Chapter 5d

Changes in the Heart Line

by William Benham Icon

Every variation in the path of the Heart line means a change in the qualities for which it stands.

  • The age and period covered by these changes may be read from the line
  • They are more or less pronounced in their effect and consequences, as these changes are slightly or definitely marked.

The starting point of the heart line shows the source of its qualities.

Where it ends shows their outcome.

If the line rises under Jupiter and ends under Saturn (39) it shows that the heart began with the right sort of affections. But it changed. The coldness and dislike of mankind of the Saturnian quickly changed the nature.

Saturnian qualities have taken possession of the affections of the subject and changed them from an ideal condition to one of indifference.

If this marking be seen, look at nails for paralysis and heart disease, at the Life line to see if a disturbance appears there, at the Line of Mercury for liver and stomach defects, and if these indications be present the life of the subject will be short - not over twenty-five years, as shown by the point where the Heart line terminates under Saturn.

If the line terminates under Apollo (40), it shows that Apollonian ideas of beauty and art strongly attract the subject, who will be unsatisfied in marriage except with an Apollonian or one approaching that type.

If with this termination the line rises on Jupiter it will give ideal love, which, added to that for the Apollonian character, makes one indeed fond of beauty, love, and grace. As one of the health defects of the Apollonian is heart disease, if the Heart line ends on this Mount, examine nails, character of the Heart line, Life line, and Mercury line, to find whether the marking does not indicate heart disease.

By remembering the health defects peculiar to the types, and the manner in which nails, color, etc., show them, you will never have any trouble in separating a character indication from a health defect. With the Heart line ending on Apollo, look out for everything bearing on heart disease, to confirm it. If health defects are not present, it indicates, not disease, but the trend of the affections.

If the line ends high on the Mount of Mercury (41), it shows that the affections are largely influenced by finances. The Mercurian shrewdness guides this Heart line, and it must always have money in sight before love is recognized. The line so terminating does not, per se, lead us to look for a health defect, as heart trouble is not a defect of the Mercurian.

It is well, however, never to omit a search in health directions, even in places where we do not expect to find them, for they sometimes take us unawares. At all times bear in mind the course a Heart line ought to travel, and remember that the Electric Current is flowing through it. Every change in its course takes this Current out of its proper channel and turns it loose at some point that was not designed to receive it.

A line like Fig. 42 shows that the Heart line has never run over its proper channel, but pours a double Current into the Head line. It operates to make the subject cold and heartless, and should be read like an absent Heart line. These people are very ambitious, as the line leads down from Jupiter, but will consider the welfare of no one when furthering their ambitions.

The line may run into the Head line farther along in its course (43). In this case the indication points in the same direction as Fig. 42, but in a modified degree, as the line of Heart runs longer before being absorbed. In 43 it is practically a Head line beginning with a fork, with the Heart line absent. In 43 there is more of the Heart line present, which produces a better effect. If the Heart line terminates on Upper Mars (44) it leaves too wide a space under the Mounts, and the affections will centre on one of the Martian type. This will cause these subjects to love ardently and with Martian brusqueness and strength.

It also produces a narrow quadrangle, and consequently a secretive disposition. If the Heart line takes a precipitous depression and ends on the Mount of the Moon (45), it makes the subject extremely jealous, for there will be too much Heart line, backed by the imagination of the Lunarian, which will magnify every act of one he loves into some form of unfaithfulness. This formation is a most unhappy one. This does not necessarily indicate a danger to life, for the Heart line may not cross the Head line.

If the Heart line forms a curve and ends on the Plain of Mars (46), it will be a serious menace, for it will cut the Head line squarely, will pour its Current into the Plain of Mars (the seat of temper and excitability), and will consequently endanger life by cutting the Head line, and will also show the subject to be exceedingly irritable, changeable in affections, constantly seeking excitement, and hard to get along with. Carefully note the Life, Head, and Mercury lines if this indication is seen, to determine whether the outcome is serious. Bad defects in these lines at the age at which the Head line is cut would confirm this reading. Be careful not to confuse this marking with a Saturn line rising in the Plain of Mars.

If the line goes well up into Jupiter, read it as the Heart line; if it goes into Saturn, or only to the edge of Jupiter, read it as a Saturn line with the Heart line absent. If the line curves around and ends on the Mount of Venus (47), it is a serious indication, for it cuts both the lines of Head and Life. In this rare marking, note carefully the condition of lines where the cutting takes place, and the condition of Head and Life lines afterwards. If defects appear in either, you know damage has been done to the head and that life is in danger. If the Life line ends or fades away soon after, you know that the life terminates.

When you have acquired the habit and way of thinking combinations out, you can throw books away.

The character of the Heart line, which we will next consider, is most important, and must be carefully noted, not in its entirety, as 1 have said before, but bit by bit from source to ending place. The perfect line is one which is deep cut and smooth, is not broken, islanded, or defective in other ways, is well colored, and of proper length. Such a line indicates a good physical condition of the heart, good circulation, strong affections constant and smooth in operation, one reliable in love matters, but not frivolous nor sentimental. These subjects are brave, courageous, and fearless.

Such persons love ardently and remain constant, but they do not make a display of their feelings, neither do they enjoy great demonstrations from others. They are consequently sometimes thought cold and distant. This is incorrect; they love devotedly and constantly, but they do not " wear the heart on the sleeve." With deep Heart lines there is little fear of heart disease from a weak condition of the organ itself, and there is little use to look for health defects of the line.

With this Heart line the subject will have fewer love affairs, but what he has will be strong. He will have confidence in those he loves, and a disappointment will affect him severely, for, while quiet and undemonstrative, the Current runs deeply. Such subjects do not pick up any and everyone and make a great demonstration over them, but they love their dear ones and friends with a steady devotedness.

With such a clear line there is the best kind of a channel for the Current to run through, no obstructions, and, consequently, the best kind of heart action and the strongest and most reliable affections.

If the line is small and thin, the person has little care for others, is narrow-minded, cowardly, timid, unsympathetic, and has no real affection for anyone. All display of love which he might make is from a desire to further selfish ends. Do not make the mistake of calling a Heart line thin and giving it the above reading unless it is thin, while the other lines are well marked, in which case it has its full meaning and puts the heart out of proportion to the rest of the lines. With all kinds of Heart lines, apply them to the type of the subject.

A Jupiterian and Venusian will be expected to have the best kind of Heart lines. The Apollonian may have his health defect, heart disease, show on the line, but will have outside of this a good line and strong affections. The Martian will be expected to have a good Heart line, but it may be excessive in strength. A good specimen of the Mercurian type will have a good Heart line, but a bad specimen will have the thin line showing the selfish disregard for others and the furthering of selfish ends.

The Saturnian, if good, will have a good line, if bad, a thin line. The Lunarian, naturally cold and selfish, will be expected to have a thin or chained, shallow white line. If you should find the thin line on a subject belonging to a type on which it is abnormal, read the line properly, but do not give it alt the force you would on a type where it is expected. For example, the thin line found on a Venusian will not be read so strongly as the same line on a Lunarian. If the line be broad and shallow, the heart action will be physically weak, the affections will correspond, and the subject is fickle if the hand be weak; sentimental and loving a display of affection if the rest of the hand be good. These subjects fall violently in love, but quickly change their affections to the next attractive person who comes along. Their Heart line is broad and shallow; the affections are the same.

They like to be told how much you love them every time they meet you, and they are often the people who love you during prosperity, but turn their backs in times of trial. There is in their nature no true ring of deep, strong affection; they are incapable of a lasting attachment. This is what we call a sentimental Heart line. It is of great value in the estimate of the probable outcome of a marriage to know these facts, for on the Heart line can be told who is to be counted on when the clouds of adversity lower.

Do not forget to apply the broad and shallow line to the subject’s type, and estimate the effect of such a line on such a type. If found on an Apollonian it will point to one of his health defects, and you should look carefully at color, nails, and for defects on the Life line to judge the degree of its seriousness. Note whether this line alone has this broad and shallow formation; if so, it must be read in a most pronounced manner. If all the lines are of the same character the subject has the same defects all around.

If the Heart line is chained, it presents a continual series of obstructions to the Current, and the heart’s action is irregular, the circulation poor, and there is in general a poor physical condition of the heart. Note well the type of subject; if there is much Apollonian in him, either in the primary, secondary, or tertiary type, be on your guard for severe heart disease.

A Life line that is thin, islanded, broken, or defective in any way, combined with a chained Heart line, will show the serious menace of the heart to the life.

If the Life line runs too deeply in any one place it will be most serious, and if a star be seen in it, sudden death from heart disease is certain, absolutely so if found in both hands under the Mount of Apollo.

The chained Heart line shows a constant uncertainty in the affections. The subject thinks one day that he is in love and changes his mind the next. He will rush up to you and smother you with a great demonstration of affection, and the next time you meet he will hardly speak to you.

He vacillates and changes, is cowardly, uncertain, and weak. The constantly interrupted Current has no deep permanent channel, and the result is no permanent health or affections. Note whether this chained condition applies only to the Heart line, and whether all the other lines are deep and well cut, in which case read the Heart line in a pronounced manner; if all the lines are chained, the Heart line is not more defective than everything else.

Proportion must be in mind constantly. All of the above kinds of lines have been treated in general, - that is, as if they were deep and well cut, narrow and thin, broad and shallow, or chained during their entire length; but such is the exception. You will find the Heart line generally deep and well cut at the beginning, and changing to other formations as the line runs its course across the hand. The qualities of the lines just described apply to the line only during the time the line shows these formations, and when the character of the line changes the qualities of the subject change. For every change in the character of the line there will be a change in the subject.

By noting on the line the age at which these changes take place, and their duration on the line, you can read at what age the modifications they indicate took place, and how long each condition lasted. If the line begins deep and well cut (48) and continues so until it reaches under the Saturn finger, then becomes broad and shallow, continuing thus until under the finger of Apollo, then becomes thin until under Mercury, and chained to the end, it would read = deep and well-cut qualities up to age twenty-four, changed to broad and shallow up to age forty-three, changed to thin up to age sixty, and chained for balance of life.

Interpret as follows = The subject during the early portion of his life was very warm-hearted, constant, trustworthy, and strong in affections; at the age of twenty-four he changed in these respects, and became weak, changeable, and inconstant; at forty-three he grew very selfish, cold-hearted, and sought only to further his own ends, which condition lasted until sixty, when he grew weak, had poor circulation, became vacillating, cowardly, and unreliable in his affections, and these conditions lasted until the end of his life.

This example shows the method of applying general rules and indications to each part of the line on which different formations are seen. The manner in which these combinations occur on a line varies infinitely, but you will have no trouble in reading each case if you remember what deep, shallow, thin, or chained lines indicate, and apply these qualities to the line for the period of years they occupy.

In any reading make the application as past events to those parts of the line before the present age, and future events to all parts of the line ahead of the present age. If you have judged the line correctly the past events will be recognized by the subject, and my experience with future events has been so accurate that you need have no hesitation in boldly reading them as shown by changes on the line. Before attempting such detailed reading, however, learn to diagnose the character of the line very accurately. In nearly all Heart lines their start is deep and well cut, while they are generally broad and shallow, chained or tasselled at the end.

This is easily explained when we remember that during the first twenty years of life the heart is strongest in action; it has not exerted itself and become worn as is the fact in later years, so this deep and well-cut beginning of the line indicates strength.

At this time of life the subject has not had experiences which make him doubt the sincerity of mankind, consequently the line is more perfectly marked. As old age comes on the action of the heart grows weaker, and the line becomes defective, the subject loves petting and display of affection from others, and the line, instead of the self-contained depth which shows at the beginning when such things are not sought so much, becomes shallow and sentimental.


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