The engines for Covid and influenza viruses

The Covid Star and the Flu Star

January 8, 2022 by Juan Icon
The influence of stars on behavior is one of the links between Material Superphysics and Medical Superphysics

Have you ever wondered why Covid and influenza are prevalent in Europe but not in Africa?

Life (and Viruses) Come from Stars

According to science, all the matter in the universe came from stars via supernovae explosions. We extend this to add that viruses and simple bacteria, as life, also are included in such explosions. Life forms are then influenced by light from the supernova or cluster where they came from.

For example, everything we do as humans totally depends on our sun. If the sun vanishes, then we all die out. Similarly, viruses totally depend on their star for everything.

We imagine a Covid star shining on Earth to empower Covid which began in China on Dec 24, 2019. We then add the other successful variants as “Covid landings” noting the rotation and revolution of Earth relative to the Covid Star. This creates a “Covid Equator” or “Covid Line” which starts from the UK then goes to China, India, South Africa, and Brazil.

The Covid Star

We then apply this technique to influenza.

According to “ The Latitude Effect ” (Almeida, Codeço, Luz), flu travels from North Brazil to Southern Brazil from May to July. So we lay the Earth on its side to create a “Flu Line” extending this line from Brazil onto Australia, China, Russia, Europe, and North America.

From this, we see that Africa is totally exempt from the flu line and is partially exempt from the Covid line (except South Africa). This explains why flu is historically negligible in Africa and Covid is low.

The Covid Line and Flu Line

Southern China, on the other hand, is traversed by both the Covid line and the flu line. This explains why 12th centry historian Chau Ju Kua called Southern China a region of pestilence. This caused Chinese medicine to specialize in flu cases which has helped China to currently have lower cases than the West. China was able to take a negative phenomenon and make it positive, in line with Taoist thinking.

This star-based analysis, or out-of-the-box reasoning, is derived from Johannes Kepler who taught people to view phenomena from the perspective of stars and not people.

From here, we can suggest the following policies:

  1. Focus vaccination and lockdowns on the “Covid line countries” from November to February. This would be like preemptive strikes on Covid landing zones to prevent them from gaining a foothold. China currently does this.
  2. Move the Holidays and Lunar New Year to June-July
  3. Tap the long experience of China-Taiwan on flu prevention and treatment*
  4. By extending Kepler’s Harmonic Ratios, we hypothesize that the Spanish Flu ended with the end of WWI which cut the harmonic link between the Flu star and Earth. So we likewise suggest to end the War against the Amazon rainforest to cut the link between the Covid star and Earth to make Covid harmless like the flu

*China treats 85% of the COVID-19 patients using traditional medicines such as root extract of Isatis indigotica and extract of Houttuynia cordata

The Spanish Flu was the Covid Star

The Spanish Flu emerged in Kansas in the US on March 4, 1918. It spread to France and then throughout Europe by May and then declined.

In the US, it reappeared as a second wave from September to November 2018 notably in Philadelphia, Boston, and San Fransisco.

The fact that the second wave around Q4 was worse than the first wave of Q1 forms a pattern consistent with the Covid Star. The Spanish Flu naturally died out after World War 1 ended and this forms our advocacy to end the war against the Amazon to end the Covid pandemic.

How we cracked Covid via Regular Patterns

This pattern emerged thanks to the Omicron variant striking in South Africa near the same month as the Beta variant which struck that country earlier in 2020. This then created a pattern that was different from our original ‘spreading pattern*’ prediction of Omicron emerging in Indonesia or Malaysia by Q4 2021 .

*This assumes that the causal mechanism for successful variants is merely a high volume of infections or hosts. This volume then increases the chances for such variants. Thus, this assumption is “chance-based”

Instead, Omicron showed that Covid follows a more-predictable ‘cyclical pattern’ like influenza which has a known pattern:

  • May-July in the Southern Hemisphere
  • December-February in the Northern Hemisphere

But unlike influenza which is active all-year round, Covid is active mosty during the fourth quarter of the year.

By applying the orbital theories of Johannes Kepler, we guesstimated that the Covid star* was ‘underneath’ the sun on a far side. This caused the earth to come near it (aphelion) during the fourth quarter of its orbital revolution.

*This assumption is based on the dynamics of the Earth relative to the cosmos and is pattern-based or orbit-based

The Flu star, on the other hand, was either on top or below of the sun. This caused it to affect influenza on Earth evenly throughout the year. These stars are then within our own Milky Way since flu has been happening in Southern China for hundreds of years.

Solves Monarch Butterflies Too

The idea of stars guiding life on earth is also seen in the migration routes of monarch butterflies. These are born at the end of August in Mexico and fly into into the southern US in the spring, living for 7-8 months. The make their offspring in the US which last only 3-5 weeks. These short-lived versions then fly back to Mexico.

Science explains that the monarchs have some kind of magnetic guidance system. This is wrong because it does not explain how the latter generations can find their way back to Mexico. Where do the younger butterflies get the memory to fly back from the US to Mexico?

We explain that the butterflies are guided by starlight from a specific star or group of stars. This is similar to us being guided to go West or East based on the position of the sun relative to the Earth without any magnetic tool or sense. This also does not require any memory of past locations.


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