Gravitational Signatures

In the previous post, we fixed relativity* by adhering to the rules** which Socrates*** mentioned earlier: Photons must not be used to build the solution There must be no constant The solution and cause of movement must be inherent to the object, as opposed to being external The solution must be universal, that is, applicable to all five layers of the Greek or Asian model of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether *We fix Newton in this post **This adherence of logic to timeless metaphysical truths is the key aspect of the dialectical method that makes it different from the scientific method which is based on evidence supplied by the limited physical senses.

Light Based Computing

Light, as analog waves, carry more data as “R-O-Y-G-B-I-V” than electrons that can only carry digital binary data as “ON-OFF” at a time. This analog light data can then be absorbed by glass or semiconductor crystals to be processed by normal computer logic. This principle was recently proven to be realizable in Germany . In their experiment, intense light pulses of waves ranging from near-infrared to visible orange were used to generate oscillating currents in a chip made with gallium arsenide.


We all know that physical reality exists inside space and time, and that space and time are the properties of the universe. But how were space and time and the universe created? According to Physics, it was created through a “Big Bang” of a material Singularity. This led to matter and energy, just as we see sharpnel and light, and feel the energy from exploding fireworks. What is the nature of this Material Singularity?


The Five Layers of Superphysics In a previous post , we explained that a universe begins as a “Big Bootup” or “Wakeup” when ideas flow from the metaphysical plane onto the physical plane. These ideas flow down onto the five layers or elements of the Greeks, Hindus, and Chinese in five phases: Phase Layer Physics Name Sequence 0 Metaphysical Pseudo-science The pre-existing ideas as potentialities are deployed onto reality 1 Aethereal Higgs The aether compiles the compound ideas as potential universes in the multiverse 2 Spatial Gravitation The compiled ideas are sent through qosts as galaxies and then as stars.


Physics is based on a materialistic interpretation of reality, which is opposite of the metaphysical interpretation by Superphysics. For example, physics prefers to view things as particles. This is consistent with the atomic model of Democritus and opposite of the musical model of Pythagoras. The atomic model was embraced by Newton and Einstein The musical model was embraced by Socrates and Kepler We continue this musical paradigm by using waves instead of particles.

Universal Relativity

In Superphysics, physical existence is made when the aether arbitrarily creates quanta of spacetime or qost *, which are 1-dimensional points, within itself. Each point is a discrete and unique identity filled with an arbitrary amount of qualities as potentiality. *pronounced as ‘kost’. This is supposed to be the graviton which will never be found, because it can only be felt since it lies in the spatial layer which is above the visible eletromagnetic layer.