The Age of the Universe

January 8, 2023 by Juan Icon

Physicists and astronomers were surprised that the James Webb Telescope revealed new facts about the universe

  1. The universe was spread out more evenly than expected
  2. The oldest galaxies were smaller compared to our younger Milky Way and were more than expected


The cause of the surprise was the false materialist belief called The Big Bang Theory which says that the universe began as a mass of singularity that exploded to create spacetime and the current galaxies.

Such a theory would lead to the following assumptions:

  • There should be more galaxies at a certain region of the universe compared to others
  • Old galaxies should be bigger than new ones

Such assumptions were destroyed by the findings of the James Webb Telescope which could detect red-shift, and thus, get more information about distant galaxies.

The Cause of the Error

The Big Bang theory is totally flawed because it is based on the belief of Isaac Newton that gravity comes from matter.

Mass is the amount of matter in a body..
The total motion of a body is the sum of all motions of its parts and is based on its velocity and mass..
Force is an external action exerted on the body in order to change its state..
This Force can come from impact, pressure, centripetal force..
A centripetal force draws a body towards a center. Examples are gravity which draws bodies to the centre of the earth.. Definitions, Principia Mathematica

Newton ascribes the cause of motion, including gravitational motion, to the mass, or amount of matter, of bodies. This leads him to assert that the universe has a center:

Hypothesis 1: The centre of the universe is immovable
The common centre of gravity of the earth, the sun, and all the planets, is the centre of the universe. This is because the sun, and all the planets, mutually gravitate one towards another, and are therefore, according to their powers of gravity, in perpetual agitation. It is plain that their moveable centres can not be taken for the immovable centre of the world. Proposition 11-12, Theorem 11-12, Principia Mathematica Simplified

This is opposite of the cause discovered by Descartes, which is the aether.

The power to move and the power that determines that motion's direction are 2 completely different things. These can exist one without the other (as I have set out in the Dioptrics). Each part moves in the way least difficult for it by the bodies around it. Chapter 2, The World Simplified The aether is the first mover which rolls around the universe at an incomprehensible speed. It is the origin and source of all the other motions found therein. Chapter 3, The World Simplified

Materialists Enshrine Matter, Superphysics Enshrines the Aether

The matter-based mindset was enshrined by Newton, creating the Laws of Motion from it, leading to modern science. This overturned and replaced the then-established aether-based philosophical mindset from Descartes, who promoted the theory of aethereal vortices.

The hypothesis of vortices is problematic.
It says that each planet by a radius drawn to the sun may describe areas proportional to the times of description, the periodic times of the several parts of the vortices should observe the duplicate proportion of their distances from the sun. The smaller vortices may maintain their lesser revolutions about Saturn, Jupiter, and other planets, and swim quietly and undisturbed in the greater vortex of the sun.
But I have explained that the motions of the comets are very regular. These are governed by the same laws with the motions of the planets. Principia Mathematica Simplified

Socially, materialism led to 2 materialist philosophies:

  1. Capitalism

This is based on money which was based on material gold and silver, which is used to force changes in economies through buying and selling.

  1. Communism

This is based on dialectical materialism where material strength is used to force changes in society.

These 2 philosophies fight each other:

  • Capitalism uses material wealth to create the changes that wealthy people want to happen
  • Communism uses material force to create the changes that forceful people want to happen

These have caused a lot of conflict and suffering since matter is naturally crude, unthinking, and is therefore dominated by mere chance (which is decided by the immaterial aether). A simple proof is the conflict between the Capitalist West and ex-Communist Russia:

  • The West imposed financial wealth sanctions to make Russia change its offensive actions
  • Russia uses physical bombs and tanks to make Ukraine change into surrender
Russian Invasion
Superphysics explains universal principles. We show examples of how principles in one science is connected, and manifests, in another. In this case, the materialist principles manifest both in physics and politics/economics

Scientifically, the dominance of matter is why research requires material evidence and material reproducability. This then incrementally increases the cost of research as time passes. A research project in the 17th century is far cheaper than one done today and is why there were far more innovations in the past. It also leads to the current increase in slowness in research output, especially in physics and chemistry.

Therefore, the dominance of matter in the minds of post-Newton humans manifests as:

  • the slowness of scientific research and lack of technological revolution comparable to the 18th century
  • the problems associated with Capitalism and Communism

The Proper Theory: Aethereal Vortices

Superphysics is rooted in the aether, as the highest layer in the 5-layer universe.

Superphysics has the aether as the highest layer or element, based on the neatly-ordered and intuitive Hindu Pancabhutas and Taoist Wu-xing framework. Materialist Physics has matter as the highest layer or element, as an effect of fully embracing the illusion created by Nature

We can expose Newton’s misunderstanding of the vortices theory in another post.

Instead of a material big bang, the universe began as aethereal ideas of the Supreme Mind which Hindu science calls Saguna Brahma.

These ideas flow down (as explained by Taoist science) as Thoughts onto the Spacetime layer, manifesting as vortices (as explained by Descartes).

  • Clockwise vortices convert matter and objects into energy and ideas. In cosmology, this manifests as quasars.
  • Counter-Clockwise vortices convert energy and ideas into matter and objects. This manifests as galaxies.

Instead of a Big Bang, the entire universe already pre-exists as a bunch of probabilities that become instantly real depending on the mind that perceives it.

  • This bunch of probabilities make up the multiverse when they are in effect (have a perceiver ready).
  • They remain as unreal existences whenever a perceiver is unavailable.

It means that the universe has no single starting point other than the mind that is perceiving that universe.

If the James Web Telescope telported to another galaxy, it would see the same even distribution of galaxies. Even if it teleported to a galaxy on the outer edge of its knowledge, it would likewise see an even distribution of mostly new galaxies to add to its knowledge.

Therefore, the age of a universe depends on the layer where the perceiving mind is.

  • Humans are on the material layer, as material creatures, going onto the transformative (radioactive) and electromagnetic layers. From this layer, the universe is 13.8 billion years old.

  • But from a mind or species that is in the electromagnetic layer (such as creatures made up of photons), the universe is just a few ‘years’ old.

  • From a species in the spacetime layer, the universe is a few ‘days’ old.

  • From a species in the aethereal layer, the universe is a few ‘seconds’ old and even instantaneous. This is because the aethereal layer is closest to the non-layer which we call ‘probabilty’. Moreover, it is also above spacetime, making time irrelevant. This then makes questions of age or timespan irrelevant.

The layer that the mind occupies then depends on the strength of the Negative Force on it. As material creatures, the human species has a lot of Negativity within it, as well as other material animals and plants. This negativity manifests as the conflicts, recessions, inequality, stress from working for money, and other kinds of suffering that seems inseparable from human nature.

Our Unification Solution for Newton and Descartes

To solve the conflict between materialists and ‘aetherealists’ for good, we equate the aether to Newton’s ‘Spirit’ which he says dominates matter.

A Spirit pervades and lies hidden in all gross bodies. Its action and force causes the particles of bodies to mutually attract one another at near distances, cohere if contiguous, emit light and heat bodies.
All animal bodies move at the command of the will through the vibrations of this Spirit. These vibrations travel from our sense organs to the brain and from the brain to the muscles.
My work can lay the foundation to discover how this Spirit operates. Principia Mathematica Simplified

Therefore, Netwon ascribes gravity to matter which is then dominated by an aethereal Spirit. In short form, this makes gravity caused by the aether, made perceivable by matter. This is the same as what Descartes was explaining.

Both Newton and Descartes ascribe the cause of reality to vibrations of the aether. Superphysics interprets such vibrations as waves and is why Superphysics is technically a wave-based science , notated by qualimath in order to realize shiny new spacetime and aethereal technologies.

Newton explained that the vibrational Spirit operates on both gravity and impulses in the brain. This is why Superphysics has Material Superphysics for gravitational vibrations, and Bio Superphysics for ‘brain vibrations’ (soul vibrations). We also have Social Superphysics for social vibrations such as the ones that trigger economic, political, and social actions. We even test vibrations on plants, as part of Agricultural Supereconomics, by trying out different sounds to increase crop yield.

We were able to unite Newton and Descartes because we went outside the box of Western Science and tapped what the Asian Sciences of Hinduism, Taoism, and the Ancient Greek had discovered much earlier.

We were able to look into all of what Western science and Asian science had written down because the internet was invented and it allowed such information to be available to all.


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