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Socratic FAQ


asker What is Superphysics?
sp The merging of Science and Metaphysics without going into the details of either.
asker So it’s pseudo-science because it has metaphysics?

No. Superphysics upgrades science by adding metaphysics, similar to how Android is an upgrade of tradtional phone operating systems by adding installable apps.

Do we call a Samsung Android as a pseudo-Nokia 3310?

asker No. We call it as a smart-phone.
sp Correct. We add the word ‘smart.’ Similarly, we add ‘super’ to ‘physics’ to set it apart. Socratic dialectics makes up the core of this ‘super’ upgrade.
asker How is Socratic Dialectics different from Dialectics?

The original dialectics was defined by Socrates to be based on Pythagorean metaphysics. But Aristotle hijacked dialectics and made his own version based an his own matter-based metaphysics (as ‘substance’). The Germans, like Kant, Hegel, Engels, and Marx followed Aristotle.

This led to Dialectical Materialism which is based on limited human logic and has caused a lot of problems in the world, as expected. The enlightened philosophers like Hume and Ibn-Khaldun denounced Aristotle.

asker How sure are you that Superphysics can solve what Science cannot?
sp Because we absorb all data, information, and human knowledge, even from Asia, Africa, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, even human information about aliens. This gives us a bigger data set from which we can test their own principles on our reality.
asker How do you weed out junk ideas like faeries and pixie dust?

By finding consistent patterns. If all five continents have oral tradition of faeries and pixie dust that survive up to modern times, then there’s some reality to it. But we find that there are none, so we cross it out as untrue.

Truth is the equality of perceptions. We’re after true patterns that lead to the single truth, as the cause behind an issue or problem.

The most common pattern in all human societies is the belief in an afterlife or another type of reality, and so we drill down on that.

asker So what have you found?

That there is a Supreme Entity, called as God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Brahma, Amaterasu, etc. and that we are inside It. Parmenides calls It The One, and the Chinese call It The Tao.

This is similar to the idea that Descartes had, despite him using non-Asian techniques. This One then generates everything in real-time.

asker Like the movie “The Matrix”, huh?

Yes. It’s more commonly known as theories that say that we exist in a simulation. Knowing how this simulation is sustained allows the possibility to tap into that inexhaustible creative or sustaining mechanism.

We use it to solve all problems.

asker So how can that knowledge solve problems? Are you just going to be like the Hindus and solve the problem by ignoring it and the illusion?

No. Superphysics aims to solve problems by striking at the root cause, which is the ‘True Nature’ or Dharma or Tao in every thing that leads to its discrete identity, as described by Socrates.

Most science just deals with effect and not cause because science is ignorant of metaphysics which is the real cause of anything in physics. So the first step is to find the metaphysical nature of the problem.

asker Can you give an example? How would Superphysics solve a headache?

Medical Superphysics


By knowing the root cause of the headache. The cause could be diet, stress, congenital problem, bacteria, etc.

Medical science deals with the headache by masking its pain and not really dealing with what is causing the pain. This is to process patients faster since the body has its own natural healing mechanism. However, this also means that the headache can come back. Moreover, the doctor can only work with the data that the patient gives.

Medical Superphysics gets all the data about the patient to find the pattern on which layer the cause is in. It then routes that patient to the proper specialist whether it be from Western medicine, yoga, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, etc.

asker So you want everyone to switch to alternative medicine?

No. Each medical paradigm is a tool dealing with the five layers. You choose the medical paradigm for the right layer of the disease just as you use a hammer for nails and a screwdriver for screws. It would be very ineffective to use a hammer to drive screws.

But people often use alternative medicine for the wrong purpose and so it unfairly gets a bad reputation.

Western medicine works best in the material layer but is awful at the mental layer. This is why the West has a lot of mental problems like mass shootings. Yoga is great at the mental layer, but terrible at the material layer.



But I’m a racist, materialist boomer. I don’t like anything Asian and abstract like Brahma, Yin-Yang, human unity, circular economy and all that mumbo-jumbo.

I want profits and wealth for myself. After death, there is nothing and so I say maximize pleasure while alive and don’t care about the consequences, even on others! So what if there’s global warming? In the long-run, we’re all dead!


Ok boomer, so Superphysics isn’t for you.

That’s actually one of the attractions of Superphysics – it rejects selfishness, vice, and the lack of virtue. You should stay in Quantum Physics, Economics, or some dogmatic religion that sees itself superior than others. Go ahead and exhaust your brain theorizing wormholes and dark matter that will never exist, or quantiative easing that merely bloats the debt.

People who ascribe to Superphysics are open-minded and lovers of philosophy, nature, and the Supreme Entity, as explained by Socrates. We are targetting young people for this because they are the ones stuck with warming world destroyed by the previous generation. Notice how we use graphics and the chat format to appeal to young people.

Boomer What makes you so absolutely sure that you know the nature of the universe? What is your qualification?
Superphysics We’ve had samadhi, after going through the necessary rigors.
Boomer What’s samadhi?
Superphysics Google it.
asker What does the Superphysics symbol mean?
Superphysics The blue triangle represents the metapyhsical dimension. The green triangle represents the physical dimension. These go in opposite directions. The yellow center is perception which balances both dimensions. Some people get filthy rich but lose their morals. While others are super spiritual but are dirt poor. Superphysics advocates a balance.


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