Chapter 1b

The Aether Drag

February 5, 2023 by Juan Icon

The biggest blow to the aether principle was the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiment to detect the aether drag.

The Post-Cartesian Corruption of the Aether

Acccording to 19th century physicists, specifically Maxwell, the aether was the medium on which light traveled.

In order to detect this ’luminiferous ether’, Michelson and Morley created an ‘interferometer’ to make 2 light rays move in different directions in order to see whether they travelled in different speeds. A difference would mean that the aether was acting on one ray more than the other.

The result showed that both rays travelled at the same speed, and so the ether did not exist.

Lorentz to the Rescue

To save the aether theory, Lorentz created the concept of space expanding and contracting. It meant that the aether really did act on the 2 beams of light to make them travel at different speeds. However, the aether also acted on the space where the 2 beams traveled in. This cancelled the difference.

One therefore comes exactly to the influence of motion on the dimensions, which was shown before to be necessary to explain Michelson's experiment.

It seems undeniable that changes of the molecular forces and consequently of the body's size are possible. Michelson's experiment thus loses its verification power for the question at which it was aimed.

If one assumes the theory of Fresnel, then its meaning rather lies in the fact, that we can learn something about the change of dimensions.

Einstein Destroys the Aether

This malleable space was exploited by the scammer Einstein who added time in to the mix in order to create Minkowski 4-dimensional space. He then pegged this new ‘spacetime’ to the speed of light, called c, in order to create Special Relativity, and then General Relativity.

The huge problem with this (and is the reason why we demonize Einstein as a scammer and nuclear-weapons promoter ) is that light is part of the electromagnetic (radiant) layer which is inferior to both the spacetime and aetheral layers.

The 5 layers
By enshrining c, Einstein cut off Physics from the spacetime and aethereal layers. This means that Physics can only know around half of how the physical universe functions. After 100 years of such limitation, this now manifests as the slow down of scientific discoveries

In the correct and original Cartesian theory, the aether is really ‘aetheral air’ which is in a different dimension from light (electromagnetism) or ‘aethereal fire’.

Fresnel* seems to have forgotten this division and put the aether in the same dimension as light.

*We are still looking into Fresnel’s work to verify this. However, we see that Huygens makes this mistake immediately and so we say generally that the error originated from post-Descartes physicists.

Solutions to the Michelson-Morley Result: Revealing the True Aether Drag

Lorentz fixed the misunderstanding of Fresnel by creating the concept of a malleable and flexible space.

We then add the original Poincare spacetime into it in order to create the proper spacetime THAT IS NOT LIMITED by Einstein’s c. This frees Physics and consequently Technology from its current shackles.

This Poincare spacetime is the bridge to the original Cartesian ‘aethereal air’, which in Superphysics is the aethereal layer.

Thus, we correct Maxwell, Fresnel, Huygens, etc who believed that the aether was the direct medium of light. Instead, we say that the aether is the medium of spacetime and that spacetime is the medium of light.

The aether is the material of ideas, minds, and feelings.

  • The idea of a planet starts in the aethereal layer and goes down into the material layer through galaxies which are aethereal vortices in Poincare spacetime.
  • After billions of years (the ’time’ in spacetime), the idea-planet manifests as real planet in a certain space.

The aether drag therefore is the difference between an original idea and the final or current idea.

Metaphysicians (such as historian-philosophers like David Hume and Ibn Khaldun) use this to test evolution of a society, idea, or species.

*A nation’s history acts like a training dataset to predict what will happen to it, and is the origin of prophecy. We use machine learning to do the same thing – predict election results, recessions, war, etc .

In the paradigm of Cartesian physics, Michelson-Morley were really testing the idea-of-the-speed-of-light-in-2-directions through their interferometer.

The aether drag
The Michelson-Morley actually proved the metaphysical aether drag of the original Cartesian aether

Two Ways to Test Aether Drag

According to our 5 Elements model, electromagnetism is inside spacetime and spacetime is inside the aether. This means there are 2 ways to test the aether drag:

  • by time: Measurements can be done on a thing at distant times at the same place
  • by space: Measurements can be done on the same thing at distant places at the same time

The Michelson-Morley measurement done on earth can be compared with current and very old experiments, also done on earth, in order to reveal the aether drag.

Another option is to test the speed of light on earth and on another star or galaxy at the same time. This will likewise reveal differences in measurement. The farther the distance, the larger the difference.

In the case of testing at the same place, the speed of light shows less difference with modern measurements from the 18th century ones. The idea of the speed of light has evolved from 301,000 kilometers per second in 1729 to 299,796 thanks to the Michelson-Morley experiment.

This reveals:

  • ‘High and low level’ aether drag
  • The reduction of the drag through time – this matches the acceleration of the expansion of spacetime as measured by the Hubble and James Web Telescopes

The Correct Understanding of the Aether Unlocks A LOT of New Technlogies

We are continually bashing Einstein and putting up Descartes because there are so many benefits from the discovery of the aether, specifically technologies in physics, as well as solutions to problems in medicine, economics, and politics.

We actually have tested the aether by making a 1 kilogram mass lighter by action at a distance. Next steps are to make the mass so light as to levitate it off the ground with far less energy expense.

Aether Tech
The destruction of General Relativity will usher in a new breed of technologies

The ancient Egyptians used the aether to make their pyramid blocks lighter, allowing them to have cheaper infrastructure costs.

The pyramids are proof that aether technology can do without electromagnetic technology just as an electronic computer can do without a steam engine to power it [combustion from classical mechanics].

Hindu monks use it to levitate to show off the superiority of Vedic principles.

Taoists use it for health as Chi-gong and Traditional Chinese medicine which are cheaper and more sustainable than Western Medicine. It explains the longevity and huge population of the Chinese people.

All of these cannot be mainstream while Einstein’s General Relativity, and the useless Kantian paradigm that it is based on, is in force.