Chapter 3

Role Of The Department Of Energy

Section 37. Powers and Functions of the DOE

The DOE will supervise the restructuring of the electricity industry.

This amends Section 5 of RA 7638 “The Department of Energy Act of 1992”:

  • a Formulate policies for a comprehensive program for the efficient supply and economical use of energy.

This program must:

  • be consistent with:

  • the approved national economic plan

  • the policies on environmental protection and conservation and maintenance of ecological balance

  • provide a mechanism for the integration, rationalization, and coordination of the various energy programs of the Government

  • Develop and update annually the existing Philippine Energy Plan as ‘The Plan’. This PLan will:

    • provide for an integrated and comprehensive exploration, development, utilization, distribution, and conservation of energy resources, with preferential bias for environment-friendly, indigenous, and low-cost sources of energy.
    • include a policy direction towards the privatization of government agencies related to energy, deregulation of the power and energy industry, and reduction of dependency on oil-fired plants.
    • shall be submitted to Congress not later than September 15 and every year thereafter
  • Prepare and update annually a Power Development Program (PDP) and integrate the same into the Philippine Energy Plan.

The PDP shall consider and integrate the individual or joint development plans of the transmission, generation, and distribution sectors of the electric power industry, which are submitted to the Department: Provide, however, That the ERC shall have exclusive authority covering the Grid Code and the pertinent rules and regulations it may issue

  • d Ensure the reliability, quality and security of supply of electric power

  • e Following the restructuring of the electricity sector, the DOE shall, among others:

    1. Encourage private sector investments in the electricity sector and promote development of indigenous and renewable energy sources
    2. Facilitate and encourage reforms in the structure and operations of distribution utilities for greater efficiency and lower costs
    3. In consultation with other government agencies, promote a system of incentives to encourage industry participants, including new generating companies and end-users to provide adequate and reliable electric supply
    4. Undertake in coordination with the ERC, NAPOCOR, NEA and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), information campaign to educate the public on the restructuring of the electricity sector and privatization of NAPOCOR assets.
  • f Jointly with the electric power industry participants, establish the wholesale electricity spot market and formulate the detailed rules governing the operations thereof;

  • g Establish and administer programs for the exploration, transportation, marketing, distribution, utilization, conservation, stockpiling, and storage of energy resources of all forms, whether conventional or non-conventional;(h) Exercise supervision and control over all government activities relative to energy projects in order to attain the goals embodied in Section 2 of RA 7638

  • o Develop policies and procedures and, as appropriate, promote a system of energy development incentives to enable and encourage electric power industry participants to provide adequate capacity to meet demand including, among others, reserve requirements

  • j Monitor private sector activities relative to energy projects in order to attain the goals of the restructuring , privatization, and modernization of the electric power sector as provided for under existing laws: Provided, That the Department shall endeavor to provide for an environment conducive to free and active private sector participation and investment in all energy activities

  • k Assess the requirements of, determine priorities for, provide direction to, and disseminate information resulting from energy research and development programs for the optimal development of various forms of energy production and utilization technologies; (l) Formulate and implement programs, including a system of providing incentives and penalties, for the judicious and efficient use of energy in all energy-consuming sectors of the economy; (m) Formulate and implement a program for the accelerated development of non-conventional energy systems and the promotion and commercialization of its applications; (n) Devise ways and means of giving direct benefit to the province, city, or municipality, especially the community and people affected, and equitable preferential benefit to the region that hosts the energy resource and/or the energy-generating facility: Provided, however, That the other provinces, cities, municipalities, or regions shall not be deprived of their energy requirements; (o) Encourage private enterprises engaged in energy projects, including corporations, cooperatives, and similar collective organizations, to broaden the base of their ownership and thereby encourage the widest public ownership of energy-oriented corporations; (p) Formulate such rules and regulations (q) Exercise such other powers


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