep Marriage lines.

Using “marriage” with the lines of Affection is misleading because it does not mean a legal marriage contract.

These lines show when the subject has loved as fondly, as if he were married.

  • In such people, a line of union will appear the same as though they were married.

The lines of Affection relate only to persons of the opposite sex, and those who are in no way related to us by blood.

In every case, there must have been a profound impression made on the subject by an affection before these lines will be strong.

  • The more impressions and affections he had, the more of these lines of Affection will be seen in the hand.

The type of the subject is a great help in reading these lines, as each type has distinct views on marriage.

The Jupiterian is inclined to marriage and to marry young. In him, a line of Affection early in life will most often be correctly read as marriage.

The Saturnian dislikes marriage and does not rush into marriage.

  • This type does not naturally love his fellow-creatures
  • A most profound impression must be made on him by someone before he will enter marriage.
  • Consequently in a Saturnian, this line should be:
    • very strong
    • occur well toward middle life for it to be read as marriage.

Even when the combination of a Mount of Venus shows a Saturnian to be possessed of sexual desire, he will prefer to gratify these appetites outside of the marriage state rather than to tie himself permanently to anyone.

Apollonians desire to marry, and do so when young.

But they often make unhappy marriages because while they like brilliant partners, they do not always get them.

Lines of Affection on Apollonians will be quite safely read as marriages.

Mercurians are great matchmakers. They also marry quite young.

  • On this type, lines of Affection will very often mean marriage.

Martians are prone to marry, so with this type lines of Affection also have full meaning.

Lunarians are very peculiar about marriage, sometimes despising it, and sometimes making odd matches, and the line of Affection on this type must be excessively strong to be read as marriage.

Venusians cannot keep from marrying, even if they cared to, for they will not be allowed to remain single, because other persons are so attracted to them.

On the Venusian type it requires only a small line to mean marriage, though on this type you will generally find strong lines.

It is ridiculous to predict marriages based on each line in the Mount of Mercury.

Marriages do so much to make or to mar one’s career. This is why all information should be had for use in its general bearing on the subject’s life.

  • I introduce the lines of Affection so we can see their powerful influence on the lines of Saturn and Apollo.

The first thing to determine is whether lines of Affection is present.

  • If none is seen, your subject is not likely to be powerfully impressed by anyone.

If the subject is robust and ardent, he may have strong desires toward the opposite sex. But when these are satisfied, he relapses into indifference, until the superabundance of vitality again turns his thoughts back in the same direction.

These subjects are undemonstrative, and a defective Heart line in a hand which has no line of Affection will indicate heart disease and not affection.

If many lines of Affection are present (314) the subject is susceptible in affairs of the heart, more or less seriously so as the lines are strong or weak.

These lines of Affection are always cross-lines, and start from the outside of the hand, sometimes at the back cutting around into the Mount of Mercury.

If only a single line is seen, there will be but one deep affection.

A line beginning with a fork (315) shows that the affection is of unusual strength, the two lines of the fork having united to form a single line, producing the effect of two Currents turned into one, which thus takes on double strength.


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