Quantum of Electricity

Electrons are Positive, Protons are Negative Icon

January 1, 2020

Have you wondered why negative ions make us feel positive, and positive ions make us feel negative?

That’s because electrons are really positively charged! Benjamin Franklin made a mistake when he called electrons as negative. Rather than confuse everyone by calling the negative as positive, we’d rather call the negative as ‘feminine charge’, the positive as a ‘masculine charge’, and neutral as a ‘bisexual charge’.


We shall use the word "Feminine" in the place of "Negative" in speaking of that pole of activity. Kybalion

Male and Female

The attraction between protons, electrons, and neutrons intuitively follow this naming convention, just as Shiva is male and Shakti is female. Likewise, charges can change from positive to negative and vice versa just a male can choose to become a female, though far less common.

We call quarks as qom or quantum of matter, just as we called gravitons as qost or quantum of spacetime. So far, the common fundamental particles are:

Physics Name Superphysics Name Spin Physics Charge Mass Description
Up Quark Light boy qom 1/2 +2/3 2.2 MeV/c2 The lightest quark. Forms neutrons with 2 down quarks and protons with 2 up and 1 down
Charm Quark Woman qom 1/2 +2/3 1.275 GeV
Top Quark Heavy woman qom 1/2 +2/3
Down Quark Light boy qom 1/2 -1/3 4.7 MeV/c2
Strange Quark Boy qom 1/2 -1/3 95 MeV/c2
Bottom Quark Heavy boy qom 1/2 -1/3 4.18 GeV/c2
Electron qoe 1/2 -1
Muon 1/2 -1
Tau 1/2 -1 1776.86 MeV/c2 Heavy electron
Neutrino none
Muon Neutrino none
Tau Neutrino none
Photon qol 0 none none
W Z Bosons qor 1/2 +-1
Higgs Boson qoa 0 none

So What’s the Use of Male and Female Charges?

The charges are a consequence of identities in the Radiant layer charting a course towards the Material layer via the Radioactive layer. Using genders allows a intuitive and more diversified classification that is more robust than mere positive or negative. For example, binary male and female has variations as:

  • lesbian
  • gay
  • agender
  • cisgender
  • non-binary
  • two-spirit
  • genderfluid

These then lead to different combination-dynamics such as:

  • male + genderfluid
  • lesbian + gay
  • lesbian + agender
  • etc

Such combinations then have different properties which might be useful in the real world. These could lead to new specialized compounds or materials. Coming up with new compounds would be more difficult in a non-intuitive system that merely has positive-negative.

Quantum of Electricity

As you can see, we call electron a (female) qoe [pronouncued “khoe”], and the tau a heavy qoe. We can replace all arbitrary names with this more natural system.