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January 6, 2022

Following our theory that Covid is powered by a Covid star , we list down the attributes of known variants emphasizing the date and place where they were first reported. This is to plot their “landing zones” which, according to our theory, forms a line that circles the world.

Name Date First Encountred Place Transmissibility Severity Technical Name
Original Dec 24, 2019 A market in Wuhan, China GH/253G.V1; B.1.526
Lambda Aug 2020 Peru
Zeta Apr 2020 Brazil P2
Alpha Oct 2020 Kent UK +30%
Beta Oct 2020 Cape province South Africa 50%+ +
Delta Oct 2020 Maharashtra India +80% Alpha +
Gamma Nov 2020 Manus Brazil
Delta+ Dec 2020 Maharashtra India +20% Delta
Iota Nov 2020 New York
Kappa Dec 2020 Maharashtra, India
Eta Dec 2020 UK and Nigeria
Theta Feb 2021 Japan and the Philippines P.3, B.
Epsilon 2021 California, USA GH/452R.V1
Omicron Nov 24 2021 South Africa

The pattern shows:

  • that Q4 (October to December) is the time for the strongest Covid strains.
  • those variants follow the “Covid line”

Covid line and Flu line

These 13 variants show a regular pattern which coincides which is consistent with a cyclical universe and solar system.

We explained how Covid is caused by the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. This can be mitigated by a vegetarian diet which will reduce the need to raze forests to make room for soya farms used to feed livestock.

The next post explains how Adam Smith was a vegetarian.


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