Chapter 25

The Mount Of Venus

The seventh type is the Venusian located by the Mount of Venus at the base of the thumb.

This is strengthened by the=

  • triangle
  • circle
  • square, or
  • single vertical lines

The cross, grille, island or dot show defects of the Mount (127).

This Mount rises into the palm, has the largest prominence shown by any of the Mounts, and by its size and markings you must estimate the amount and kind of Venusian qualities possessed by the subject.

If the Mount is very prominent, highly colored, and deeply grilled with long lines, it is an excessive development, and the Venusian characteristics will be strong in the subject (128). If it is not out of proportion with the rest of the hand, it is a normal Mount, and Venusian characteristics will be present in normal degree. If there is an absence of any development and the Mount has a flat and flabby appearance (129), it is a deficient Mount, and the Venusian qualities are entirely lacking.

Between these extremes are many degrees of development. The Venusian type is a pleasant one to meet, healthy, happy, joyous, and though it descends the scale of morality at times, it is always agreeable and attractive. It is a type which must be carefully handled, for to estimate it incorrectly is a serious matter.

Dealing as it does with love and the sexual passions, there is needed much perception and a lofty attitude of mind in the practitioner, for the temptation is to be influenced by the known proclivities of the type, and thus inexperienced or low-minded palmists attribute base desires to many subjects who are instead filled with the magnificent qualities that belong to the elevated Venusian type. In the Plan of Creation, as we have conceived it, there was needed that great bond of sympathy and attraction which brings together the human family, drives away soullessness, coldness, and selfishness, and substitutes for these generosity, warmth, and love.

To supply these necessary factors and to accomplish these purposes, the Venusian type was created. Standing as it does for love, sympathy, and generosity, the Venusian type is a good one, and, as one of its greatest qualifications is attraction for its fellows, it necessarily needs warmth and heat, for heat attracts and cold repels.

This Venusiaii heat means a plentiful supply of good-quality blood, and a strong heart to pump it, consequently the Venusian is a healthy type and a handsome one, for good health begets good looks, producing not always rounded, doll-like beauty, but freshness and attractiveness. We find each type endowed with whatever accompaniments of health and characteristics are necessary to best fit it to bring forward the elementary forces which it represents, so the Venusian, being created to emphasize love, is given health, warmth, and physical attractiveness, that, wherever he appears, love may be inspired.

There is about the Venusian no hint of gloom, biliousness, coldness, or selfishness - all is warmth, life, beauty, and attraction; consequently the Venusian is beset with many temptations, is constantly attracted to the opposite sex, has strong physical passion, and needs a fine Head line (self-control and judgment) and a large thumb (.determination) to keep him in the straight and narrow path.

Although I treat this type in the masculine gender, it is a feminine type, for we all know that such attraction as belongs to it is more the province of the weaker than the sterner sex. Man is battling with the world, while woman is filled with love, sympathy, and all the finer qualities which refine and elevate, and the tender passion grows more tender and refined in her character than in his.

Man may love, but not with the same degree of delicacy possible to woman, who embodies the ideal of the highest form of this God-given quality. So the Venusian type, representing the greatest perfection in human love, is necessarily a feminine type. Woman also represents a higher grade of morality than man, consequently Venusian attractiveness to the opposite sex is much safer in her charge than his.

When a Venusian development is found strong in a woman’s hand, it will not speak of such profligacy as the same development would in the hand of a man. In a man a strong Venusian Mount either makes him somewhat feminine in his characteristics, especially if smooth fingers, conic tips, and soft consistency are present; or else it makes him fiery and heated in his passions, and if the hand be hard this subject will indulge these desires, not restraining them as will a woman with the same development.

In some hands the Mount is very full and seems as if it would burst through the skin (see 128).

If this kind of Mount is smooth the subject will love all Venusian things powerfully, but will not be as excessive as will one with the same sized Mount grilled(130). In the latter case the grilling shows that the electric currents running over the Mount will excite the Venusian passion to an increased degree. Smooth Mounts, if not large, will indicate love of flowers, music, form, color, paintings, etc., but not strong sexual passion. The same Mount grilled will have added sexual attraction.

If the Mount is full and grilled in a woman’s hand, she will be most strongly attracted to the opposite sex, even as much as would a man with a similar Mount. In a man’s hand this Mount brings him to a grade of femininity equal to woman in the Venusian directions, and he becomes dangerous in his tendencies, for he has the power to attract without the seeming necessity for resisting that the woman has. If on the Mount of Venus the grilled lines are very deep, strong, and red, it will add greatly to the fire and danger of the Mount.

Often a Mount will be seen which is full of grilled lines, and the Mount shows, by the loose skin, that it has been very full. The Mount has the appearance of a sucked orange in its flabbiness, and tells of one who has had strong Venusian desires, which have been indulged freely until vitality is gone and the subject is worn out. It is a pity that human depravity should make it necessary to write of the Mount of Venus anything but the beautiful qualities that properly belong to the Venusian. These same sexual desires that we find debased by the profligate and the libertine were put into human beings so that they might be attracted by each other, and by this constant attraction the marriage state perpetuaed and the human family increased through the continued birth of children.

Distinguishing marks on the mount of venus No. 127, Distinguishing marks on the mount of venus. LARGE MOUNT OF VENUS No. 128. LARGE MOUNT OF VENUS. FLAT MOUNT OF VENUS NO, 129. FLAT MOUNT OF VENUS. GRILLED MOUNT OF VENUS No. 130. GRILLED MOUNT OF VENUS. The Mount Of Venus.

Part 2

The attraction to marriage was necessary in order that the pain of child-bearing might not prevent reproduction, and Venusian qualities of love and attraction were intended only for high purposes.

That the depravity of man has abused these faculties we all know, and this knowledge may grieve us, but as palmists we are bound to study humanity as we find it, and not as we might wish it. So with the Venusian type we stand in the presence of one of God’s greatest creations, which we must examine to see if the functions are being used for the proper purposes, or debased to feed the flames of sensuality. The Venusian type, then, stands for love, sympathy, tenderness, generosity, beauty, melody in music, gayety, joy, health, and passion, an array of forces which place it on the pinnacle of attractiveness, and render it liable to many temptations and dangers.

In appearance the Venusian is attractive and beautiful. He is graceful, shapely, well balanced and easy in his manner, presenting more a type of feminine beauty than masculine. The Apollonian and Jupiterian are types of manly beauty, the male Venusian partakes of the soft voluptuousness of female beauty. These subjects are of medium height, and present graceful curves of form from head to foot. The skin is white, fine in texture, soft and velvety to the touch, transparent in its fineness, through which a delicate pink color glows, showing normal health and blood supply. The face is round or oval in shape, is finely proportioned, with no high cheek bones, thin cheeks, prominent temples, or square jaws to make it angular or mar its beauty.

The cheeks are well rounded, and often show dimples when the face breaks into a smile. The forehead is high, well proportioned, gracefully rounding in front, perfect in contour. The skin on the forehead is tightly drawn, and does not wrinkle, nor do crows’-feet appear at the corners of the eyes in young subjects. These come later in life and after Venusian fires have fiercely burned, There is a Venusian mark on the forehead which is seen in young Venusians which con-sists of three vertical wrinkles over the bridge of the nose between the eyes. The hair is and wavy. The Venusian. when so found it is from some unnatural cause. The eyebrows are well marked, abundant, and form graceful curves on the forehead, well pointed at the ends, sharply outlined, and seldom growing over the nose; when they do, it indicates a tendency toward coarsening the type.

The eyes are round or almond-shaped, brown or dark blue in color, and have a tender expression of human sympathy. When the passions are aroused they have a voluptuous expression which it is impossible to mistake. The Venusian is a fine subject - in his whole physical make-up this fineness of texture shows constantly; his eyelids are smooth in quality, with delicately traced blue veins showing through, and with long silky lashes curling upward on the ends. The nose is shapely, full sized, but with fine curves. The nostrils are broad, and show varying moods by their rapid contraction or expansion when the subject is excited.

The mouth is beautifully shaped, with bow-like curves and full, red lips, the lower one slightly more prominent. The teeth are white, medium in size, strong, and set in beautifully colored, healthy-looking gums; so when the Venusian smiles - the dimpled cheeks, the expressive eyes, the white teeth showing through full red lips, and set in pink gums - make a most attractive picture. The chin is round and full, often dimpled on the end, and completes the graceful contour of the face. The neck is long, full, and shapely, connecting the well-shaped head with gracefully drooping shoulders, which, while they do not speak of muscular strength, show breadth and health. The chest is large, full, round, and expansive, thus giving the lungs full play. The voice is full, musical, and attractive. It shows no weakness in tone, and yet has not the Martian strength.

The legs are graceful in shape, the hips high and round, even in male Venusians, and the thigh proportionately long. The feet are small and shapely, with a high-arched instep, which gives him grace and elasticity in his walk. Altogether, the Venusian is refined, graceful, lovable, and attractive, the most apt figure to fill the very sphere in life for which he was intended, by adding brightness, joy, gay spirits, and love to a world without which selfishness and monotony would surely rule.

The hand of the Venusian is white, soft, fine in texture, pink in color, fingers of medium length or short, tips conic, slightly square or of a small, spatulate shape, nails filbert and pink, thumb medium or small, and a large Mount of Venus either smooth or grilled. The Venusian is essentially an affectionate subject. He is instinctively drawn toward his fellow-man by feelings of kinship and human sympathy, and these feelings easily ripen into love, which is his primary and typical attribute. With the Venusian there is no such feeling of repellence, or a desire to retire from the haunts of mankind, as we find with the Sat-urnian. Neither has he the Saturnian’s instinctive hatred of his fellows.

He is rather attracted toward them, seeks their society, is agreeable, kind, sympathetic, lovable, and popular. Never will you find a Venusian who turns a deaf ear to the sufferings or appeals of any human being, and never will you find a Venusian with a stiff thumb. Supple thumbs are always present, and their generosity and liberality extends to all who appeal for help. Thus the Venusian is besieged by those who have a tale of woe, for all are sure to find heartfelt sympathy in their misfortunes, and they know that whatever aid is possible will be given.

In hours of affliction or despair the Venusian never deserts a friend, but with open hand and all the tenderness of his warm heart he relieves distress and suffering wherever found. Thus the Venusian attracts all who know him by the bond of humanity, which seems to link him to mankind in general. The Mount Of Venus. Part 3 He is often the victim of rogues, who, knowing his sympathetic nature and generosity, impose upon him with ease. But this does not discourage or cause him to withdraw his sympathy or benefactions from others, for he would rather be imposed upon several times than fail to relieve one worthy case. The Venusian is not fickle; even though there is a pla-tonic love in his heart for all humanity, still, when the one true love has taken possession of him he is steadfast.

He is always gay. To him living is a joy. He has no bile poisoning his blood, no rancor fills his heart, no malice actuates him toward anyone. Good health brings in its train a good disposition, the world looks bright, and its beauty brings to him a feeling of restfulness, joy, and gratitude. On the same day, and amid exactly the same surroundings, the Saturnian will be in gloom, melancholy, pessimism, and sadness, while the heart of the Venusian will bubble with gladness, happiness, and thanksgiving for his blessings. Everything is bright to him, and this brightness he sheds upon his more serious-minded fellows, attracting and helping them through the world. This is why he is popular and loved, and from the exuberance of goodness in his heart he returns this love in abundant measure. He is fond of all amusements, dancing, society, gallantry, and all forms of gayety.

His lack of seriousness is often carried too far, for he will pursue pleasure to the exclusion of business, and therefore does not grow wealthy. He does not value riches nor assume responsibility, yet such an one as he always gets along in some way, so he is careless and improvident - but happy. He is entirely unselfish. When distress is present he sinks self entirely, and his first thought and effort are for others. He is bright, sparkling, vivacious, spontaneous, and genial, and the life of every company in which he may be. He is not profoundly studious, nor very ambitious, but is content to enjoy life. He is a great lover of the beautiful. Dress, home, surroundings, flowers, pictures, and art in every form attract, and in all of these he loves harmony, taste, and beauty.

To him it is more essential that things should be beautiful and enjoyable than that they should be useful. He is passionate, so when his eye is pleased and a responsive echo is awakened in some other breast, he will gratify his passions. If such a thing as harm-lessness were possible in a matter of this kind, it would have to be accorded to the Venusian, for to him heat, ardor, and love are inherent and a part of his very existence. But always remember that all Venusians do not give way to their desires, and no matter how strong these may be, they are often curbed for a lifetime, and the world knows nothing of the struggles such a subject undergoes. Venusians are honest and truthful. They are not schemers for money-making, or ambitious for high positions or distinction, consequently the temptation to cheat or lie does not come to them. They are constant friends, and readily forgive and forget an injury or injustice. Their human feeling causes them to see matters from “the other fellow’s” point of view, often to their own disadvantage. They hate quarrels or strife, and would rather suffer an injustice than engage in them.

The Venusian loves to give pleasure to others, and will put forth all his powers of amusement and fun-making, exerting himself to the utmost as long as he sees that those in his audience are enjoying themselves. But he loves to have his efforts appreciated, and likes to be told that he is agreeable and pleasant.

Music appeals most strongly to the Venusian, and the Mount of Venus is often called the Mount of Melody. You will never find a strong Mount of Venus without the accompanying passion for music. In examining hands for musical ability, fully note this Mount. When prominent, musical love is always present, and some ability to become proficient. With a hand fine in texture, a good line of Apollo, a good line of Mercury and line of Head, smooth fingers, square at the sides, with either conic, square, or spatulate tips, and a good Mount of Moon, you have a musician, and some of the greatest the world has ever known have had such formations. Remember, all do not have the opportunity to develop their talents, so do not be discouraged if you find all these things on hands not belonging to musical people. If they had been trained properly, they would have been musical.

The music that appeals most to the Venusian is melody. To him, classics savor too much of seriousness, but Strauss waltzes, Sousa marches, and kindred compositions will set Venusian feet to going and Venusian hearts to throbbing. The Mount of the Moon adds additional musical taste to a subject. Harmony, fugue, and counterpoint will be present with a developed Mount of the Moon. Love of color, form, and art, while present in a Venusian, will remain only a love of these things if unaccompanied by a good line and Mount of Apollo, with the Apollo finger longest in the first phalanx, and a Mount of Jupiter well developed to back them up. The Venusian will always love bright colors, natural scenery, dress, and art, but other things are necessary to transform mere love into creative power.

The Venusian often writes well, and although his nature is gay his writings are tinged with sadness. He also acts well, and many of these subjects are found on the stage. I have been interested to note that Venusians excel in tragedy or serious parts which move the audience to tears; and some of our greatest comedians are Saturnians (Sol Smith Russell is an example). In whatever way the Venusian talents are expended, we find that he touches the heart, and his music, writing, art, or acting speaks to the soul, appeals to the human interest of his hearers, and it is this fidelity and closeness to nature and nature’s heart that brings tears of sympathy. A comedy role enacted by a Saturnian is the irony in his nature cropping out. The Mount Of Venus.

Part 4

Venusians always marry, and generally at an early age. They mature rapidly as children, and, being exceedingly healthy, attain their growth when comparatively young. To them love and attraction for the opposite sex are natural, and thus they look upon marriage as a desirable state, which they do not put off longer than necessary. They are attracted by strong characters and by persons in good health. While they feel sympathy for those who are in distress, it is not weak persons who gain their love. The Martian is strongly attracted to the Venusian type, and the Martian strength and vigor attract the Venusian. Whatever the type they choose, it will be a robust, strong specimen of it. As much as Venusians love sexual pleasures, abandoned demi-monde Venusians are rare.

Of course, this class of society has some Venusian quality, but it is not the pure type with all its good qualities. The sexual predisposition of the Venusian type makes them doubly liable to bear children. Their cheery nature and joyous ways fill their homes with brightness, and seldom do they appear among the marital unfortunates. The Venusian never commits suicide. To him life is too bright, there is too much to be thankful for and too little to be discouraged about. Of all the types these are the real philosophers, who, though not so deep as some, still are happy, and self-destruction is abhorrent to them. Good health is the normal condition of the type, so with the Venusian we do not look for diseases.

They are often nervous, and may have any of the acute disorders which attack mankind in general, but they have no chronic ailments peculiar to them, and diseases which a Venusian has will be found marked on some other Mount, and not on the Mount of Venus. With low Venusians, whose good qualities are overshadowed by their evil desires, we find often venereal diseases, and such will be shown by black dots or brown patches appearing on the Mount or back of the hand. Physiologically, these are produced by impaired and poisoned blood which has contaminated these portions of the hand.

Unfortunately, we must record that there are bad ‘Venusians. Even this good type does not escape that blight.’. These subjects have only a vestige of good, and the lower instincts and desires rule. They are short in stature, stout in figure, with prominent abdomens, and all the grace and beauty eliminated from them. No finely curved lines are left, no elastic step, no bright eye.

The hair becomes red, the nose upturned, and the eyes bloodshot. Excess is stamped in every place, and bad desires and appetites have the upper hand. The lips are thick, red, and sensual; the face has a coarse skin, and the neck, body, and hands are marked as belonging to the lower world of base desires. The bad Venusian hand is very thick, especially the third phalanges of the fingers, the base of the hand, and the Mount of Venus, which is very prominent, hard, and red.

The fingers are short and smooth, with the first phalanges deficient. The skin is coarse in texture, red in color, and the hand inelastic. The thumb is small, especially the first phalanx, which is often pointed. This subject is low in his tastes, warped in his ideas, and inordinate in his appetites. He enjoys life in a coarse fashion, but is dominated by low desires and low pleasures. Not having fineness of nature, nor strength of will, these subjects do not distinguish between a refined pleasure and one which is low, so they debauch themselves, do not consider how much harm they may do, and are unscrupulous and bad. Everything takes on a tinge of vulgarity, and obscene literature and pictures or ribald talk give them pleasure. They are animals merely, and know as pleasure only the gratification of animal appetites.

The bad Venu-sian is a reprobate, a conscienceless libertine, and disgusting to decent people. Between this creature and the high type there are innumerable grades of Venusian development. It must be your task properly to estimate it by a careful examination of every part of the hand. Do not debase this splendid type by overestimating its sensual side, nor elevate a bad set of Venusian qualities by underestimating their grossness. Care and thought must be used and a complete study made of everything in the hand. The texture of the skin will show refinement or coarseness of the subject. Everything that refines elevates the type; everything that coarsens degrades it.

Thus, with fine texture the higher side of the subject may be looked for. The tenderness and sympathy will be increased, and the sensualism decreased. Beauty of form or color will be a delight, and evil thoughts will not be in the ascendant. With a large, or even an excessive Mount, or one fully grilled, the fine texture will show the passions to be refined and love to be more ideal and purer. This subject, while strongly attracted sexually, will be attracted only to those mentally equal to him or those of the same degree of refinement. His pleasure from these things will come largely from knowing that they are operating in a refined way. Coarse texture, showing coarseness of nature, acts in an opposite way. When found with a large grilled Mount of Venus, the subject will not care what is the grade of the opposite sex in mental or moral fineness, or the color of the skin; his enjoyment comes from the mere physical pleasure he derives from them. With fine texture, passion and love is refined; in coarse texture, it is brutalized, and made animal. The coarse-textured Venusian is the nearest approach to selfishness that we find in this type, for he indulges his pleasures without regard to others, especially if his thumb be at all stiff. Consistency will show what amount of energy your subject has. If it be flabby, he will be a mere pleasure hunter, and no thought of usefulness or advancement in life will actuate him. The only exertion this subject will think of making is in pursuit of enjoyment, and inertia even in this respect will be marked, for he will be best satisfied when pleasures come to him and he does not have to seek them.

Soft hands will show more energy than the flabby, and will be more useful in life. They still show laziness, but that which can be overcome, and must not be read as showing the hopeless inertia belonging to a flabby-handed Venusian. Elastic consistency is a fine combination. Here we have the excellent Venusian qualities, directed by an intelligent energy, which bring to perfection the best side of the type. It does not grow any less attractive, lovable, or sympathetic, but it becomes more practical, real, and less sensual. The idleness of flabby hands gives too much time for thoughts of mere pleasure-seeking. The elastic consistency pushes the subject to action, and this does not allow the baser side to develop. “Satan finds some mischief for idle hands to do” applies to the flabby-handed Venusian and not to the elastic. The Mount Of Venus. Part 5 No better, happier, brighter, healthier type exists than the elastic-handed Venusian, for, while full of fire, the energy works out these fires in better ways than in the indulgence of low appetites. Hard hands show unintelligent energy directing the Venusian qualities, consequently this subject will be common, less refined, and ignorantly ardent. He will have strong desires, and will gratify them in an unintelligent way with the energy of hard hands, and these subjects are found as heads of families among the poor, where there are many children. With this subject, love, sympathy, and generosity are subjugated to desire.

Flexible hands show the elastic mind. This makes a very intelligent, highly strung, gifted subject, but he is preliable to be an extremist, versatile, and too fond of admiration and pleasure. Flexible-handed Venusians need good balance-wheels to hold them in check. They are attractive, have many admirers and temptations, and often have their “heads turned.” In such subjects look for clear, deep, well-marked and colored Head lines and good thumbs. These will be needed to keep them from wasting their lives and energies in a round of pleasure. The normally flexible hand is better balanced, more inclined to self-control, and to be self-contained. These subjects may have as strong Venusiau traits, but will not be so frequently carried away by them, nor so liable to be mere pleasure hunters. These are the subjects, especially if they have elastic consistency, who accomplish a great deal in the battle of life, which, by reason of their attractive personality, is not to them so severe a struggle. First judge whether the Mount be a sensual one, an excessive one, or merely a smooth and normal development. Behind whatever kind you see, the normal balancing qualities of the normally flexible hand must be placed, and the result estimated. The stiff hand will show a stiff mind and the lack of elasticity of the nature. This subject is immeasurably more apt to be sensual and low in ideas and appetites, which he will indulge freely. He has no such sympathy or generosity, no such love of music, flowers, or the beauties of nature, as has his flexible-handed brother. He is full of lower desires, coarse in every way, unprogressive, and borders closely on stinginess and selfishness. In this subject there is a failure to complete the type; he has its low side and narrow views, minus the elevating qualities of a higher specimen of the same type. The color of the hands is important.

Pink is normal to the Venusian, and all other colors show an abnormal condition of health and consequent temperament. White color, showing a reduced strength of the current, pulls down the Venusian warmth and adds coldness. It will never be found that white color destroys the Venusian warmth and attraction, but it will reduce them. The subject will be less sympathetic and less ardent. The love of beauty will be present, but the fire of passion will burn with decreased force. Thus the white-colored Venusian will be less attractive to the opposite sex, less liable to the follies of the type, even though the Mount be strong or grilled. Pink color will show the normal condition. Here health is present in the blood and its operation, which brightens life; and vivacity, gayety, and all the pleasant Venusian qualities will be in normal operation. This subject is perfection, so far as color goes, and will be more refined, will tend to the higher side of the type qualities, and will be attractive, lovable, and tender, without the presence of vulgar sensualism. These subjects are full of generosity and sympathy, and win their way by love and gentleness. Red color shows excess. If the color be deep, it adds fuel to the already inflammable subject. Therefore he will be easily excited by the opposite sex, will be greatly attracted by them, full of burning ardor and passion, and, while not criminal in thought or disposition, is dangerous, for the sexual attraction is so great that, when aroused, all thought of consequences is lost. If the Mount be full and deeply grilled, the color very red, be on your guard for excess in all of the Venusian directions. If the fingers be thick in the third phalanges and the palm be developed at the base, this excess will be extreme, and will stop at nothing to accomplish its desires. About eighty per cent, of murderers whose crimes have been committed upon husbands, wives, or lovers have such Venusian developments, and in sudden fits of jealousy or passion have committed their deeds. Yellow color is not common in a Venusian. The type is not predisposed to biliousness, so when yellow color is seen it means a most abnormal condition. The blood poisoned by bile destroys all the good qualities of the subject, who becomes cross and fretful. Already a highly strung type, the bilious irritation increases the nervous tension and destroys its sympathy and attractiveness, replacing these qualities with bad temper. The sexual attraction is at the same time destroyed, for bile acts most disastrously in this direction, producing a nervousness which makes it impossible. Blue color is often seen, for the Venusian frequently has heart trouble. When seen in palm or nails, it must be used to indicate the degree of trouble present. The nails must be carefully considered. Broad nails, pink in color and fine in texture, will show good general health and a frank, honest disposition. They are likely to be flecked with white spots, for the subject is ultra-nervous. Narrower nails will show a less rugged constitution, and color and texture must be noted.

In any reduction or change the normal condition of the subject is reduced or changed by whatever has changed the color. If the nail be very thin and narrow, it shows a very delicate constitution, and the normal healthy expectation of the type must be reduced accordingly. Critical nails are seldom seen on this type, for the Venusian is easy-going, and seeks pleasure instead of strife. If this formation be seen, estimate the subject as a critical or pugnacious Venusian according to the degree of development. Fluted nails will indicate that nervousness plays a prominent part. If very marked, the subject will be excitable and flighty, especially if the hand be flexible, the fingers long and smooth, and the tips pointed. The brittle nail, turning sharply back, is sometimes seen, and the danger of extreme nerve trouble, even paralysis, is present. These nervous nails will take away from the good nature and attractiveness of the subject. The Mount Of Venus. Part 6 Bulbous nails, in whatever degree found, will tell that throat, bronchial, or pulmonary trouble is present, and must be considered in estimating the subject. Note this peculiar fact in these cases, that the consumptive Venusian has his sexual desires increased tremendously. This seems to be a symptom of this disease, especially in the middle stages. Hair on the hands, if black, will show the increased vitality peculiar to that color. If it be plentiful, it also shows increased muscular strength. Black color, showing plentiful supplies of iron, adds to the ardor of the type, and the subject is vigorous, energetic, and volatile. If the Mount be a strong one, black hair must be considered as an addition to its strength. Red hair adds its flashing excitability to the subject, making him preliable to quick temper and sudden changes of mood. In both these colors I suppose the hair to be fine in quality.

If coarse, it will show all the indications of color, but in a coarse degree. This coarse black or red hair with a large Mount, grilled, will make the subject very susceptible to sexual attraction, where physical instead of mental charms are the moving power. Red or black hair, fine in quality, shows volatility in refined degrees. Gray or white hair is often seen on Venusians even when young. In these cases if the depleted vitality shown by this color comes from exhausted powers due to excess, the flabby much-grilled Mount will be seen. Blond color is normal, and gives its typical qualities. If straw color, it is not the Venusian blond, which must have a tinge of auburn or red to be normal. The more silver the blond color, the more it shows Teutonic phlegmatism, and the more it is tinged with the auburn shade, the more ardor is present. The hand as a whole will show the three worlds, and these must be more largely depended upon with this type than with any of the others except the Martian. With the fingers long, and especially the first phalanges of them, the mental world will govern the subject. The love will be ideal, the sympathy lofty, and the generosity intelligent. He will love music, poetry, romance, all of which will be viewed from a high plane and away from base thoughts and ideas. The middle portion of the hands and fingers strongly developed will add practical ideas, and make the subject less idealistic. The feeling of fellowship with all mankind will be very marked, and a full operation of generosity is expected, especially if the thumb be supple. This subject will love warmly, but will be sensible, not carried away by the idealism of the upper world nor the sensualism of the lower. These people are strong in the Venusian qualities, but regulate them. If the base of the palm be full and large, and stronger than the upper developments, the subject will be dominated by the low desires of the type. Fierce passion will inflame him, and he will regard all persons simply from the standpoint of ability to satisfy his desires. The pure, ideal side of love is unknown, and the bond of attraction to his fellows is physical desire. If this development of the base of the palm be very great, the third phalanges of the fingers thick, the first short, the Mount of Venus red and deeply grilled, and the thumb weak, the subject will murder if necessary to gratify his desires. These are the markings found on ravishers. The fingers and other Mounts must be examined to see what types are secondary, or which side of these types. If the Venusian has no Jupiterian ambition, Saturnian wisdom or soberness, or Mercurian shrewdness in his make-up, he will not achieve success in worldly or business affairs.

While a lovable, attractive type, the Venusian needs some other types in combination to develop him. Whatever the secondary or tertiary types may be, they must be considered as back of the Venusian qualities as driving forces. The Apollonian is too closely akin to the Venusian to make a good combination; he has too many similar qualities. The Lunarian is not a good secondary combination, for imagination in too great degree will inflame the passions and make an already inert subject more lazy. It needs some side of the Jupiterian, Saturnian, Mercurian, or Martian type to perfect the Venusian. The finger-tips will tell their story. Marked ideality is present with pointed tips, in which case the dreamy qualities will render these subjects impractical, but lovable and fascinating. They are hot-house plants, “human china,” fit to love and play with, but unequal to a struggle against the roughness of the world. Conic tips show artistic tastes and give conic qualities to the subject. Square tips make him practical, regular in habits, tidy in dress, and methodical in his ways. Delicately square tips are often seen, but not those which are broad, or pronouncedly square. Spat-ulate tips add energy, fire, and originality to the subject. He is ready, seldom taken off his guard, and in ideas or speech is always equal to the occasion. The spatulate tip is a fine combination for the Venusian, for it makes him human in sympathy and love. These subjects are intensely fond of pets, - horses, dogs, or all animals; they are constant in their affections, original in ideas, active in games, skilful, graceful, and charming.

They are passionately fond of children, and tender and gentle with everyone. Knotty fingers will greatly reduce the impulse of the subject. Though knots are unexpected still they are found, and must be considered. The first knot alone will make the subject intelligent, systematic in his mental operations, and less frivolous. The second knot will make him tidy, unusually careful of his appearance, and orderly in everyday life. Both knots will make him analytical, but, as the subject is dominated by enthusiasm and impulse, they are seldom seen well marked. Smooth fingers are expected. The artistic ideas, impulsive ways, and spontaneous methods in thought and action which are peculiar to the Venusian are all emphasized by smooth fingers; there may, however, be seen a slight development of the second knot, and still the fingers may be considered as smooth. These subjects love dress and good appearance, and are nearly always tidy. The Mount Of Venus. Part 7 Long fingers are not expected, for the Venusian does not love detail. He loves pleasure, and to have someone else see that everything is planned and systematized. After all these details have been attended to, the Venusian likes to be called in to enjoy the things prepared. He will then be full of praise, and the long-fingered subject who has done all the work will say, “What an agreeable fellow he is, and how appreciative.” Thus the Venusian by a few kind words often compensates for hours of labor, and his fellow-men will crowd each other in an effort to serve him. He lacks long-fingered detail, and also the suspicion and sensitiveness that belong to long fingers. When long fingers are seen, add their propensities to the subject, always remembering that they are not normal to the type. Short fingers, with their quickness of thought and impulsiveness of action, are normal with the type. Note carefully whether they are too short, for the impulsiveness of this type needs nothing to increase it. The natural distaste of the Venusian for detail emphasizes his short-fingered qualities, and increases the impulsive-ness and desire for quickness in thought and execution. Thus, when short fingers are seen, place short-fingered quickness and liability to carelessness back of the Venusian qualities and you will get the proper result. The thumb will be largely the key to your subject.

If small or pointed, or both, you know the character is weak and vacillating. The desires will rule and be gratified, the subject will be easily led by others, and, with his natural pleasure-loving proclivities, will be led away by whoever obtains an influence over him. The natural laziness of the type will be increased, and determination lacking. You must compare the two phalanges to see if will or reason is greater. If will be stronger, determination will be exercised without good judgment, and this subject is determined by fits and starts. If the will phalanx be pointed, the impressionability is increased and the will weakened. If it be square, the will is stronger, common-sense, and practical. If it be spatulate, the will becomes very strong per se, but if unsupported by a good second phalanx and a good Head line will not be brought into operation. The clubbed formation is not often seen on this type, and is not normal. There is no fierceness nor bloodthirsty desire for murder in the good Venusian. When he kills, it is in a fit of jealousy or thwarted passion, and it is a low specimen of the type who does it. Refined, high-class Venusians never commit murder - there is too much kindness and sympathy in them. On low type Venusians you will always find a strong secondary type present, nearly as strong as the Venusian, and it is from this secondary type that they get the nerve and brutality to commit murder. The Venusian type supplies the passion and jealousy, the secondary type the instinct to kill.

If the clubbed thumb be seen on a refined Venusian subject, you will find that the brutal tendencies are inherited, sometimes from generations back, and often never display themselves. The paddle-shaped will phalanx is an excellent one to find on this type, for the tendencies of the type are so strong that it needs all the restraints possible .to hold them in check, and strong, evenly balanced will power is one of the best possible restraining elements. The second phalanx must be long and well balanced to get the best results, for reason and good judgment are needed to keep the subject level. If this is deficient, he becomes a prey to his emotions, impulses, and desires, and lacks the good sense and judgment to restrain them, even if he has a will strong enough to do it. In this case, will is in operation, but is not backed by judgment. The best formation of the second phalanx is the waist-like, for tact is then indicated, and the subject does not offend by brusqueness. Thus, on a Venusian, the large thumb, giving good judgment and determination, will hold in check any amount of strong desires. In the chapter on the Thumb we said that this digit shows will, reason, and love, the three great moral forces of the universe. Thus the Venusian, in a perfect state, combines all these. The Head line must be clear, well cut, well colored, and unbroken, to give the best results, for the Venusian needs self-control and clear judgment to steer him from pitfalls. These elements he gets from such a Head line, which is a fine adjunct to a good thumb. Of the seven types the one which lightens the world with love, charms with beauty, attracts with health, sympathizes in sorrow, and relieves distress is the Venusian, and while we can by no means say that he is faultless, we must recognize that his good qualities are so predominant that his faults are forgotten.


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