Chapter 27

Mercury Line

THE line of Mercury has been variously called=

  • the line of Health
  • the line of Liver
  • the Hepatica

It should start on the Mount of Moon and run upward on the percussion to the Mount of Mercury, from which it takes its name (478).

This line is valuable as an indicator of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver, and it also shows the presence of various maladies and conditions which may arise from the impairment of these most important functions.

Bad conditions seen in other parts of the hand can often be referred to a poor Mercury line for explanation, and some of the most accurate work possible in the entire range of hand-reading can be done with the aid of the Mercury line. In connection with the lines of Life, Saturn, and Apollo, it is an important adjunct, and in all combinations any indication seen on the Mercury line should be given great weight.

When we remember what an important part in the human economy is played by the digestive apparatus and by the proper secretion and discharge of bile, we see that the line of Mercury has influence upon many parts of our lives, and that it is an ever-present factor in our success or failure.

Physicians say that with a good digestion and a normal flow of bile, disease would be unknown to the human race. In a large percentage of illnesses, without doubt the correction of derangement of the digestive apparatus and a control of the bile supply cures the patient. It is also a fact that the bilious types are the only ones which are really criminal, other types doing bad things under a stress of some exciting cause.

Bad types of Saturnians and Mer-curians prefer the criminal way of doing things to the honest one. All through the study of human nature and character, we see the ill effect and plague of bile when not properly regulated.

The Mercury line is exceedingly useful as a guide to business success, as no factor more surely enables one to cope with the affairs of the world than a clear brain, and nothing more surely keeps the brain from clogging than a good digestion and an active liver. Added to good health, no set of qualities will more surely aid in obtaining the best results from business than those peculiar to the Mercurian type.

As the Mercury line indicates both the condition of the digestive organs and the state of the liver, and accents the strength of the Mercurian type, it is manifestly of unusual assistance when estimating the outcome of a business career. The Line Of Mercury 629 No. 478. The Mercury line in its relation to health must always be used in connection with the type of the subject.

If we see indigestion or biliousness in the hand of a Jupiterian subject, a type naturally predisposed to overeating, we consider that to him it means an increased danger. And as certain disorders of the stomach cause vertigo, we know that if the case be very pronounced the subject is likely to be stricken with one of his type diseases, apoplexy. In a similar manner, the Mercury line will aid in estimating the degree of danger indicated by health defects of all the types. In connection with defects in the Head line, the Mercury line is a valuable assistant, for it is well known that the stomach and liver largely influence the condition of the physical brain. Functional disturbances of the heart are also brought on by indigestion, consequently a defective Heart line may find its disturbing cause indicated in the Mercury line. Poor health may wreck a brilliant career, and the Mercury line may explain defects seen in the Saturn or Apollo lines.

All over the hand the influence of the defects it indicates may be felt and in any perplexing case do not forget to examine the Mercury line before completing the estimate. The Mercury line will not be found in all hands. Without being able to state the exact percentage, I should say that at least one half the hands will be without it. In few cases is it a perfectly marked line, and this is not hard to explain, when perfect health is the possession of so few. I do not regard the absence of the Mercury line as necessarily a detriment, for on many hands which I have examined while making a study of this line, the health of those who have no line was found to be uniformly good. If there is to be a choice between no line or a defective one, it is preferable that none be seen. The absence of the Saturn line leaves a subject free to carve his way through the world, and in a similar manner the absence of the Mercury line shows that in its health directions there are no disturbances which must cause a subject trouble, and if he takes care of his stomach and liver he has open to him the possibility of no trouble from them.

His health in these directions will be largely “self-made,” and proportionate to the care he takes of himself. One other condition is generally present when the Mercury line is absent= the hand is not usually much lined and rayed, for if it were, a Mercury line would surely be present. Such a hand, having few lines, is consequently less nervous, and as nervousness greatly increases the improper action of the liver, a lack of nervousness increases the subject’s favorable condition. In making the final estimate for a subject, consider that, with the Mercury line absent he has to face at least no inevitable disease of digestion, and no disorder of the liver that he cannot control by caring for himself. The Mercury line should rise from the Mount of Moon, but in practice it rarely does. In the largest number of cases it rises toward the Saturn or Life line, and from the centre or base of the hand, often in the Plain of Mars. It is much better that the line should rise between the Saturn line and the percussion (479) than between the Saturn line and the Life line (480) ; rising from the Life line (481) is one of the most unfavorable markings. To give the most favorable health indications, as well as the best promise of business success, the Mercury line should at no time touch the Life line, but branches from the Life line may go to it, or vice versa, or chance lines may connect the two, without bad results. The source of the Mercury line, outside of its unfavorable connection with the Life line, has no special meaning. Unless it rises from or touches the Life line it may be considered a normal line.

The Line Of Mercury 630 No. 479. The Line Of Mercury 631 No. 480. The Line Of Mercury 632 No. 481. The character of the line is important. A deep line of Mercury indicates a good digestion, a healthy action of the liver, good vitality, strong constitution, a clear brain, and good memory. Whatever the type of your subject or whatever his occupation, he will have the assistance of these powerful allies. If the Life line be thin, chained, or otherwise defective, and the Mercury line deep and strong (482), its effect upon the Life line will be fully as favorable as a strong line of Mars, to build up and strengthen whatever delicacy exists; and such a Mercury line will many times replace the functions of the Life line.

This will often account for the health of a person with a defective Life line. There are no more potent factors in the healthy and vigorous operation of the brain than a good digestion and the proper action of the bile secretion. The first effect of dyspepsia is to produce intense depression. The subject becomes morbid, and sees everything through a glass colored by a disordered stomach. When the attack of dyspepsia has passed, his brain clears up and he sees things in their proper light. Thus the Mercury line will be invaluable in conjunction with the Head line in estimating mental strength and balance. A good Head line will be much disturbed by a poor Mercury line (483), and a defective condition of the head may be accounted for by a bad Mercury line (484). Disturbed action of the stomach sometimes produces functional derangement of the heart, and a poor Heart line with a defective Mercury line will often entirely account for a condition of so-called chronic heart disease (485). In such a case, if the medical treatment be directed toward the stomach, the heart disease will pass away. In the case of a poor Heart line indicating structural difficulty of the organ, with the nails having the formation peculiar to this disorder, and all indications of color pointing to a serious case of heart disease, a deep line of Mercury often indicates such excellent digestion and liver action that the effects of the weak heart may never be markedly exhibited. On a hand having strong Life, Head, and Heart lines, and a line of Mars, a deep line of Mercury will indicate a subject who will virtually never know a day’s sickness.

If such a combination be seen on a hand which is animal in its Chirognomic aspect, the intense good health and strength of vitality will render the subject fierce in his passions, inordinate in his appetites, and from this class often come rapists and drunkards. Such persons should never choose indoor occupations. They need fresh air and plenty of exercise to work off the animal vitality. If with this combination there be the addition of red hair, the indications of great excesses will be intensified, and quick, fiery temper will be added. Black hair shows an abundance of volatile qualities and needs no addition from red. If the Mercury line be thin it shows that the subject may still have good digestion, proper action of the liver, and that his health and Mercurian attributes will act in conjunction to produce success in business. The mere thinness of a Mercury line does not lessen its influence, for it shows that the subject is receiving support from good operation of the liver, though not in such a degree as with a deep line. If the type of the subject be refined, and shows good but not excessive vitality, the thin line is better for htm. In all estimates of the Mercury line, the proportion of the lines must be kept in mind, for here as everywhere else the normal balance is best. A broad, shallow Mercury line (486) shows that the subject is not vitally strong, and any severe tax upon bis stomach will result in its derangement. The liver is unsteady in its operation and secretes its bile in unequal quantities. As a consequence the subject is frequently despondent, is predisposed to sudden and violent headaches, heartburn, sour stomach, and dyspepsia. During the intervals when the functions are properly performed, the subject gets along all right, but with such a Mercury line, constant care is necessary as to diet and hygiene, for while such subjects cannot be said to be sickly, they are not over healthy, and this weakened condition of vitality tells upon the energies, the ambitions, and the business life. A chained line of Mercury (487) indicates a positive condition of diseased liver and stomach. This must not be confounded with islands in the line, but the chains must be short loops. With this marking the subject will be predisposed to inflammation of the gall duct, gall stones, cirrhosis, and numerous structural liver troubles which are always serious and often fatal. The chained line is one of the worst formations, and the subject who has it suffers intensely, not only from the diseased condition of the liver, but from the consequent mental torpor and depression. He is pessimistic, suspicious, intensely nervous, cross, and life is a burden both to himself and to his friends. Manifestly such a subject cannot have a clear brain, keen foresight, command of self, energy, and kindred qualities necessary to the successful pursuit of business, consequently the chained line of Mercury was read by the old palmists, “poor success in business.” From our standpoint it can be seen why such a reading was taken, and that it is correct.

The Line Of Mercury Part 2 633 No. 482. The Line Of Mercury Part 2 634 No. 483. The Line Of Mercury Part 2 635 No. 484. The Line Of Mercury Part 2 636 No. 485. The Line Of Mercury Part 2 637 No. 486. The Line Of Mercury Part 2 638 No. 487.

The length of the Mercury line adds to the power of the line and its usefulness.

If the line be long, running from the base of the hand to the Mount of Mercury, its influence will be felt during the subject’s entire life. If the long line be also a good one its influence means good health and success during the entire life. If this long line be a defective one, it will indicate ill health and attendant indifferent business success during the entire life. By the length of the line and its character during the different periods of life, you can tell what years will be blessed with the greatest strength, best action of the liver, good digestion, and consequently the most productive periods in a business way. If the line starts deep, then grows this, and then is deep again (488), there is a period covered by the thinness of the line when the health is impaired, and at such a time the subject must use great care, take much sleep, and avoid dissipation.

If this be done, with the good ending of the line, trouble may be avoided. If (reading, of course, from its source upward) the line begins deep and grows chained (489) the good health of the first years on the line is followed by some serious affection of the liver and consequent stomach derangement will impair the health and success of the subject; the age of all periods to be read from the line, reading, of course, always from its source upward. If with this marking the Life line be defective after the chaining begins, the case is serious (490).

If after the chaining of the Mercury line begins the Head line shows islands or other defects, the liver trouble will affect the mental strength of the subject. This will often account for sudden attacks of temporary insanity, especially if a star be seen in or near the Head line (491). If the Mercury line runs to the Head line and is absent or defective during the space between Head and Heart lines, but runs again on the Mount of Mercury (492), the subject will need to do as much as possible before the age of thirty, for at that time the powerful allies of the good Mercury line will for a time desert him, and as the years between Head and Heart lines are among the most important in his life, he will lose these supports at a critical period. The line running again on the Mount will show that he may recover himself if care be used. If bars, crosses, dots, islands, or other defects terminate or are near the ending of the line, he is not likely to recover.

By following the line from its source, noting its length, any changes in its character, during which parts it is good or deficient, all the changes in the conditions of the subject arising from a good, bad, or indifferent operation of his liver and digestion can be read. Knowing the effect of these upon the possibilities of successfully conducting business operations, you can gauge his material success. The Line Of Mercury Part 3 639 No. 488. The Line Of Mercury Part 3 640 No. 489. The Line Of Mercury Part 3 641 No. 490.

The Line Of Mercury Part 3 642 No. 491. The Line Of Mercury Part 3 643 No. 492. In the absence of a Saturn or Apollo line, the Mercury line will often give indications which could be obtained from those lines if present. Sometimes the Mercury line is very short, hardly more than a chance line, in which case it is entitled to no more consideration than such a line. Often mere chance lines are incorrectly read as Mercury lines, owing to the large number of hands in which this line is either absent or wofully deficient.

In this part of the work great caution should be used lest mere chance lines be mistaken for and read as Main lines. A line of Mercury cannot run to the Mount of Apollo, or anywhere but to the Mouut of Mercury, and to be diagnosed as this line must at least show that it is heading in that direction, even though it may not be quite long enough to reach the Mount. Before any line is called a Mercury line it must be enough of a line to entitle it to be classed among the Main lines. Color in the Mercury line should increase or diminish the estimate of the strength of the qualities it indicates. If the line shows biliousness and defective liver conditions, yellow color will generally be present as a strong confirmatory indication. The type of the subject will, however, greatly affect color, and you should not fall into the way of expecting yellow color with all bad Mercury lines.

A Jupiterian, Apollonian, Martian, or Venusian subject, even with pronounced biliousness, rarely has any color but pink or red, though blue is sometimes seen. These warmer types have bad Mercury lines occasionally, but they take more exercise, are more cheerful, and consequently throw off many of the ill effects arising from improper action of bile. The Saturnian first, Mercurian second, and Lunarian third, will show yellow color easily. On a Saturnian subject we expect yellow, for he is always more or less impregnated with bile, while the Mercurian has bile enough to give him an olive complexion. The Lunarian may be yellow, but white more often. A Saturnian who has a bad Mercury line will be doubly sure to be gloomy, pessimistic, and disagreeable, and with such a subject all defects in a Mercury line must be given their full interpretation, for a bad Mercury line on a Saturnian is an exceedingly unfortunate combination. If yellow color be seen with the warmer types, it shows that the defects in the Mercury line are most pronounced, for when the natural red or pink of these types has been overcome by yellow, the poison has taken serious hold. In all estimates of color with the Mercury line, take full account of the type of the subject, and the natural color he should show, from which it can be judged how seriously he is affected. If the Mercury line shows indigestion, and yellow color be likewise present, the latter indicates that the subject has also liver disorder, even though it is not marked in the Mercury line. If perfect health were always possible, we should find perfect Mercury lines, but as a large part of the human family have bodily ills more or less in evidence, we find a very large proportion of these lines defective.

A wavy line (493) indicates chronic biliousness. This subject will have attacks of bilious fever, malaria, and various liver complications, often ending in enlargement of the liver and jaundice. There is a very frequent complication of rheumatism with biliousness, and with wavy Mercury lines the indications of rheumatic difficulty should be looked for. If the subject be a Saturnian with a wavy Mercury line he will have serious bilious attacks. When this is seen on other types, the liver trouble often brings out those health defects of the type that are influenced by an excess of bile. The Jupiterian will have gout; the Saturnian bilious fevers, gout, rheumatism, and nerve disorders; the Apollonian functional heart derangement; the Mercurian indigestion, nerve difficulty, and grave liver disorders; the Martian intestinal inflammations; the Lunarian gout or rheumatism; and the Venusian acute attacks of bilious fever. With a wavy Mercury line the business career of the subject will be unsteady and subject to many vicissitudes.

An uneven line of Mercury (494) indicates a fitful condition of the stomach and liver. There will be periods when the subject has excellent health, and at such times will do well. These will be followed by periods when the liver does not properly perform its functions, the digestion will be poor, and life becomes a drag. These alternating intervals of good health and weakness mar life’s steadiness and prevent the accomplishing of much result. When the line of Mercury rises in the form of a ladder composed of broken fragments (495) it indicates the worst form of stomach trouble. Dyspepsia, with its train of ills, gastric fever, catarrh of the stomach or intestines, or inflammation of the bowels are among the acute disorders which are likely to attack the subject. If in the course of such a line there be a highly colored dot (496) an attack of severe stomach disorder has occurred at the age indicated by its position. If this dot be highly colored, red or purple, it has been very severe. Dots on the Mercury line (497), wherever seen or on whatever kind of a line, indicate acute attacks of bilious or stomach trouble at the age at which they occur on the line. If red they indicate fevers, if white some disorder arising from a chronic disease. When a dot is seen on the Mercury line note whether a chance line from it points to a health defect on some line or Mount. If none be seen, the lines and Mounts should be scanned for markings indicating chronic or acute attacks that may be referred to the dot on the Mercury line for an explanation. Health defects on the Mount of Jupiter (498) will mean the natural stomach delicacy of the Jupiterian which has caused this trouble.

If the third phalanx of the Jupiter finger be large and full, this is certain, for this subject will abuse his stomach. If the third phalanx of the Jupiter finger shows that it has been full, but has become flabby, the subject’s stomach has become so delicate that he has had to limit his diet to the simplest kind of food, and a chronic state of dyspepsia is probably present. A health defect on Saturn with a dot in the Mercury line will indicate an acute attack of bilious fever if the dot be red; if it be pale or yellow an attack of gout or rheumatism.

This will be more certain if a chance line runs from Saturn toward the Life line, and one from the middle of the Mount of Moon to the Life line (499). If the Heart line under Apollo shows an island, break, or dot, and a dot appears on the Mercury line, a severe attack of heart trouble, brought on by derangement of the digestive organs, will occur at the age indicated by the dot on the Mercury line. A grille on Apollo with blue color and heart-disease nails will intensify this reading and indicate that the trouble is chronic (500). If, with a dot on the Mercury line, the line be broken or otherwise defective on the Mount of Mercury, a severe attack of bilious or gastric fever has occurred at the age indicated by the dot in the Mercury line (501). If, with a dot in the Mercury line, the Upper Mount of Mars shows a grille or bars, especially if on its lower third, a severe attack of inflammation of the intestines, appendicitis, peritonitis, or some other acute intestinal disorder has occurred at the age denoted by the position of the dot on the Mercury line (502). If, with a dot in the Mercury line, the middle third of the Mount of Moon be grilled, gout or, more likely, rheumatic fever has occurred at the age shown by the dot in the Mercury line. If the upper third of the Mount of Moon be grilled the same character of intestinal disorders which are peculiar to the lower part of Upper Mars are indicated (503). Cross-bars cutting the Mercury line (504) indicate illnesses at the age at which they are seen. These bars will vary from the finest little lines which seem to run over the top of the Mercury line and only fret it, to deep bars which cut the line in two.

The extent to which they cut the line must indicate the severity of the attacks. If they be only fine fretting lines, they indicate bilious or sick headaches. If they are deep-cutting bars they are severe illnesses, and you should look to the lines and Mounts in the usual manner for an explanation of them. If there be only one or two bars crossing the line there will only be that many serious illnesses caused by the peculiarities indicated by the line, but if they continually cut the line during its entire length, they will indicate continuous sickness if deep, or headaches if fine. There are often seen a series of fine bars crossing the Mercury line, and also fine bars crossing the Head line (505). This indicates great suffering from nervous, bilious, or sick headaches, but they all arise from imperfect action of the stomach and liver.

Such a marking often results in an impairment of the Head line after the bars are seen, showing that the headaches have weakened it. With every form and variation, and every defect in the Mercury line, the Head line should be at once consulted. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 644 No. 493. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 645 No. 494. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 646 No. 495. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 647 No. 496. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 648 No. 497. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 649 No. 498. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 650 No. 499. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 651 No. 500 The Line Of Mercury Part 4 652 No. 501. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 653 No. 502. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 654 No. 503. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 655 No. 504. The Line Of Mercury Part 4 656 No. 505.

An island in the Mercury line (506) indicates a delicacy of health during its presence. This may arise from the liver and stomach, or from appendicitis inflammation of the intestines, or it may be a difficulty of head, heart, or any other organ, which one, can be located by the examination of Mounts and lines. The peculiarity of the island in the Mercury line is that its detrimental effect upon the health is not always confined to stomach and liver disorders, but relates equally to other kinds of illnesses or delicacy. A single island must be read as a delicacy to health just as is done in the Life line, and its cause located in the usual manner. If the Mercury line be islanded during its entire course, showing two, three, or more islands of good size, it is an indication of great delicacy of the throat and lungs (507). These islands are not always perfectly formed, but whether so or not, they will be most accurate indications. When this marking is seen at once examine the nails for any approach to a bulbous condition, and also see if the upper Mount of Mars be grilled or cross-barred. If these confirmatory markings be present, the case is a strong one, and will be easily verified. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 657 No. 506. If, in addition, an island be seen on the Mount of Jupiter (508), the subject will need to use the greatest care to avoid any exposure which might induce the development of consumption, bronchitis, pneumonia, or any disease of throat, bronchia, or lungs.

I have recently seen this marking on a patient suffering from cancer of the throat. An old reading of the Mercury line when islanded was as an indication of “Bankruptcy.” This came from the fact that the health of those with such a marking was precarious and precluded the likelihood of enough effort to produce success in business, This old reading, while it has a strong foundation, will not be accurate if applied to your clients. You will find many islanded lines of Mercury in the hands of those who are by no means financially Bankrupt, but who are Bankrupt in health. Such subjects, if in business, must spend so much time in the care of their health that business will probably be neglected. Certain it is a delicate subject cannot push business with the vigor of one who is well, and these reasons led to the interpretation of “Bankruptcy” by older palmists. When the Mercury line is broken (509) it indicates that the subject’s health will be impaired, at the time of the break, and, consequent upon this, his business career will suffer.

If the line have only one or two breaks and is good the rest of the way, find the cause of the breaks in the usual manner. If the line be continuously broken, it shows extreme delicacy of the stomach, and has the same effect as a laddered line. The more the line be broken, the more continuous will be the succession of illnesses, and such a line will show a subject to be in a continual state of dyspepsia. Such a subject will have many headaches, and will have to use constant care not to disturb his digestion. With broken lines repair signs may be seen and squares will be most beneficial. If a serious break be seen in the Mercury line surrounded by a square (510), a danger to the life of the subject has been averted. The cause of the trouble may come from several directions. You may be able to locate it by a defect in the Head line, or find health defects on the Mounts, or serious delicacy or danger to life in the Life line, all of which should he brought to bear upon the repaired break as a location of the cause for it. Sister lines are useful in repairing breaks, and all markings which help to continue the Current in the line must be considered as benefiting the broken condition just that much. If the Mercury line runs deep onto the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it (511), the subject will have excellent health and great success in business. If from a deep line branches droop downward, the subject will succeed, but will have to work harder to accomplish these results (512). If a branch leave a strong Mercury line and run to the Mount of Jupiter, the subject will be successful in business, aided by his ambition and his ability to lead and control men. If a star be seen on the Mount of Jupiter influential acquaintances and friends will greatly assist him (513).

If a branch rise to the Mount of Saturn (514) the subject, aided by soberness, wisdom, frugality, carefulness, and because he looks on the dark as well as the bright side in undertakings, will be successful in business. This is a good marking for a banker. If a branch from a strong Mercury line rise to the Mount of Apollo (515) the subject, owing to great shrewdness and business ability, aided by brilliant mind and agreeable manners, will be most successful. This is an ideal marking for a merchant. The long Mercury line in these cases will show that this type will lead and the branch lines show which type will aid him. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 658 No. 507. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 659 No. 508. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 660 No. 509. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 661 No. 510. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 662 No. 511. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 663 No. 512. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 664 No. 513.

The Line Of Mercury Part 5 665 No. 514. The Line Of Mercury Part 5 666 No. 515. In all these instances place the subject in his proper world by the phalanges of his Mercury finger. If he have the third world strongest he will have business success. If the second be strongest he will have success in the scientific or professional world. If the first phalanx be strongest he will succeed as an orator or writer, and this latter indication will be increased if a branch from the upper third of the Mount of Moon merges into the Mercury line (516). A branch from the Mercury line rising and merging into the Head line (517) will indicate success due to the subject’s mental powers. Such persons will be best adapted to literary or scientific careers, especially if the Head line be deep and strong. Note here the formation of a triangle, which, in this position, always indicates mental brilliancy and power. The termination of the Mercury line will indicate the general outcome of the career of the subject, as regards the health qualities of the line and the success of the subject in the directions peculiar to the Mercurian type. The Mount of Mercury has so many markings that some of them may be confused with the termination of the Mercury line if care be not observed. If the line ends on the Mount, the lines of Affection may cross it (518).

If there are a number of these lines, one of which is deep and cuts the Mercury line sharply, there will be one affection which will be a bar to the best interests of the subject. If the Mercury line ends in a bar or a cross (519) the career of the subject will be hampered, and if the type of hand be bad, with crooked fingers, and the Heart line thin or absent, the deceitful or tricky qualities of a bad Mercurian will cause the lack of success. If a grille terminates the line, even worse ill-success is indicated, resulting from either poor health or dishonesty. If with this marking a dot be seen on the Mount of Apollo, the subject will lose his reputation. If the line terminates in a star (520) the career will be successful in the world indicated by’the phalanges of the fingers, and if the lines of Apollo and Saturn be present and good, this indication will be strengthened. If the Mercury line terminates in a fork (521) the subject will divide his energy among several talents, and will not achieve as great success as would be possible by concentration. If the line terminates in a tassel the efforts will be so scattered that no great success can be achieved. If the Mercury line has a star at the point where it crosses the Head line it is, in a woman’s hand, an indication of serious female trouble. In the hand of a man it indicates, if on a good line, an added brilliancy, and if on a defective line, danger of serious brain trouble, even insanity. If in the woman’s hand the lower third of the Mount of Moon be grilled or cross-barred (522), the female weakness will be very serious. Such subjects will have great difficulty in child-bearing, and with a Life line which runs close to the thumb and restricts the Mount of Venus, they will probably be childless. This is valuable as a pre-roarriage indication. Whenever this marking is found the woman is nervous and highly strung. She will at times become depressed, and then recover her cheerfulness, alternating between exaltation and despair.

These subjects should receive the greatest care, and ought always to be the recipients of very tender treatment They often magnify or even imagine ills, but they suffer just as much as if these were real. Hysteria and hypochondria are often thus indicated, and pronounced mental unbalancing frequently occurs. If the star should not be exactly on the line it still gives the same indication. The combinations of the indications contained in this chapter are innumerable, but the general principles governing them are always the same.

If a good Mercury line shows defects it is not so bad an indication as when a defective line has these same flaws. If a wavy line be also full of islands it is a worse condition than when a straight deep line has them. Often there are two different defects seen in a line, and each will refer to a different cause. These can both be found in the usual manner. The Mercury line should be used continually in connection with the Life, Head, Heart, and Apollo lines, and the type of each subject should never be overlooked. The Line Of Mercury Part 6 667 No. 516. The Line Of Mercury Part 6 668 No. 617. The Line Of Mercury Part 6 669 No. 518. The Line Of Mercury Part 6 670 No. 519. The Line Of Mercury Part 6 671 No. 520. The Line Of Mercury Part 6 672 No. 521. The Line Of Mercury Part 6 673 No. 522. The value of the line is largely its use in combination, and especially is this true with the Life and Head lines. Health and brains are essential to successful lives, and the Mercury line, in connection with the Life and Head lines, will always enable one absolutely to estimate these elements. By keeping in mind for what the line stands, what each change in its character and each defect means, and by following the line from source to termination, noting every change and working out its meaning, the Mercury line will yield a fund of confirmatory evidence which will sustain the testimony given by other lines and signs, and enable you more completely to understand your client.


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